Getting The Best out of Roasted Marshmallows with Marshmallow Roasting sticks.

Getting The Best out of Roasted Marshmallows with Marshmallow Roasting sticks.

Having a family camping or Sitting around an open fire, perhaps a bonfire at the beach at nighttime, or possibly in the woods, or maybe you have a fire on your drive way in a hubcap, and you find yourself appreciating the view of the flames and the warmness, but something is missing. A roasted marshmallow!

Preparing Marshmallow with Silva Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

  • Start by building a fire, you can start with tinder e.g. papers, which happen to be the most important in starting a fire, and then continue adding on bigger and bigger pieces of dry wood.
  • Get your Marshmallow Sticks Campfire BBQ roasting fork with bamboo skewers tip and also with an extendable 32 inches length. It enables you to turn marshmallows or hot dog for even browning just with the twist of your fingers.
  • Poke a marshmallow onto the stick. Be sure that the tip of the stainless steel passes through the other end of the marshmallow to protect it against slipping off, when things start getting hot. It is possible to stack more marshmallows as you can fit onto the stick. Although to achieve toasted ends you will basically need to do it one after the other.
  • Extend the marshmallow to remain in or above the fire. Placing a marshmallow into leaping flames will definitely set it on fire and burn it. In the event you burn it, you can still pick out the burnt areas and eat the soft, gooey inside. Keeping it over reduced coals will bring out a pleasant golden brown color. For best outcome, simply wait until the fire has burned long enough to generate hot coal spots. These spots provides oven like warmth without igniting your marshmallow.
  • Rotate your Marshmallow roasting stick to gradually heat and toast the marshmallow. It is always amusing to see the way they puff up while roasting. One can roast until they are with a uniform golden color. Remove the marshmallow when it’s done to your prefer level and blow it if it caught fire. Do not shake the marshmallow.
  • Let the marshmallow cool off for 30 seconds to one minute before trying to consume it. Burning your tongue can ruin your experience.

Silva Restaurant and Kitchen Tools BBQ Sticks

Features of Silva marshmallow roasting sticks

  1. The tip turns backwards towards the handle, which makes it has blunt harmless tip.
  2. The twin skewers keep the marshmallow turning always.
  3. The twin skewers also hold hot dogs and smores tightly.
  4. When you swing, the marshmallow or hot dog are pressed tight against the reverse curve of the steel which keeps them firm and does not enable them to roll off.
  5. The skewers are perfectly in line with the stick handle so they usually stay positioned anywhere you want them.


Silva Marshmallow roasting stick gives the best is marshmallow, smores and hot dog roasting. Try it out 

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If you’re like me and enjoy camping with coffee check out portable manual coffee grinder  


Getting the Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Getting the Best Manual Coffee Grinders

Getting the Best Manual Coffee Grinders

There are various models of manual coffee grinders available today. They have made great strides in functionality and design since they initially served the desires of coffee lovers as a bowl and a stick. Apart from the fact that this requires a lot of time, it was also messy and did not supply the ideal outcome.

Manual grinders are grinders which are cranked or turned manually. This procedure is also called milling. Also, coffee grinders are usually called coffee mills. The best manual grinders to choose are types that are of top quality and made of solidified steel mechanisms. Manual grinders can grind sufficient coffee beans at once for about half a dozen cups of coffee and simply requires few minutes to mill. One can grind coffee beans good enough for espresso, medium for classic drip coffee makers or course enough for a French press

Benefit of Acquiring a Manual Coffee Grinder

Majorly, manual coffee grinders provide you with more control when grinding your coffee beans than electronic coffee grinders do. One can stop grinding whenever you want in order to know how fine or how coarse your coffee beans are. Also, you are able to monitor the grinding much better and ensure that the coffee beans are blended evenly.

Most people are specific about the uniformity of the coffee grounds they like, in case you are one of those people, you will benefit greatly from a manual coffee grinder. Also, you are saving electricity since you are doing your own work.

The difficulty with pre-ground coffee is the fact that you make use of only a scoop or so at a time. If you have acquired a jar, then over time the ground coffee will lose it flavor and freshness. Coffee drinkers use manual grinders to make the best cup achievable. The advantage of using one is that you get ultimate freshness from the coffee beans since they are being oxidized through the process. Once you start to put the coffee bean through a manual grinder, the flavor is made obvious immediately. You can also control the quantity you grind based on the number of cups you want, and then the coffee beans remain fresh for next time. You also have better choices of flavors when you purchase coffee beans.

Don’t compromise  on taste , Freshly ground from a manual coffee grinder always wins

If you want a perfect cup of coffee that taste great, then there’s no easier technique than to grind your coffee beans with a manual grinder. It’s much better and inexpensive, and will provide you with the control that you want. If you are searching for manual coffee grinders that will give you what you wish in a cup of coffee, then Silva Adjustable Burr Herb and Spice Grinder Mill is the right choice to choose.  

Here is why Coffee grinder size really matter  and here is what you can do to make your coffee taste better 

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What You Can Do To Get Your Coffee To Taste Better

What You Can Do To Get Your Coffee To Taste Better


What You Can Do To Get Your Coffee To Taste Better

Most people drink coffee in one form or another.  There are all of those fancy drinks out there that have coffee in them and then you also have your basic coffee.  If you are a true coffee drinker, then you probably already know that purchasing whole roasted coffee beans and grinding the coffee by hand is the way to enjoy the best cup of coffee. A good manual coffee grinder can make a big difference. 

There are four different types of roasts that are available for coffee beans.  They are light, medium, medium-dark and dark.  The lightly roasted beans will make a milder cup of coffee.  The medium roast has a stronger flavor and is the type that is preferred in the United States.  The medium-dark roast has a slight bittersweet aftertaste and the dark roast will be quite bitter.

Manual Coffee Grinders and taste

When you decide that you need to start drinking coffee that tastes really good, you will want to purchase a coffee grinder.  There are many reasons why a hand coffee grinder is a good investment.  The first thing you need to know when purchasing a coffee grinder is to buy one with a ceramic burr.  The ceramic burr will allow you to consistently have the perfect grind.  The Silva Stainless Steel Burr Manual Coffee Grinder will give you an even grind without clumps and it will never clog.  It is quite simple to learn how to use a manual coffee grinder too.  Plus, if you ever want to try a new type of coffee, the size of the grinds can be adjusted with a simple twist.  A good hand grinder lasts forever and is perfect for when you are traveling.  There will never be any more settling for that less than perfect cup of brew. 
Speaking of brew, brewing coffee can sometimes be a challenge if you aren’t doing it properly.  There is nothing worse than brewing a cup of coffee and have it taste terrible.  We have already mentioned that you should use whole roasted coffee beans instead of pre-ground coffee beans for the best coffee.  


The tao of manual coffee grinder.

You should also hand grind your coffee beans right before you plan on brewing your coffee. If you wait any length of time after grounding the beans, they will become stale. Also, when you measure your coffee for the machine, it should be done by weight and not volume.  An ideal ratio should be one part coffee to 20 parts water.  The correct temperature of your coffee should be approximately 195 degrees Fahrenheit, so if it is not hot enough, the coffee will not taste as good.  You can use a thermometer to check the temperature during the brewing process and make adjustments as necessary.

There is no reason why anyone should have to suffer from a terrible tasting cup of coffee.  If you have access to whole roasted coffee beans and a manual coffee grinder, then you have everything you need to make that perfect cup of coffee.  Give it a try and you’ll never go back to that other stuff! Keep reading our food blog for more updates.

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