Manual Coffee Bean Grinder-Conical Hand Burr Mill -Best French Press Grinder by Silva

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** THE PERFECT MULTI PURPOSE MANUAL COFFEE AND SPICE GRINDER ** Our ceramic burr coffee grinder always delivers an even grind without clumping, clogging or leaving chunks of beans behind.


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    ** Our ceramic burr coffee grinder always delivers an even grind without clumping, clogging or leaving chunks of beans behind. Your Bodum french press will be happy for this awesome coffee bean grinder. Also a premium quality Spice mill for Chia, Grains, salts. FREE Cleaning brush included. This ceramic conical burr hand coffee and spice grinder won’t let you down. high-quality adjustable spice grinder.

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    ** When you wish to alter the grind size of the coffee grinder, just give a simple twist! You don’t have to open the grinder, change blades or add any attachments. Your french press will love this. There are some coffee makers with coffee grinders out there but for some of us, there is something magical about making your own grind.

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    * Stainless steel body gives the hand grinder a sleek look and makes it resistant to wear and tear; Ceramic burr grinder will never develop rust or corrosion and perfectly holds its edge for years of use.


    Although our burr coffee grinder is a fraction of the price of the Capresso burr grinder and others on the market, we’re certain you’ll agree it’s a match for their quality. Don’t pay more for a brand name! . The best coffee grinder was specifically designed with the AEROPRESS in mind. Fits like an awesome glove along with good french press travel mug. This manual coffee grinder a perfect holiday gift.


    We stand behind the quality of our manual coffee grinder 100%. If you’re not completely thrilled with the coffee it helps you make, let us know within 30 days for a complete refund! This is top quality coffee hand grinder.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 7 in

309 reviews for Manual Coffee Bean Grinder-Conical Hand Burr Mill -Best French Press Grinder by Silva

  1. will

    awesome coffee grinder. Loved it

  2. Jim

    the best manual burr grinders hands down. Awesome customer service. i’ve had mine for 2 years .

  3. Ariel Wilson

    Just awesome. Blades chop up your beans , ceramic burr are just better .

  4. frank Healy

    This little hand crank coffee grinder is awesome. It’s simple, works really well and well built. I’d recommend it for a quick morning coffee and then off to work.

  5. Donald MacLellan

    I bought this to travel with. I really prefer my beans freshly ground when I make coffee and hotel coffee is terrible. This little gem grinds just enough for two mugs of STRONG coffee. It is extremely easy to adjust the grind (just a simple turn of the nut) and grinds quickly for a hand operated grinder.

  6. J.G

    Are you familiar with that helplessness feeling when you’re looking for a gift for your father’s birthday?
    Unfortunately, the variety of gifts for men, especially elders who usually not into gadgets type of stuff, is quite limited but this time I can honestly say that I found the perfect gift for my father who has uncompromising quality standards – the Aromory’s coffee grinder!
    This coffee grinder is made of high quality brushed stainless steel body and contains the perfect espresso cup in the exact right size.
    From the very first moment he got the coffee grinder he didn’t stop showing it off to friends and even colleagues at work.
    My dad is the most important person for me in the whole world so when he is happy I’m even happier. I highly recommend this product as I couldn’t ask for a better present for my dad.

  7. nir

    In 1 minute you have coffee ready! Simple, quick and tasty.
    No efforts needed!
    You can see the shale of the grounds, very consistent as flour.
    Perfect for my morning Turkish coffee.

  8. Idofox

    Honestly, im not the typical amazon reviewer, but this time i couldnt stay indiffrent. First, one of the most importent things to me when i purchuse a product is the reliability of the company and when that happens im full of apperciation. Thiscompany declares that the total capacity provides 5 cups of 6 fl oz each, at first it seemed to be too much, but after using it I found out that they were right. We actually use 8 fl oz of coffe at our home and so it was really good for 4 cups. I can certainly say that it is a reliable company that understands about coffee.
    Second, I personally dont understand much about coffee, the reason I purchused the coffee grinder is that I wanted to host my gf’s parents that really likes good coffee, and so wanted to give them a good coffee experience. It turns out that the company gave me as a gift a free eBook with images of kinds of grind profiles, which was really a great help for us to distinguish between brewing devices.

  9. Franmazonn

    I received this item damaged due to Amazon’s (sometimes) lousy packaging and without hesitation by the owner, was sent a replacement directly from Aromory. This manual grinder is fantastic. Their customer service is impeccable. They go above and beyond to make sure you are 110% satisfied with your purchase. I decided to give this little grinder a try and I’m VERY happy with my purchase. It’s perfect for my needs. I did away with my Starbucks every morning to try and save money and decided it was time to make my own Lattes’. I purchased the Aromory manual coffee bean grinder along with an expresso machine. I’ve been using the grinder for two weeks now and absolutely LOVE it. It grinds my beans to the perfect finely ground consistency I like and is so easy to use and clean. Thank you Aromory for your excellent product and terrific customer service!

  10. Mike

    I really like this product!

    Often times when I wake up early in the morning for a workout my spouse is asleep and I don’t want to wake her up. This manual grinder is very quiet. I really like french presse coffee and this grinder makes very consistent and finely ground coffee grounds. Also, the measurement scale is very accurate so you don’t need to waste any grounds in the morning of my beloved la colombe coffee!

  11. Mike

    I really like this product!

    Often times when I wake up early in the morning for a workout my spouse is asleep and I don’t want to wake her up. This manual grinder is very quiet. I really like french presse coffee and this grinder makes very consistent and finely ground coffee grounds. Also, the measurement scale is very accurate so you don’t need to waste any grounds in the morning of my beloved la colombe coffee!

  12. Bar

    I purchased this grinder with the thought that it could never replace my old one. But It turned out to be better than I could ever imagine and I just love it.
    The grinder has a sleek and modern design which works well in any kitchen, lets you find grind profile very easily, simple to use, easy to clean, and best of all grinds my coffee beans to the fine powder we all love. We are three roommates that need coffee just to open our eyes in the morning and throughout the day and this grinder handles the pressure perfectly. I really do recommend it one of the better things I bought on Amazon.

  13. david

    I love coffee so I drink 6-7 cups per day on average!
    Therefore until recently I used to spend about $20 per day(!) just on buying low-quality coffee before, during and after work time.
    You know what? forget about it! No more!! With the Armony coffee grinder I can make the perfect coffee myself in just 1 mins and save this significant expense, not to mention the time but above all the difference in quality.
    Highly highly recommended for those who really love good coffee.

  14. Zivz

    This is a most accessible coffee grinder. We are very busy parents to a very cute 6 month baby so we don’t have free time to spend at all.
    The main reason we loved this grinder is that it is very easy to operate and adjust the grind profile. Me and my wife are different type of brewing devices, I like the french press so thanks to that grinder and their unique design the transition from one another is so easy and clear.
    More than that it comes with a bonus gift so I like – stainless steel espresso cup to-go which I take with me to my office so I don’t need carry anymore my fragile espresso cup. Great purchase, great value!

  15. Emily Song

    I previously used an electric blade grinder and was wondering if a burr grinder really made much of a difference for coffee — turns out it actually really does! Burr grinding produces better tasting grounds than blade. True facts. Just wanted to say that in case anyone reading this is thinking of converting from blade to burr without spending too much money.

    As for the grinder itself, I really like it! I’ve been using it to make fresh coffee every day for two weeks and it hasn’t let me down. I was worried manual grinding would be too much of a chore but it’s really not that bad since I grind coarse for my french press (takes about 2 minutes for 33g), anything finer would of course take longer. The upper chamber can hold about 33g of beans at once, which could make 2-3ish cups of coffee. Cleaning this grinder by hand is also quick and easy, but you can use it for about a week before actually needing to wash out the bean oils with warm soapy water.

    The manual mentioned emailing Aromory for a lifetime warranty, so I did that and they were friendly and quick to reply. Don’t forget to do that if you purchase this grinder!

  16. Hamburger King of 9Th Street

    Not a bad product, only used it a couple of weeks so far, but it seems a bit cheap. Takes a while to find the grind and amount to brew a cup for your tastes but once you do it’s consistent. I do 130 cranks of the handle to make a cup, which is about 2 minutes. I think this would be excellent for camping or in a situation where an electric grinder was not practical and being portable was more important. I will continue to look for something a little better made and of more substance, but in the meantime, crank away…..

  17. Shalfin Yuri

    This manually operated AROMORY coffee grinder uses a ceramic burr for very consistent results once you find the grind level that’s right for you. Its compact size makes it perfect for camping or when you simply don’t want to waste space on a bulky electric one. It also comes with a stainless steel espresso cup that I use for as a measuring cup. The grinding operation takes little to no effort to operate, however, be prepared to spend 1 to 2 minutes of spinning on the finer grind levels.

  18. Loren

    I was pleasantly surprised by the product, seemingly it seemed a little uncomfortable to hold but the anti-slip grip helps to get a better grip. I was impressed by two main things:

    1. You do not have to spend too much effort to grind, so if you are not a strong person, this product is definitely right for you, smooth like butter.

    2. It takes between one to two minutes to get the desired amount of grounds.

  19. pueo

    Confronted with a slew of manual coffee grinder look-alikes…what to do? Roll the dice? It doesn’t have to be a crap shoot!

    As an old guy who’s been around the block more times than I wish to admit, I’ve learned the best thing to do in this kind of situation: Choose the right company. I chose Aromory, and I made the right choice. Their customer care is beyond exemplary.

    While reading the reviews, one thing stood out with Aromory: No unsatisfactory review fell through the crack. The owner, Shabi, reached out to each one…and that was enough assurance for me.

    As it turned out, the grinder I received had an issue. Throughout the resolution, I never once doubted that I was dealing with a company that truly supported its product as well as its customers…I always felt they had my best interest in mind. In the end, the issue was resolved to my 100% satisfaction.

    My Aromory grinder has now gone through more than 4 pounds of beans…it was a demanding test. Demanding because except for 2 cups, the rest were ground at the challenging espresso level…the grinder (and person) must labor extra hard to grind beans to near powder. The Aromory performed flawlessly. The 2 cups were ground at the quick and easy extra course setting for cold brew.

    One key feature that sets Aromory apart from other grinders at this price point is the innovative system of markings on the bottom of the hopper unit and adjustment knob. This totally eliminates guesswork when changing the level of coarseness, and most importantly, enables true repeatable grounds. The photo shows a sample of espresso grind at setting #3, and extra course at setting #15.

    Additional peace of mind is provided with their lifetime warranty on the heart of the grinder: the ceramic burr…which I’m totally confident the company will honor based on my experience.

  20. Neil K. Nelson

    Not only was the order quickly and correctly delivered, but Aromory pro-actively reached out to me to make sure the grinder arrived in perfect working order because they said they had had some complaints of rough handling from the shippers.

    I’m very pleased with the grinder. It’s simple to count the dots to get the proper setting, and I find a certain zen in mindlessly grinding the beans. I would recommend this product to anybody looking for a manual burr grinder.

  21. sara

    I wanted to update my original review because Silva contacted me and let me know that my coffee grinder was still under warranty, so they are currently shipping me a replacement! So I couldn’t be happier! And the fact that Silva is standing by their product makes me glad to support their company. ThanksSilva

  22. Gustavo

    The coffee grinder ensures excessive quality and precision as it consists of a long-lasting ceramic conical burr. Simply wind to get the right grind, every time by using their unique design of coarse adjustment, no need to blows your mind with a tests, simply count the number of points for your preference’s fineness and let the pleasant phase of the coffee reach your cup via getting the specific coarseness you desire.

  23. J. Meeko

    Verified Purchase
    The grind action is smooth and overall the construction seems good. My only complaint is the upper and lower sections are not a good fit (too loose). I purchased this as a replacement to a similar unit (different manufacturer) and I didn’t need to worry about the bottom falling off while I was grinding. With the silva I need to make sure I firmly grasp right where the two sections meet (around the rubber sleeve).

  24. Kevin Georgison

    The grinder was received in one piece and a week early.

    Durability: The design is simple which makes for less potential to break down. I give four stars for durability and not five because I have not used it for long enough, and I noticed that there are plastic parts (the coarseness setting and perhaps a bearing) that I do not know how long will last. I recall reading help discussions and it seems that the part (a bearing) has been upgraded to a more durable type of plastic if my memory serves me correctly. I might be remembering comments about a different brand. But both brands that I purchased

    Ease of Use: I have used it only a few times so far and have had no difficulty. Some reviews by uncoordinated people mention that they need to remember to place their hand so that the grind catcher does not fall off. The Flafster was more sophisticated in that the bean hopper and the coffee grind catcher both have PLASTIC locking mechanisms that lock with just a short twist, but I fear that the plastic of the Flafster grinder will fracture and put microscopic plastic shards into my coffee bean hopper for me to unintentionally grind into my coffee and possibly damage the ceramic burrs. Also, there are no fasteners to break for the ARMORY and so using it will never change. In comparison, once the Flafster’s locking mechanisms for the bean hopper and grind catcher wear out then I anticipate that it will be a real problem; time will tell.

  25. Johnny O

    This grinder has really upped my coffee game. I get a great tasting cup of coffee and found I use slightly less beans with this than a rotary grinder and get a much better tasting cup.

  26. A. Wang

    Compared to my last manual grinder (which looked almost exactly the same) this model turns and grinds much more smoothly. It’s very easy to set up and very easy to clean/use. My one gripe about the overall feel of the grinder is that, while they fit together nicely, the top and bottom portions feel very loose, and you need to grip them really tightly while grinding to make sure they stay together.

    The only other suggestion that I might make is to include a brush for cleaning instead of the little travel cup. The cup is a nice touch, but I can’t imagine ever using it since it’s about the size of a shot glass. Otherwise this is a fantastic product and one I’m very happy with.

    UPDATE: The handle on my grinder broke recently, and after emailing their support email they had a new grinder out to me within the week. Excellent customer service, but it does also highlight the inherent weakness in the design of that piece of the handle.

    UPDATE 2: Received a new unit a while back with the new handle, and it’s been working like a charm. It’s definitely more solidly built, and I don’t see this one breaking nearly as quickly as the older design. As long as this keeps up this is easily one of the best options out there for both ease of use and durability.

  27. Amazon Customer

    I bought this coffee grinder because I was spending too much on store bought cold brew, and after reading how easy it is to make, thought I’d give it a try. This grinder is so user friendly! I’ve been grinding a cup of beans (takes about 15 minutes) every week to make 32 ounces of concentrate, and am thrilled with the money I’m saving. It’s so satisfying, too!

    February 2019…back for 2 more…giving as gifts. These are so well made and so easy to use and clean, I anticipate grinding my own beans for many years. I’ll never go back to store bought cold brew concentrate. Seller takes a sincere interest in your satisfaction, following up to make sure shipping and delivery were satisfactory as well as guaranteeing their product.

  28. Tristan K.

    So let me start this off by saying, this grinder is great.

    The craftsmanship is up to par.
    It is extremely easy to use and comes with extra features similar products dont have (such as the positioning dots).
    I have yet to run into a single major issue and that’s after grinding about 1 1/2lbs of coffee through it so far.

    The only thing I have noticed is the positioning screw tends to move during grinding (Which I believe is from some beans occasionally getting slightly bound up in the burr)
    The real solution to this is easy. After each use follow the directions which tells you to back out adjustment, clear burrs of grounds, and reset your adjustment. And as you are grinding, grind gently, and stop if you experience increased resistance and give the grinder a tilt/shake, and resume.

    This minor issue is not enough to remove a star.

    Besides that, great grinder, and would buy again if needed!

  29. Kindle Customer

    I bought this as a portable coffee grinder for holiday travel. It looked to be a great purchase at the price advertised. When I first used it I found it difficult to see where the grind setting I was looking to use was at. By that I mean, if you want a course grind, all you have are 5 dots to show you where each setting is. However, there is no indication as to where the first one is. This means tightening up the grinder and then moving to the first dot and guessing that this is the fine setting and so on. While it is very easy to clean and definitely very portable, I found I needed to put a lot of grinding in to make enough for one loading of the dose in my coffee machine. I feel that there is nothing feeding the coffee beans towards the grinder. There are some fins that stop the beans moving left to right, but not a downward guide and as a result, it takes longer to manually grind. At first I thought I was turning it the wrong way, as I am left handed, but that was not the case.
    For the price it’s a good product, maybe I just had too high an expectation for a hand grinder…

  30. Matthew Rafat

    It’s a simple product, and for the low price, a good entry point to the world of manual grinders. I’m happy with the design in terms of adjusting for coarseness/fineness, but once again, the low price makes iunreasonable to complain. The key is NOT to fill up the container to the top with coffee beans–go about 5/5 of the way (100%).

  31. Vladimir Svechnikov

    Thank you for your feedback with buyers of your products on Amazon. Thank you very much for the book you sent. I really like coffee. I only live in the USA for the third year, my wife and I moved at the invitation of my daughter, who had been married to an American for 15 years. We already have two grandchildren. There wasn’t such an abundance of coffee varieties in Russia that I can order here on Amazon. And such manual coffee grinders could be found only in the Caucasus. Electric coffee grinder only break coffee beans and reduce the aroma of coffee. And the process of unhurried manual grinding calms and tunes you in a romantic mood. The only significant drawback of the coffee grinder I purchased is the implicit setting of a certain grinding coarseness. It is difficult to remember in which direction the adjusting screw should be moved. And the drawn circles are additionally confusing, since they are all of the same diameter. Now, if they were made of different diameters, then everything would be much simpler – the larger the diameter, the larger the grinding grains. I think that this is a serious drawback, because for Turkish coffee and for brewing coffee in a cup, grains of different sizes are needed. And now I set it to the average value. And I’m getting probably not quite what I would like to receive. If possible, make such design changes to this simple coffee grinder.

  32. robk64

    The grinder itself seems like a great buy. I looked at prior reviews before buying, and for the price, this seemed the least risky when it came to quality. Amazon’s choice of packaging leaves a lot to be desired, though. The bubble envelope allowed the mail system to crush the item’s box, which would have rendered it not gift-worthy if I intended this to be a gift. Luckily, the contents of the item’s box were unscathed and it performs as expected.

  33. Kucher

    The grinder works very well and the dots on the bottom of the grinder makes it easy to reproduce a grind, and reproduce the grind.
    * Large variability of grind from very fine to very course
    * Burr mill for consistent grind size
    * Great price
    * Easy to disassemble and clean (q tips and dish soap for burr) which is great for changing beans
    * Packs away well for travel
    * Fits over 33g of beans in the loader for 2 cups of coffee
    * Both visible markings on bottom and clicks like other grinders.

  34. RT

    Perfect for me. Grinds with precision and consistency. Works great. Easy to take on the go. Love this grinder!!! I was using too many disposable Kcups. I can make just the right amount for a reusable Kcup so no more of my plastic pod waste in the landfill. Grinding fresh beans makes a great cup of coffee. The customer service is super!!! Highly recommend this product and company!!!!!

  35. Kourosh Yazdani

    So when it worked, it was great. produces a good, consistent grind that’s easy to change.

  36. Realist

    I received the item and used it once. It took 15 minutes to ground one container full of coffee grounds into expresso grade grounds. The item grinds the beans but you have to work for it. My arm was genuinely tired after finally finishing. I bought this because of the reviews on the electric grinders and how they die after a few weeks. However, this little bugger requires A LOT OF CHURNING; and it is a pain to clean. Unless you have a lot of time in the morning, or are retired, this item is not for you. If you have arthritis, this item is not for you. If you want an arm workout while you make your coffee – this item is definitely for you. It is an attractive grinder though.

  37. Amazon Customer

    The grinder works great, easy to operate, and the granules are precision.

  38. Karen D. Thomas

    If you are going to grind enough coffee for a pot of coffee, expect to spend (what seems like hours) grinding. I guess it’s a good workout

  39. Josh

    This product matches all the expectations we had for a quality coffee grinder, and I highly recommend it.

    We’ve been using an electric grinder for a long time, and we’re sick and tired of the noise most machines make, especially early in the morning. We were looking for something quieter and a grinder that took up less room. We also wanted a coffee grinder that was easy to use, and that’s exactly what this machine is. It’s easy to operate and even allows you to adjust the fineness of the coffee to your preference, without sacrificing the aroma or taste of the coffee.

  40. Abhinav Sinha

    I use it daily. I have resorted to turning the handle without the knob as the screw holding it has broken off (can’t be replaced easily). Also setting the grind size is a little imprecise and it takes a while to dry after cleaning the burr with water.

    Still if you overlook these minor flaws it is a convenient device as it allows controlling the grind size of your coffee grind.

  41. Jessie

    Results in a perfect grind and easy to adjust.
    Attractive design.
    Easy to use

  42. Angela

    I’ve been amazed by how much this burr grinder affects the flavor of our coffee compared to a standard, inexpensive electric grinder. We have had this for 13 months and use it all the time! After owning it for almost 12 months, the knob came apart from the handle, and we must have lost a screw or something and couldn’t fix it with what we had. I had registered the product by email after buying it, and it has a lifetime warranty, so I emailed customer support for a new handle. Not only did they respond immediately and replace the handle – in 2 days a brand new grinder arrived on my doorstep! I was very impressed and pleased! It takes awhile for me to grind my coffee beans if I’m making a whole pot (my husband is a lot faster), and it isn’t the easiest process, but it is worth it for the sweet flavor!

  43. James L

    I have been wanting a coffee bean heifer for a long time now. I would just never take the time to pick one out. I came across this one and thought it would be perfect. I would only need it for one cup at a time so this small manual one would be perfect for not wasting a bunch of beans. Its the perfect size for what we needed. It’s easy to use and can be easily packed if your wanting to take it on a trip. All in all we are very happy with this purchase!

  44. Julie A.C

    My husband got this grinder as he wanted a very fine grind to help seal his matic espresso maker and get the right amount of pressure to produce that really strong, thick espresso. We’ve been very happy with it! It does take a long time to get that extremely fine grind by hand, so you really have to care about the taste and texture of your coffee. We weren’t quite ready to spend $300 on the cheapest automatic grinder that can get it fine enough for Turkish coffee or espresso, so this was definitely a win for us! I’d say it takes around 5 minutes to get a really fine grind using the matic handle. My husband ended up using a drill in place of the handle and we grind it in seconds like that. Not sure what that would do to the warranty, but it’s working really well for us, and totally worth the time save!

  45. AndyS

    I got this mill to use at my office (with a French Press), and I have to say that it is fairly easy to use and gives a consistent grounds size. It is easy to clean and I even get a little exercise when I use it! Just don’t expect the included cup to have a red ribbon printed on it; mine only has the company name: Aromory.

    Very nice and this would make a great Christmas gift for someone who knows beans about coffee!

  46. Ron Tal

    The grinder works excellent. The grounds are very consistent, quickly ground compared to other manual mills I have tested, with enough capacity for 4 cups of coffee (8 FL OZ) of french press, (we are four family members). There is nothing better than starting the day with a boost of coffee beans grounded in the spot and enjoying the taste and aroma.
    Gauranteeing that you will not be disappointed!

  47. W. T. Langley

    I got this grinder primarily for those times when I get Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and for my mocha pots and french presses. It’s important to have the perfect grind and this grinder does the job. It has notches or marks that allow you to get very precise with your settings and easily get back to those settings for the various types of grinds. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  48. Hermit Thrush

    This is the perfect compact manual coffee grinder for at home or traveling in our trailer! Directions for use are clearly written and included. Clean up is easy, and most importantly, it makes the best cup of coffee in my French Press! Thank you, for a great product!

  49. hagayj

    The grinder is great , work quiet and fast, the product has a classic design and the user experience is great
    The grinder is fantastic though I decided to rank it as 4 stars product because the opening space is not big enough and the beans sometimes slip out (not too critical and common to all other grinders in this niche).
    Bottom line – highly recommended!

  50. Amazon Customer

    This is a good product from a very friendly, supportive and quick to respond supplier.

    I bought this product after using for a while the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder which was selected as the best grinder by a few websites. This product looks identical and from my use till now it seems to grind as well, making great coffee. It has a few small additions to the JavePresse which makes it easier to use and to carry-on (we go outdoor). On the bottom cup where the ground coffee is stored, there are marks in units of tablespoons which makes it easy to get the same quantity of coffee (as I like) for my Moka pot (makineta). Additionally it has a rubber band around the base to hold the grinder handle.

  51. yoash k.

    How good to know that you have a high-quality cup of coffee available, right with you anywhere and anytime. Unlike electric grinders or large and cumbersome grinders, this coffee grinder is easy to carry and available at any time. moreover, you can be sure that you would not forget the hand-crank separated thanks to the pocket dedicated on the anti-slip-grip attached to the grinder’s body. awesome!

  52. Derek

    I love this thing, it’s easy to use, clean, and really helps make a great cup of coffee being able to control the grind level so distinctly.

    The only minor thing – because it’s so portable and small, you need to pour your beans carefully into it as the entry is snug and easy to spill a bean here and there.

  53. Amazon Customer

    I love my new manual coffee bean grinder. It holds just the right amount of beans to make two delicious cups of coffee for my French press. It is compact in size and the adjustments are very easy to use. I love the aroma of the coffee as I turn the handle. This is much better than scooping pre-ground coffee. I am thoroughly en joying this grinder.

  54. Anne

    I love my new coffee grinder. I much prefer it over any electric grinder. There’s just something about grinding my own coffee beans that makes that cup of morning coffee sooo nice. And I love the design. It’ll be a breeze to take with me traveling.

    I personally think the instruction manual could be written better. Perhaps the grinder could also be labelled with the numbers reflecting the grind–? At first, I never knew for sure what grind I was going to get. After a few days I dialed it down, but it was, honestly, confusing and frustrating at first. (After all, this is before that first cup of coffee, right?)

  55. Patrick Ryan

    I like the portability and ease of use. I moved the rubber grip closer to handle and “air” grind, meaning that I don’t grind with device flat on counter. Ceramic grinding size is easily adjusted. Takes about 5″ to grind for a pot of coffee. It is a bit of a chore but works well.

  56. Turkish Coffee Fan

    Packaging was good, fast delivery, nice product. Previously I bought another coffee grinder from another seller, but not satisfied from that product. After I bought and received this grinder from aramory, i saw the difference between a good and bad product. This coffee grinder is well designed, robust, nice looking and durable, just as i wanted. Grinded coffee is homogenious, and can be set up to very very fine, powder scale, Turkish Coffee.

  57. Michael Graves

    Good gringer, using for cold brew so I use the corase setting. Its easy to set up and use, seems very durable. My only complaint is the collection section has a clear plastic liner to veiw the coffee, when I rinsed it out and after drying I noticed moisture had collected on the inside between liner and stainless steel outer. Not s big deal now, will see done the line.

  58. GunnyGrandad

    I really like the solid feel of this grinder when grinding coffee beans. The adjustment feature is great. The handle has a rubber loophole for handle stowage. I just hope that rubber loop holds up and doesn’t break. So far, so good. I’m looking forward to taking this grinder camping this summer.

  59. steveclay52

    Easy to use and a breeze to clean. Got the grind right within 15 seconds. I cannot find a fault with this grinder. Highly recommended, as is the seller.

  60. Corey Rowe

    Love this grinder. We bought it for espresso grinding and it works so well. I love that you can change the course-ness of the grind and see how much you have ground with out taking it a part and making a mess! Love that the handle can be store on the side and not be lost or take up a lot of room.

  61. Jpalmer

    I was skeptical of a portable grinder working and it worked great! Def takes more time and can get laborious but it most def worked. I just let me husband do the work. Ha ha.
    Super easy to clean too. Overall very happy with the product.

  62. Jpalmer

    I was skeptical of a portable grinder working and it worked great! Def takes more time and can get laborious but it most def worked. I just let me husband do the work. Ha ha.
    Super easy to clean too. Overall very happy with the product.

  63. Hamid

    This is a very reliable and consistent coffee grinder. Doesn’t occupy much space and is easy to use. I used it to grind coffee for espresso, and the grind quality and consistency was very good. However it takes a rather long time to fine grind the coffee and because there is no good grip on the coffee grinder, it might be tiresome. It might be more suitable for riding coarser graders of coffee.

  64. Racia

    I love this grinder. It’s small so If you want to grind large quantities you won’t be able to.
    It’s a little bit complicated to set up at first, my husband set it up for me. I keep it on the course setting for French press.
    I haven’t tried any of the other settings yet.

  65. Harley Buckskin

    Works really well, but it’s not huge (conical ceramic grinder) it takes about 7 minutes to grind 3 shots worth on a #4 grind. Super consistent and I honestly enjoy all the intricacies of the whole espresso making process….but yeah, not for people with limited time/attention span!

  66. M.E.LoRi

    I like it and it’s perfect for camping. But it takes me longer than expected to grind enough beans for two cups of coffee. I have an autoinmune disorder that makes it painful to do some manual activities. Will have to get a healthy person to grind it for me. Other than that, I love it.

  67. Beca Cruz

    Surprisingly easy to use. I was afraid it would take a lot of strength but it actually glides very well. I also liked that I had control of how fine I could make my coffee beans. Also.. the cleaning part was quick! Very happy with my purchase.

  68. Johann W.

    Great if you are really into coffee. I loved it being a burr grinder your grind is perfect and you can adjust the coarseness for whatever you want. It’s a little slow if you are planning on using it for many cups but great flavor

  69. keis

    I bought this to replace my old handheld grinder, which was primarily made of plastic. The threads that screwed the top to the bottom broke, so I chose this item since it is made mostly of metal. It is really a great grinder. There is just one thing I’m getting used to….this grinder does not have threads that hold the hopper to the base, rather it mostly stays together and you grip that part when you grind. My hands are getting stronger, but at first it was not the easiest.

  70. German

    I enjoy fresher coffee grinding the beans myself. I find the artesanal way of doing it is more enjoyable than the noisy electrical mills. If you don’t mind expending 3 minutes grinding you coffee, I strongly recommend it.

  71. Paul Baroni

    Works as designed, quite good for tight coffee grinds like espresso. Customer service is very good. One arrived with handle issue and was promptly replaced with no issue. Would buy product again and work with seller.

  72. Ido D.

    This coffee grinder is very easy to use and excels in its purpose!
    It makes even a complete coffee rookie as me feel like a coffee connoisseur in a matter of a couple of minutes.
    Learning which grounding level suits best for you is as easy as it could be, and the coffee tastes much better than any pre ground coffee I tried, even with the high end gold-price-levels that are available out there!

  73. D Bizzle

    Have been using this for 6 months or so now, has held up great, grind setting holds well and is extremely adjustable. Haven’t really tried a super fine grind, but works great for drip and pour over.

  74. Dean

    I’ve used this grinder nearly every day since I purchased it. (Roughly 3 and a half months ago)
    Last week I was grinding away and “SNAP” the rotating handle assembly broke.

    Fortunately the grinder still grinds since you can grab the bar with your hands and move it around but that’s a pain.

    One of the other faults I’ve had with it is inconsistent grind sizes.

    If you’re looking for a low cost ceramic burr grinder this isn’t a bad option.

  75. Colton Staples

    This is exactly as described. My morning coffee is better then ever. I haven’t ground it fine for espresso yet but for French press it only takes a few minutes to grind a full grinder of coffee. It’s actually kind of nice smelling your coffee as you grind it so I don’t mind hand cranking it.

  76. Pamela Kauffman

    This grinder is stylish looking and feels like a quality product. It is easy to set to the grind of your choice and grinds easily. Small enough to fit into a weekender bag or even a large handbag, it is the perfect choice for on-the-go coffee lovers who prefer fresh ground coffee. It takes about five minutes to grind enough for my 6 cup stovetop espresso pot. I am very satisfied with the price and the product.

  77. Bmj0nes

    The only way this could be better is if instead of direct drive it had a gear reduction system so it ground faster. I bought this as a travel grinder and it’s really slow to grind a full pot of coffee worth of grounds, but it does grind the coffee really well.

  78. Malhaz Jibladze

    I bought this coffee grinder specifically for Turkish coffee and it was a perfect fit. It grinds coffee superfine, which I found that other grinders don’t do as well. The grinder is very easy to operate and turns very smoothly. It makes a big difference in taste if you grind the beans right before making the coffee and this product takes only minute or so to prepare enough coffee for 2-3 servings. The seller is very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed by the product and by the customer service.

  79. dan

    The grinder had worked well up to that point. I returned the product for a refund and shortly afterwards the owner personally reached out to inquire about the return and sent me a replacement unit free of charge. Very impressed with the personal customer service! And the replacement grinder works well so far!

  80. david j rodriguez

    There seems to be nearly always an issue with good burr grinders– the coffee beans need to be somehow funneled into the maw, otherwise it’s stop-and-start, often feeling as if the work is done when such is not the case.
    This steel cylinder is light and portable enough one can compensate by jumping and dancing and shifting and shaking the grinder so that the beans will keep hitting the burrs more or less regularly…if with some bit of effort…

  81. dan

    Bought this grinder in Dec 2018 and the knob on the handle/crank broke off in Jan 2019 during normal use. The grinder had worked well up to that point. I returned the product for a refund and shortly afterwards the owner personally reached out to inquire about the return and sent me a replacement unit free of charge. Very impressed with the personal customer service! And the replacement grinder works well so far!

  82. Librarian and Reader!

    This is the best manual grinder I’ve had. It’s easy to adjust the burrs for different types of coffee prep. It doesn’t look different from other grinders but seems much easier to use

  83. Amazon Customer

    Grinder is easy to use! My husband travels a lot for work and has been super excited to take this with him when he’s gone to grind fresh coffee. So far we’ve only used it a couple of times but have been really happy with it. Can adjust the size of the grounds (hopefully that makes sense). when grinding the beans. We give this small grinder a mighty 5 stars!

  84. Amazon Customer

    So i had a few cheap grinders… all stoped working after few time.
    But this one is somthing else. easly grind my coffe bean and made a nice sunday morning espresso.
    Grinde very easlly. made out of steel for durability.
    it’s has a long handle to increase moment.
    Best grinder i had ( and trust me i had a few) .
    High recommanded.

  85. AmazonUser

    Hey, this is nice and wasn’t real expensive. I tried coffee beans and liked it very much. And what if the power goes out?

  86. yogev

    Verified Purchase
    We are a group that likes to go on nature hikes and we can’t do without a refreshing coffee break every now and then.
    We drink Turkish coffee (because it’s the best) and it needs to be grinned extra fine just like flour. Now this Aromory grinder is perfect for the job! All you need is hot water…
    The taste is amazing and it makes the experience so much more enjoyable

  87. lilverp

    I love this grinder, it’s very easy to use and I love how great my coffee tastes! We bring this camping and use at home!

  88. RC

    I’ve tried an electric grinder, but nothing beats a manual grinder and Aromory made the perfect one. The different settings to grind it for a pour over, French press, stop top, and even Vietnamese coffee is amazing. The perfect grinder to fit with the different ways I like to brew coffee. The build quality feels great, like no corners cut in making a quality grinder.

  89. Junsok Yang

    I bought this grinder to make Turkish Coffee, and after 3 weeks of use, I find the machine surprisingly useful. Since Turkish coffee is the finest grind, I find that it takes somewhat longer than expected, but the grind is fine and good. The grinder is easy to use, and after 3 weeks of use, it seems solid, and will last a long time.

  90. Sheila Kurtz

    Easy to understand and use. The rubber/silicone band helps with grip when grinding but already have tear where you can place handle for storage. No biggie. I still enjoy it. Perfect for a single or two coffee aficionados.

  91. JB

    Product seems to be of good quality, although it takes a very long time to grind coffee beans, unlike other manual coffee grinders I’ve used before.

  92. L. C. Swain

    I get just the grind I want, but a lot of work to get there — about 2 batches of beans in the grinder and 6 to 8 minutes of hand grinding. But it’s really good coffee, so . . .

  93. Maria Hernandez

    Bought this grinder to grind my coffee beans every time I make a single cup of coffee.. Just love it! Easy to use and clean.

  94. Shachar

    First of all i searched for this particular device for long time and was happy to find it with you, the device was exactly what i expected and in amazing condition, the quality of the materialisis really good.
    I will highly recommend for any coffe lover to get such grinder, it sure makes all the difference.

    Thank you again about your fast treatment in my request, will expect to order from you in the near future.

    Best regards,

  95. dark angel

    It solved my fresh brewed problems. Great cup of coffee from the ground beans

  96. Stacie

    I like how easy this grinder is to use and I love that I can fill it with beans and take it with me when I travel. The only downside is that you have to be careful when cleaning the part that the grounds go into (the part with the measurements on it); it is very easy to slice a finger on the metal edge when cleaning it.

  97. Susann

    This is a nice little grinder, and mostly as advertised. My only frustration is that it takes quite some time to grind, and the handle slips off a little more easily than I would like. It does a really nice job on the beans!

  98. Thamara

    The ceramic burr doesn’t seem to sit properly on the central metal column, which results in the ceramic burr being closer the the ceramic part of the metal cylinder on side and far away from it on the other side. This means half of the coffee is ground to the desired size while the other half is too coarse.

  99. Michael S.

    all the manual coffee grinders seem the same and about the same price. this one, however, had that little stainless steel espresso cup and I liked that. the grinder is a pain to clean but shows how important that step to rid it of the oil and residue. my guess that all the grinders have that problem. fresh ground coffee and the french press sure make a great cup of joe.

  100. M. Wise

    So far everything has been great with this grinder. I use it for a French Press and it grinds the beans very well. It does take a little time to grind them all but it’s worth it. Cleanup is a breeze. I don’t keep the handle in the side pocket because it seems to stretch the rubber seal around the unit. I would recommend it.

  101. 1Schneider

    Took this camping in the wilderness, and it did an amazing job. It is lightweight and durable. The fresh cup of coffee each morning, while canoeing and backpacking was a great improvement to the trip. The only concern I had, there is a little spring above the ceramic blades. I did not do a thorough clean while camping in fear of losing the spring.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Simple to use, simple to adjust grind size and makes a consistent grind. Perfect for those coffee makers without a filter or french press coffee makers. I also love the little stainless cup that comes with it.

  103. Rebecca

    I like the included directions and tips. They are concise and informative. I have been using this grinder daily for almost a month. It is easy to take apart, clean and put back together

  104. Lexi c.

    I highly recommend you read the manual before even assembling your grinder. Make sure you DO NOT grind without anything in there and DO NOT grind counter clock wise

  105. Kathleen Myers

    Grinder works as anticipated; customer service well beyond expectations!

  106. Jeanette

    Works like a charm! Really love the ritual of grinding my own beans and how it fits into my minimalist efforts. It’ll likely travel easy as well! I haven’t given it a deep clean yet, but I’m sure it will be easy to disassemble and put back together. Thank you so much!

  107. Sven Gerstner

    I like being able to grind my own coffee. This is easy to use and easy for when camping. Love it.

  108. Ksenia Andrienko

    After trying a few different coffee bean grinders, this one is my top pick! It’s very affordable, very durable, travel-friendly. It doesn’t develop any heat while grinding. Great capacity, beautifully designed, easy to grind! I won’t use anything else anymore, because i love damn good coffee, ground with my hand!!!

  109. tali

    I’m not a tipically revier but this time I decided to exceed my customs, and why? Because of the grinding results are so impressive, beyond my expectatins. I Very like the fact that you can visually control the size of the grounds, take a guesswork away.
    in addition, the grounds are very consistent, can comply with all brew method you ever like. Enjoy!

  110. sweetmelissa85

    Nice manual coffee grinder at a great price! I’m impressed with the quality of this coffee grinder!

  111. Allyn

    Works great. Recommend it. Instructions work. Haven’t cleaned it.

  112. Sam I.

    Well designed product and easy to use! Handle comes off so it’s easily stored.

  113. April

    This is my first manual coffee grinder and I have had no problems so far. It was a simple assembly and I like the fact that it is compact, which makes it perfect for travel.

  114. Lily Jamis

    Perfect for making french press coffee! Size is good for individual or medium portions (large pots might need two batches from this grinder)

  115. Jim

    works great. grinds perfectly, relatively no noise, but its slower than I thought it would be. To be honest I haven’t compared it to other hand grinders.
    Overall I’m satisfied with it.

  116. MurphyOK

    Beautiful tolook at and simple to use. Should last for quite a while. Just what I needed.

  117. Ben shmueli

    I really liked the package design, looking luxury as describe, i bought 2 units so i delight my father for his birthday. The product very sturdy, carrying with me day by day to work. You will not disapointed. You have my guaranty

  118. veruca salt

    Compact and very expensive looking. Looks good on the kitchen counter or office desk.

  119. Sergey

    Good product, exactly as described. Has very detailed instruction, though need to memorize settings for each type of the grinding

  120. Courtney

    Ground perfectly for pour over

  121. Mor Shtofman

    At home we use more than one brewing device so far us the ability to control the grind profile was the key, after a few days of using it i can safely say that we got our money’s worth and more! and the best part that its so easy to operate. just ordered another one for my parents.

    highly recommend.

  122. Matt Berry

    Was a good grinder while it lasted. Unfortunately the handle broke after about a year,

  123. sabvd

    Wow what a Grinder, so smooth high quality and great user experience. Highly recommended for all you coffee snobs out there!

  124. S Force

    Perfect grind for my French Press coffee. Easy to use and very compact.

  125. S Force

    Perfect grind for my French Press coffee. Easy to use and very compact.good quality

  126. Avalon

    Overall, it works well. The cap is a little hard to hold on to while trying to screw it on to lock.

  127. Amy Rieckmann

    I used the coffee grinder when we went camping and had no electricity. The rubber grip, the length of the crank, and even the knob on the crank are all ergonomically friendly, making the process easy. I also like the window that shows how many tablespoons of coffee have been ground.

  128. Joshua

    I was impressed with the high quality of the product. It’s convenient size makes it easy to use and shelf. The written instructions are much more convenient than going to the internet but even without reading them, the grinder’s use is very intuitve.

  129. Donn M. Schmidtman

    This grinder takes about 2 minutes to grind a full hopper. Effort is minimal, and the rubber collar helps hold it. Ceramic burr, not steel, for long life and uniform grind.

  130. stone

    liked the small size and adjustment for size of grounds

  131. Mike

    Very quite when grinding. Easy adjustments. A quick rinse and your good. I like that you can put the coffee beans in the tube and take it with u. I carry a collapse pour over cup. Ots great for hiking and on the go work types. Fresh ground coffee is the best.

  132. Claire Boone

    So it takes a little while to grind, but easy to adjust the grind and now have the perfect setting for me – fine enough grind, also easy to crank. Coffee tastes better.

  133. Luis

    Excellent grinder, comes with instructions! The Handle part is removable to put coffee beans, but it can be stored with it, it comes with a plastic strap for it.

  134. Amazon Customer

    Item was bought as gift.

  135. Kim

    This product is simple to use and the coffee tastes amazing! I took their advice and grind it right before making the coffee and I can tell a difference. You get to choose the setting you want the grounds to be. This is a wonderful product! Support small business!

  136. Marla Blady

    I just recently received my grinder. I was using a very old hand grinder that was inconsistent with the size of the grind. This has made a huge difference! I honestly didn’t realize how much of a difference it would be! I am very pleased with this grinder and recommend it. Great price for great coffee!

  137. stuart saunders

    I enjoy the hands on coffee grinding. It’s a slow process to grind coffee extra, lots of handle turning, but when I’m in a hurry, I just use the store ground coffee that I have left. I don’t know what I’ll do when that’s used up, because the coffee I am grinding w/ the Armory taste so much better.

  138. Mark Howe

    I like the way it can be set for a fine espresso grind and still have room for adjustment.

  139. Ead

    Been playing with the grind, only takes few minutes to do enough for nice cup of coffee. So far have kind on enjoyed the ritual of measuring.

  140. Kindle Customer

    Most of this is very easy to clean. It’s very sturdy. The grinder itself is hard to get to but I imagine with a brush of some sort you could get to it or soak it. I personally wish I would have gotten the electric grinder instead because let’s face it, it’s so much easier. However, this is still a good product for what it is.

  141. Amazon Customer

    We like the window that shows how much coffee is ground. Great feature.

  142. JSM1983

    This grinder is awesome! It is easy to use and grinds beautifully. It is better priced and higher quality than other products, far surpassing my last coffee grinder. I highly recommend it!

  143. Kelsey

    I took the grinder camping. It was easy to find the right grind for my French press. I was also impressed by the followup from the company checking that everything was delivered properly. Great product!!

  144. Geomancer

    Easy to use. Grinds coffee well.

  145. Tom Schneider

    Just what I needed for filling pods for the Nespresso!

  146. Gayle Ross

    I used this product on a camping trip and it worked for me. it did hang up for a bit until I emptied all the beans and started over, then it worked fine from there. fresh coffee in a French press when your camping is heaven.

  147. Amazon Customer

    Like the grinder, but grinds not as fast as I would like. I had to check a few times to see if the beans were gone. Otherwise iT works fine.

  148. Jonathon

    This is a perfect grinder, ecspecially compared to other, more expensive products.

  149. Chaz Boudoir

    I really like the ease and convenience of this grinder. It has proven so far to grind nice grind size for Turkish Coffee. Very Happy with the Quality of this Manual Grinder.

  150. gilh

    I was a little skeptical at first, would a manual mill give me the results I wanted… and it was just amazing !! In two minutes I grind enough amount for a full french press pitcher for my 4 office mates. Quality coffee, grind in the place, what more can I ask for. Perfect purchase!

  151. StanM

    Purchased this grinder for its probability, Only used this coffee grinder once. It took about few minutes to grind enough coffee for one cup. This will be used with my aero press while camping.

  152. Erik lundin

    I received this product on Feb. 1st and the knob to help with the turning broke off within 2 weeks. I reached out to customer service and they were quick to replace it. I will update if new one breaks again. Worked great when not broken.

  153. Benjamin D. Rush

    I wanted a good, quiet, burr grinder to use daily – even if the power goes out. This one does a fine job!

  154. Dylan West

    Grinder is easy to set up, really straightforward to use, and it’s especially great for my french press.

  155. Melissa Koehn

    I bought this to take on a trip so I could have my coffee the way I like it. I’ve never had a manual coffee grinder but this one is easy to use and works well! Thank you!

  156. Amazon Customer

    It’s really amazing handle grinder ,i’ve tried alot of manual grinders and this one is the best!
    Compared to the price the quality that you will get its amazing
    I only use it for travel and hiking

  157. Sammy Davis Jr

    Easy to use and makes coffee for pur cold brew.

  158. Happy in georgia

    Got this for a gift for a coffee lover they just let me know they love it. All different grind setting and works great! Great gift!

  159. abdullrahman

    Excellent quality exceeded expectations Thank you for your credibility

  160. Robert Knipper

    i originally reviewed grinder and indicated that the crank had jammed and the crank broke. I was wrong. It was another manual grinder that this happened. This grinder works ok.

  161. Cason G.

    Seems to operate simply with few parts. Have only used it once and haven’t taken it apart for cleaning yet, but seems to work great for my French Press.

  162. Kindle Customer

    I feel like I have good control over how the grind turns out.

  163. Dave

    Been using this every day, several times a day, for the past week and it has been great. Works very well. The adjustment for different types of grounds is very easy to figure out. Very happy with this purchase!

  164. Mariah E Richardson

    Once you figure out the grind setting, pretty easy to use

  165. Amazon Customer

    Wish you could hold onto it better. The rest is great.

  166. Brittany D Ritz

    This does great job, nice even grind I bought it for expresso. It is a lot of cranking! I found after a while if does adjust the grind setting so pay attention to that.

  167. mrkmam

    could only give it 4 stars on features because I have only used it a few times. seems to be built well. directions were clear to understand. very handy for fresh coffee while traveling.

  168. Amy S.

    Perfect coffee every time. I use this with the Aero Press. They are perfect for each other.


    Works as advertised. Supplier very helpful and professional.

  170. Aaron Zwissler

    Easy to adjust and is well made and solid. I have used to for course grinds for a French press and fine grinds for a drip brew. The rubber around the edge is nice with a way to hold the crank! P

  171. Amazon Customer

    The grinder works exactly as advertised is a very good quality gadget, you get much more than what you pay for will definitely recommend it to anyone needing a manual grinder.

  172. Anthony F. Sibilla

    This grinder works as advertised. The grind is perfect. If you are looking for a manual coffee bean grinder at an affordable price, this is it!

  173. Ben Z

    All you need for start the day. Easy,quickly, quiet,precision grounds, great grip, very compact, stylish design looks very professionally

  174. Kindle Customer

    Customer support is excellent. Grinder provides a uniform grind. One grinder full of beans provides about 6 rounded tablespoons of coffee at #6 setting. Takes about 3 minutes of leisure grinding.

  175. Nobodey

    I needed a grinder that could be adjusted. This was exactly what I needed

  176. howie

    The ease in adjusting coarseness of the grind

  177. Johnny K.

    Good, high quality product but if you’re grinding coffee for more than one person, get a motorized grinder, it’ll save you time and frustration down the road.

  178. Vicente

    I really like this coffee grinder because it’s slim and fits in my camping pack with out taking up to much room and easy to clean while out in the wilderness

  179. Nick

    Some inconsistencies in coffee grind size , shipped with a burrs that were noticeably bent.

  180. Amazon Customer

    Great little coffee grinder that will be traveling with me everywhere I go.

  181. floyd

    Works pretty good.

  182. Alyssa Torres

    I think this is a great product and it’s perfect for traveling. It’s also easy to clean.

  183. Amazon Customer

    Grinder works well, small and convenient for travel or everyday

  184. katarina

    This coffee grinder is a great value for money, easy to use and clean.
    I’m surprised with the high level of materials and overall quality.

  185. Masashi

    I have used twice.
    Very easy to set the roughness of the powder.
    I ‘m drinking coffee deliciously.

  186. Adele

    Very attractive and useful

  187. Sarah S.

    It’s a great little coffee grinder that’s easy to use and adjust! I’ve had no problems with it so far.

  188. Karen Hogan

    This coffe grinder was very easy to use and is very compact. The freshly ground coffee was delicious.

  189. J. biener

    Takes about 3 minutes to grind enough for a cup of esspresso.

  190. Amazon Customer

    Good product. Nice and quiet.

  191. Amazon Customer

    Nice product. Holds just enough for two to three cups.

  192. Church Fam

    UPDATED REVIEW: The seller sent me a new handle because my old one broke off after a few weeks of use. I am happy now.

  193. Lindsay Innis

    Used this for pour over coffee. The grind size chart was extremely helpful, no guesswork to get the perfect cup!

  194. Bob R

    Exactly as described, easy to use, well made. I’ve just received it and used it only once but excellent results for my drip coffee maker.

  195. Carolyn Pratt

    Christmas gift for my sister and she absolutely loved it!

  196. Flo B

    I’m new at pour over coffee and this grinder makes it so easy.

  197. Christina Echagarruga

    Made great coffee from a french press with this!

  198. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use! Nice and compact for either storing away at home or to pack when traveling.

  199. Shannon Murphy

    On time works great

  200. balinda

    Liked products but broke after 4 times using had to hot glue it back together on inside

  201. boro isailovski

    Quality product, sleek design and amazing customer service

  202. McFlyGuy58

    Works great. Love the consistent grind.

  203. Amazon Customer

    I like how easy it is to use. It makes a good grind for my espresso machine.

  204. nonnie1

    Bought as gift for son, he thought it was really cool and loves it!

  205. Yuliy

    Good quality of product, but the handle is a little bit long.

  206. Hassan

    The product does what it says it does. The customer service is execllent. I would recommend by this product.

  207. Job Rafael Guzman Ojeda

    Greate and innovative product!

  208. Joel h

    The portability, simplicity and ability to change grind size is where this little thing makes its money

  209. Michael Koes Jr.

    Loved the price and ease of use. Bought a second one to give as a Christmas gift.

  210. Rony A.

    Easy to handle and store, allow me to get my coffee with the aroma I like without settle

  211. Brandon Lopez

    I absolutely love this grinder! It’s not to big so I take it with me to work or even on a hike.

  212. James H.

    So far I like it fine. I will use it mostly for espresso grind

  213. Steven L.

    Very happy with this grinder, use it every day for fresh coffee!

  214. nadav gross

    Very sturdy grinder produces, consistent grounds, perfect for my fresh press

  215. Micah Tompkins

    Great for traveling, quiet and efficient.

  216. Keith P. Graybill

    Does what it is supposed to do. Great customer service.

  217. Amazon Customer

    Very good little grinder and easy to use

  218. Dan ground

    Easy to use and quiet. Ability to grind coarse or fine.

  219. Amjad almlki

    liked the product Thank you 👍

  220. Andrew Maraev

    10/10. Will grind with it again.5.0 out of 5 stars Gets job done better and quicker then your old blade grinder

  221. Jon A Ross

    works great and easy to use

  222. vincent p valdez

    Great product especially for the price

  223. Flo B

    I wish it would grind more at a time

  224. Cliff P.

    Does great for its size for a hand grinder

  225. James Nash

    This was given as a gift to my daughter who happens to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi. She didn’t have electricity so this manual grinder is perfect size and very easy to operate with good grind control. This companies customer service went above and beyond to be certain we were satisfied with this product.


    Got it as a gift, grind very smoothly, enough capacity for me and my wife for daily use! Highly recommended

  227. ben shay

    Get it as a gift, really good Caffe grinder

  228. Elaine Safchik

    We highly recommend everyone to test this product as you won’t be disappointed!

  229. human being

    Couldn’t get the proper grind size for my French Press, which kept resulting in over or under extracted coffee. The owner, Shabi, swiftly contacted me to make sure grinder was set up properly. He was very considerate and interested in my views, not to give me a hard time about my issue, but in a more curious way to see if their grinder could be improved in any way. After a few attempts, I was still having trouble so Shabi sent me a brand new one and let me keep the old one in case I ever needed spare parts. IMO, you just don’t see owners taking the time anymore to make sure their customer is 100% satisfied. The new grinder worked great and once I got the setting correct (it’s extremely easy to do and he even posted a video online demonstrating how to set it properly) the resulting grind produced one of the best cups of coffee I had ever made. In the end, it appears that the 1-4 TBS markings on the window of the bottom chamber are not TBS but scoops, with each scoop equalling 2 TBS (i.e. 1 = 2 TBS, 2 = 4 TBS, 3 = 6 TBS and 4 = 8 TBS). This was another factor in my grind size appearing off, but once I figured that out it has been smooth sailing and perfect grinds ever since. I highly recommend supporting this well run family business that takes the time to please their customer and deliver a satisfying easy to use product. Well done Shabi!

  230. Charles E Accetta

    It’s as advertised. I had given up on grinding my own beans. The grounds from my blade grinder were no better at making a good cup of coffee than pre-ground. It was my ignorance at fault there, but once I knew better, I went looking for a burr grinder. I got lucky first time out with this one. It’s a great value, too.

  231. Chandra

    I have to say that the customer service with this company is the best with whom I have ever dealt. I love this grinder and use it all the time for cold brew coffee. I make it by the gallons, so that means LOTS of grinding. I have a built up right arm to prove it. 🙂 I always keep my grinder clean every time I use it – but somehow I think the stabilizing washer disappeared. It is so small it is hard to keep track of. I contacted the company through Amazon and Roi promptly answered me. I sent him pictures of my grinder and he immediately shipped out a new one. He was so helpful and kind. This time I am going to make sure nothing happens to that washer, but Roi assured me that if anything else happens – he would let me purchase another grinder at 40% off. Thank you, Roi for sending me this new grinder at no expense to me. I would recommend buying this grinder from THIS company, because they have your back in case anything goes awry. The grinder works great, by-the-way. I love it..

  232. Ashley

    I have never grinded my own coffee before put I was buying a French press and wanted to do it right. I found this very easy to grind my beans to the perfect size. It is simple to use and it doesn’t take long to grind the perfect amount for my large cup of coffee. The clear panel at bottom is marked by tablespoons which makes getting the right amount easy. Cleaning is a little difficult for me due to it being small but I will get some small brushes and that should help. All in all I am glad I purchased this. I was an occasional coffee drinker but now after using coffee from Black Rifle Coffee Company, this grinder, and a French press I find myself wanting a few cups of coffee though out the day.

  233. Dennis L. Chilson

    Bought this one as a replacement for a different brand that only lasted a couple of months. This one is definitely a superior product. The day after it arrived I received an email from the seller saying that if I had any problem with the product to contact them, kudos for customer care. I really like the fact that the dial on this is clearly marked so you can use the chart they send and dial in the grind you prefer. It has gaskets and seals that the other brand did not, clearly a lot of thought was put into the design. Detailed instructions for cleaning and care. I am really glad I bought this brand.

  234. D. Varga

    I like this hand grinder, a lot! I’ve had it for over a year now and feel confident about giving this one 5 stars. I actually like this more than my high dollar Hario hand grinder. It has served double duty in my kitchen, as a pepper mill. Caveat you might want to clean it thoroughly before using it once again for grinding coffee beans. This summer I did have to make a repair on the hand crank. The rivet on the plastic knob finally wore out and broke off. No problem I went to the hardware store and fitted it with the proper sized brass screw and nut. Back in service! 5 stars!!

  235. Robert T.

    This is perfect. Takes a bit of tweaking to get the coarseness of the ground right. Well thought of design and sturdy.

  236. Marcia J. Mulloy

    I had one similar to this for about 4 years and it fell apart. A couple of things I really like about this are the notches that helps you determine the grind size. It works well, as expected, so far and so far seems consistent. I hate cleaning these things because once you take it apart it’s difficult to get back together, so only time will tell. But for all of you who use an electric grinder: there’s nothing better than manually doing it yourself. It doesn’t heat the beans and gives you a sense of accomplishment. 😊

  237. BklynDogLover

    Very happy to have bought this grinder! My old electric burr grinder recently broke down, so rather than buy a new one I decided to take a chance on this one instead, and I am glad I did. The consistency and quality of the grind are great whether I’m looking for a fine grind to make espresso or a coarse grind to use in my French press. It’s also much more practical than my electric grinder because it’s portable, compact, and easy to clean, freeing up valuable counter space. Love it!

  238. LochNessMomo

    It was easy for me to get the grind size I wanted and within 5 mins my whole bean coffee is ground coffee. It made an excellent cup of coffee. I have been using it Monday through Friday for about a month and a half and it still works like the first time. I am just so happy with my little grinder !

    Update (May16 ,2019): After 8 months, the handle of my coffee grinder just popped off one day but with the warranty I had with this grinder, I was able to reach out to the company and let them know what had happened. They answered my email within a day and by the end of the week, I received a new grinder. I loveeee this grinder and love how courteous this company was with me. I’ll definitely will be giving these awesome grinders as gifts in the near future.

  239. verified buyer

    I was looking to by a good electric grinder and after reading lot about coffee beans and grinding, I realized its best to have manual one so that you only grind beans when you need it and the amount you are going to use right away.
    This grinder works wonders. I didnt have high expectations but it turned out to be the best grinder so far. The different grind settings truly get you the precision you want for your needs. I will buy it without hesitation.

  240. Lynn

    LOVE this little grinder!
    Highly recommend.
    No noise early in the morning is great. Fresh ground beans is huge. Fits in a drawer, fits in overnight bag. Easy to adjust the grind. Didn’t think that little brush would actually clean anything, but it works fantastically to get every bit off everything. Very impressed and at a great price.

  241. deba

    What a little gem! Quickly and easily grinds coffee beans to whatever grind you prefer.
    I have a French Press so have it set to a coarse grind, and its just right!
    It can easily be changed ifwere using it while traveling and want to grind for a coffee maker or for expresso!
    If you love freshly ground coffe, its worth every cent.

  242. Amazon Customer

    I like this manual grinder because it’s super easy to use, and you don’t waste beans. The dial for the coarseness is very accurate, and if you make your grid too coarse, you can put them back in and re-grind them with no issues. I’ve been looking for a new burr grinder since my last one quit over a year ago, and I’m super happy to find this one. I’m done with the super expensive electronics ones, and I can go back to being a “coffee snob” with my beans. 😂

  243. Connie

    I like the manual grinder because I can easily control how much coffee gets ground at any time (since I’m the main coffee drinker in our house), so it’s always fresh. I use an old fashioned percolating pot so I need a coarse grind (French Press) and this grinder is adjustable so again … EASY and everything I need & want. Did I mention the compact size so it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space? Bingo, it’s that too! 😁

  244. Ming

    I had been looking for a manual coffee grinder. I have been using it for about 2 months so far. Very pleased I ordered this product. It’s so easy to use, and after taking some trails and errors I found a good fit for my French press coffee maker. The grounds are reasonablely consistent. I also enjoy grinding my coffee beans as many other reviewers mentioned- I loved the smell of coffee beans and it was a zen-like moment for me.


    I love this little manual grinder! It’s easy to use, adjust, keep clean and makes a very consistent grind. It’s PERFECT for making the exact size coarse grind I need to brew perfect coffee every time in my percolator, without needing to use any paper filters to keep the coffee grounds out of my finished coffee I’m brewing the best tasting coffee I’ve ever enjoyed since I started using this manual grinder and whole fresh beans. Amazing value and consistent performance at a very good price.

  246. Ahmet E.

    I bought this manual grinder mainly for making Turkish coffee and it does it perfectly. All other manual or electric burr grinders I’ve used did not grind the coffee extra fine which is essential for Turkish coffee. This grinder is also very good for all other grinds, from fine to coarse, and the settings are easy to adjust if you follow the instructions. My only constructive criticism would be an improved manual booklet. The letters and the parts pictures are too small to follow easily. Also bear in mind that this grinder is intended for small amounts of coffee at a time. If you’re grinding for large brews, it’s time consuming and you should look elsewhere for big capacity grinders.

  247. Charles Vedrene

    I guess I’d have to have the local coffee shop grind the same beans to do a taste test. Love the chart. My Tanzanian Peaberry tasted very good as a pour over set to 5. Grinds were consistent. Love the handle holder and gift cup. Lifetime guarantee if registered within 14 days. Aerogrind is the next step up but it’s $190. I’m content.

  248. Richard W. Silberman

    I returned this because I thought that it had to be completely disassembled in order to add the beans. I was wrong. The owner wrote to me personally to assure me that was not the case and offered to replace it. His responsiveness alone merits a 5 star review. Now that I have seen the video how to use the grinder I am confident that it works exactly as promised. Again, great product. Super great seller.

  249. rickeh

    It feels good to manually grind beans…too many machines doing things for us. This little grinder does a great job, the different grind sizes are actually different! Has made my coffee better and the minute I spend grinding the cup helps with the wake-up process.

  250. Todd

    The bean grinder seems to be built real well. A great deal for the price. It grinds beans manually with a little effort. I had good results in a couple minutes. I believe the coffee taste better with fresh ground beans. Also, the company owner personally contacted me twice to make sure every thing was to my satisfaction. Customer service is important to me. And….I think this has a lifetime warranty!

  251. Lee Culver

    This very economical product does exactly what it promises: gives you an even grind and nice cup of coffee with no sludge. It is compact and perfect for traveling. My only reservation is that it does take a bit of time, I would say, at least two minutes of grinding per cup of coffee. I am looking at electric models but cannot bring myself to pull the trigger on a $139 unit. Oh well. Speed or quality. Isn’t that always the trade-off?

  252. Bridget Michler

    Amazing coffee grinder. I had an electric grinder but every morning it would wake my kids because it was so loud, with this manual grinder I can grind my coffee beans without waking my kiddos. Easy to use and best of all it’s small enough I can take it camping with me. Its wonderful to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee in the morning before waking kids.

  253. Bonnie G.

    The product arrived promptly and as described. The grinder itself works great! The operating instructions that came with it were clear and it was easy and quick to assemble. I’ve used it a dozen times and had no issues. The coffee really does taste better than with the electric blade grinder I had been using.

  254. kat

    I love fresh ground coffee beans, if fills my house with the best aromas! And this grinder does the best job for me!
    The stainless still cup is great for measuring out the amount of beans I neee, and the grinder is smooth during the process.
    I have used mine each morning and even took it with my on vacation! My family memebers thought it was great!

  255. Eric

    Cool little grinder. If you want speed, buy an electric grinder. This grinder is great for quiet mornings in the house. It takes a little time but you can grind exactly what you need for a single cup. You don’t waste extra beans ground up like you might with an electric. And awesome customer service!

  256. A. Edgeworth

    Not difficult to clean, but could be easier. That’s my only minor complaint. Good consistent grounds that you can control. Am enjoying grinding coffee for my pour over. Allows me to grind a bit coarse so that it doesn’t clog the mesh filter. If you want pour over coffee, I recommend this.

  257. Yellow Fever "Mitch"

    It grinds coffee. It has a consistent grind. Once you set it, it stays at that level of coarseness.

    It does take awhile to grind though. About 5 minutes to fill up the bottom cup. The “Hipster” value of hand ground coffee by a white male….

  258. Bill H.

    This is easy to use, the direction are easy to understand. I use this for pour over coffee, their setting is right on. So much better than a electric one, ours plugged up. No problem turning it. Linda

  259. Taylor K

    Very easy assembly, good grind, and holds proper portions. Light weight and definitely easy to take in the camper. Happy with this product definitely recommend for all coffee drinkers! Fresh ground is always best when it comes to coffee.

  260. Brad D.

    For a couple dollars, I have a ceramic grinder that gets the job done. I drink maybe a cup of coffee a day. It only takes me a minute or two to grind up what I need for a cup of coffee or espresso.

  261. Kathyrn

    The grinder I ordered was lost in the mail and the owner of this company contacted me to make sure we were refunded. Then I ordered it again because we really wanted the grinder. lol It arrived with no problems and we really love it. Very good quality and easy to use and clean. Very good value.

  262. Stephanie Gary

    I wanted a manual burr grinder. I found is on Amazon and it is perfect. Easy to use, portable( can’t wait to take it camping) and a great price. Highly recommended.

  263. bill mulholland

    A nice unit, well made, but like with items of this type, you need to use it gently, hold it firmly when using, on a solid surface such as a kitchen counter, only turn handle clockwise, I use it for grinding beans for drip type coffee maker, and I am satisfied with the size of the grind. Directions say to grind ONLY as much as you will use for one brew, and that does seem to be best advice.

  264. Mason Lawrenz

    Yes, I did get two faulty grinders that didn’t grind well. It was an unfortunate fact. However, the customer service was phenomenal. I got a replacement in a few days, and while I did return the product, I’m quite impressed with the character of this company. I may have just been a rare case, but I was pleased enough with how I was treated.

  265. JBGAL

    I got this specifically for my rescues. I have holistic regimen that includes vitamins that help my animals live past 16 yrs old (cats and dogs), so this is better than grinding with a spoon, or pestle and mortar. Great product!

  266. Lilybean

    I have used it a few times now and it has worked perfectly. The beans are ground nicely for my pour over coffee. As of now, I would recommend for sure

  267. Kevin Yoo

    Look at size. It is very easy to assemble and dissembled. It means, easy to carry. See my photo (phone is iphone 6s plus). It comes with a little cup so I can put the coffee grinder.

  268. Terry Dresen

    This is a really cool coffee grinder. Having fresh ground coffee just before brewing is awesome and taste great. Thx.

  269. James Powell

    I really wanted to love this, but grinding multiple shots of espresso takes far too long to be practical for regular use. My wife and I tried it for a couple days before we gave up and decided to spend $100 for a good quality electric one. I’d suggest you do the same unless you’re fine spending 10 minutes grinding every day.

  270. Amazon Customer

    Well made works great would buy again from company would reccomend to friends. I bought this grinde andit is a great product i moved in june 2019 and the movers lost the crank to it i contacted the company and ordered a nre crank to my surprise i received a new grinder i would highly recommend ths company to anyone cant say enough about them

  271. LizW

    Love the compact design, and cranking it is just fun! I tried following the directions for changing the grind, but the French press was way too coarse. I need a little trial and error to get it right. The espresso shot included is a nice bonus.

  272. John Ferguson

    Well made manual grinder. If you love coffee, and need a certain grind for your beans, you won’t be disappointed. Many grind settings to choose from.

  273. Charla M. Gautierre

    This thing stopped after one use and took forever to grind enough for one cup of coffee. Not satisfied.

  274. Yolanda M.

    Great little grinder, perfect for a morning cup,the taste and aroma is amazing and distinct with variety l use. I didn’t think it would be that great of a difference. thanks

  275. Steven D. Warren

    I just bought this thing not too long ago and the handle broke off and I can’t fix it because it’s a rivet on the black handle.

  276. Geomom89

    This is my first handheld burr grinder. I love how it looks and it’s very easy to use. The directions were simple and easy to follow.

  277. Salgood

    I am a new coffee drinker and decided to grind my own coffee beans. It really gives the coffee a fuller flavor. I do like the design of this coffee grinder.

  278. Louise

    Got this to grind very expensive beans. Electric burr grinders too expensive. I only make one cup a day..this was perfect and affordable!

  279. Coffiend

    This is my 30th grinding since I received it three weeks ago. It fits in my jacket pocket when I hike, slides well inside my laptop bag, and also into my equipment field bag. Parts are easy to remember so cleaning/maintenance isn’t hard. Tough partner, great design!

  280. Jonathan

    For someone who drinks 2-3 cups of espresso every day I have to say this machine works like a charm,its fast ,the grounds are consistent,and I’m really impressed by the quality of this thing in compare to other products I’ve used in the past . Definitely recommend

  281. RT

    Does what it is supposed to do very well. It is adjustable and easy to clean. Very happy with purchase.

  282. jgirl

    So glad we choose this coffee grinder. Now need to find a place to put all the different flavor coffee beans

  283. NMWW

    This is the burr grinder for you if you must make THE perfect cup of coffee. It is sturdy and easy to clean and the grind is uniform.

  284. PLJ

    Once I got a feel for a grind size I liked this has become a great asset for making a quick pot of fresh coffee whenever and I like the compactness that allows me to stash it in a bag for a weekend trip.

  285. A Fan

    Received on time….so far, so good. Using a coffee press so I needed a grinder that could be adjusted to different grind sizes.

  286. Elizabeth

    Easy to adjust and am amazed at how easy it is to completely take apart to clean.

  287. Raph

    I had another one, similiar. This one is particularly convenient thanks to the rubber strap that holds the lever, which I otherwise would keep looking for.

  288. Tanya B.

    Really cute, light, but powerful grinder that turns coffee beans in a dust that I need to get my favorite Turkish coffee. Highly recommend if you want to have fresh ground coffee every morning in your kitchen!

  289. Woodenvisions

    No issues at all, great grinder for the perfect cup of Joe

  290. Emily

    Got this as a gift for my dad and he loves it. Easy to use. Sleek and compact. Overall good quality product.

  291. Kindle Customer

    Nice hand coffee grinder – However Seller sends unasked for email (spam?)

  292. Marc Plainguet

    We bought this to have fresh ground coffee on the road. It’s solid and works great.

  293. robert

    Best grinder I’ve used

  294. Amazon Customer

    Grinds beans really fine or coarse

  295. Jenapp

    This grinder works really well. Happy with purchase!

  296. Steven L.

    If you have plenty of time to make your coffee, this is for you.

  297. Paul O.

    Has more accessories than the more expensive ones

  298. Amazon Customer

    Works fine. One month after I started using it, the knob screw broke.

  299. Bill

    This is perfect for my wife and I.Great coffee.

  300. James B.

    Great product that let’s the user easily select their preferred grind. You simply count the points as you go from fine to coarse grind.

  301. Sungwon

    Purchased for using with manual coffee extractor. Nice work.
    Worth to pay. intended for outdoor use but also good for relaxing at home.

  302. Tavor

    I was excited to use the grinder after reading all of the positive reviews. It grinds slowly, but being able to control the size so perfectly made it worth it

  303. Jim G.

    I only need a few Tablespoons of grounds for coffee. It works great.

  304. lisa

    Use this grinder everyday….it’s a great product and the customer service is exceptional!!

  305. Nancy

    Bought it for pour-over and french press coffee and this is a perfect little machine.

  306. HelenaIdeasSolution

    Thank you for making my day, it’s been weeks I’m without coffee, it works perfectly, it does make happy-coffee-day …

  307. Joe Reese

    Great product! It works!highly recommended

  308. Dan

    easy to use, grind fast and adjustable…

  309. Client d’Amazon

    Very nice for adding a cup which is useful when travelling.

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