Silva Microfiber Floor Mop +2 Washable Pads- Best 18″ Hardwood Floor Mop- Hardwood / Laminate Floor cleaner

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  • A COMPLETE MICROFIBER MOP SYSTEM : What’s in the BOX !! (1) package box with handle (2) of our quality microfiber mop pads (one for daily use, one for deeper clean), (1) Adjustable Sliding plate (1) durable ergonomic telescopic handle (1) Heavy Duty Aluminum frame. (1) Handy Booklet Manual. and (1) Multi purpose Scraper. Our microfiber mop pads are machine washable and can be reused many, many times Wet or Dry – Ideal for Office & Home.
  • ADJUSTABLE PLATE FOR HARD TO REACH AREAS : There is a reason many Home and Office cleaning services companies have replaced their microfiber mops with Silva’s. Our patented adjustable plate system allow mop plate to be moved by adjusting handle to side. This game changing feature makes cleaning hard to reach places easier and keep bending to a minimum and saves time.
  • CLEAN HARD FLOORS WITH EASE: NO SLIPPING, NO HASSLES :Ultra durable velcro strips hold microfiber mop pads in place, so you can focus on cleaning, not stopping to fix the pads.
  • 360º SWIVEL & ERGONOMIC TELESCOPIC HANDLE: Adjust to fitting a comfortable height between and secure it with the lock clip for up to 54 inches. Not only does it fold easily for easy storage it’s also designed to hang on your closet hook.
  • AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFT : Clean all of your hard floors with no mess and in very little time with the best microfiber dust mop on Amazon! Order the Silva ® Microfiber Cleaning system with 30 Day warranty today. This makes for a great gift for all occasions.


  • A COMPLETE MICROFIBER MOP SYSTEM : What’s in the BOX !! (1) package box with handle (2) of our quality microfiber mop pads (one for daily use, one for deeper clean), (1) Adjustable Sliding plate (1) durable ergonomic telescopic handle (1) Heavy Duty Aluminum frame. (1) Handy Booklet Manual. and (1) Multi purpose Scraper. Our microfiber mop pads are machine washable and can be reused many, many times Wet or Dry – Ideal for Office & Home.
  • ADJUSTABLE PLATE FOR HARD TO REACH AREAS : There is a reason many Home and Office cleaning services companies have replaced their microfiber mops with Silva’s. Our patented adjustable plate system allow mop plate to be moved by adjusting handle to side. This game changing feature makes cleaning hard to reach places easier and keep bending to a minimum and saves time.
  • CLEAN HARD FLOORS WITH EASE: NO SLIPPING, NO HASSLES :Ultra durable velcro strips hold microfiber mop pads in place, so you can focus on cleaning, not stopping to fix the pads.
  • 360º SWIVEL & ERGONOMIC TELESCOPIC HANDLE: Adjust to fitting a comfortable height between and secure it with the lock clip for up to 54 inches. Not only does it fold easily for easy storage it’s also designed to hang on your closet hook.
  • AWESOME HOLIDAY GIFT : Clean all of your hard floors with no mess and in very little time with the best microfiber dust mop on Amazon! Order the Silva ® Microfiber Cleaning system with 30 Day warranty today. This makes for a great gift for all occasions.

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261 reviews for Silva Microfiber Floor Mop +2 Washable Pads- Best 18″ Hardwood Floor Mop- Hardwood / Laminate Floor cleaner

  1. Kerry Steiner

    My husband and I have a cleaning company. We had the opportunity to test and review this awesome microfiber mop system and let me tell you, this is a game changer. This the gold standard. We are waiting to be approved for a bulk order to replace our entire line :).

  2. Amanda

    Even the kids love it. They fighting over it. Love it .

  3. Jim

    Sturdy, Durable, Ergonomic, Efficient, Worth it, Great Value

  4. bill

    The sliding plate alone is worth its weight in Gold . hahahaha Wow
    Love the pads too.

  5. Samira

    This is 3rd Silva Product and my oh my they are exceptional. I was only of the lucky ones, early birds. This is my christmas present to myself.

  6. Simon

    This is pretty cool. Looks awesome and works well

  7. Kelli

    this is awesome !

  8. heather

    I like the ergonomic handle . i have grip issues

  9. ToshahzPcohl

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  10. Katie

    This product is amazing! I don’t know what I would do without it. Shipping is quick and the product is great quality. What more could you ask for?

  11. Christopher

    The mop makes me want to clean my kitchen!

  12. Joseph

    I’ve had many microfiber mops and this mop is incredible! It’s better than the Bona system and really digs in with the amazing microfiber pads. I even tried the swiffer products and they do not compare.

  13. Marie B

    This is a great product for an elderly person. At my age it is hard to mop my kitchen floors but with this I can mop with ease. I love it!

  14. Kimberly Quinn

    Great product! Makes cleaning my hardwood floors efficient and easy. The microfiber pads pick up everything!!! I love it!

  15. Beverly

    If you want your kids to help you clean your house, get this mop! It is so easy even they can use it.

  16. Daniel

    I received this mop as a gift. At first I wasn’t too excited about it but I quickly learned that it was a necessity in my home. With dogs and kids running around and making a mess, clean up has never been so easy. I mop my floors, take off the cloth, throw it in machine and I’m good to go. I also am saving money because I don’t have to run to the store when I’m out of cloths.

  17. Kate

    I ordered this mop and mistakenly left it where it was easily accessible to my kids. They messed up one of the pads but customer service sent me a new one. Thank you so much! Great product!

  18. Eddie

    Just received it today and used it immediately. Almost my entire downstairs is hardwood, and it worked like a dream cleaning up all the dirt and dust that accumulated moving into a new house and unpacking all those boxes! The large size of the mop head and microfiber pad made quick work of a large space.

  19. Heather

    So as a mother of 7 and with a baby all was on my hip this is the perfect tool for my it’s so easy to use and the size is much bigger then what I had so I get done faster.really really like it!!!

  20. Maxwell

    High quality materials and the telescoping pole makes tasks much easier

  21. Shelly

    We have installed tile flooring in our family room and most of the main floor. Because of the way this angles this works great for picking up pet hair and dust under furniture.

  22. Dean

    Very versatile in corners once you get the hang of it.

  23. Jason

    This thing is pretty awesome .

  24. Tyrique

    Five Stars!Bought this product recently and I love it !

  25. Kevin

    I purchased a cheaper microfiber broom locally and wasn’t impressed. This broom is twice as good.

  26. Tom

    Delivered great quality as promised.

  27. Olive

    Opened this immediately! Super happy after the first time using this! QUICK AND EASY! Comes with 2 pads, one for every day and he other for more heavy duty cleaning! He handle is ergonomic and aluminum. The swivel is 360 and works like a charm! IN LOVE that the handle can be moved to the other end to reach further under furniture etc.

  28. Michael

    The adjustable rod makes this mop great for w everyone to use. Plus the pads are so effective in cleaning. Not to mention it’s sleek design. Overall it’s superior to any microfiber mop that I’ve had!

  29. Jeff

    Does the trick for under the beds and furniture. haven’t washed it yet but looks like this will work.

  30. Karen

    I have had several Swiffer brand duster/mops. This beats them hands done…actually, no comparison!

  31. Sandy

    I have zero carpet in my house, it’s either stained concrete or ceramic tile or brown power bag flooring. This mop makes them all shine!! GREAT PRODUCT!

  32. Arlene

    We use a Swiffer Mop because of how portable it is. Turns out it doesn’t clean as well as I thought. This product works so much better!!! Love it!

  33. Bruce

    If you want a quality cleaning unit, this is it! So for the best i have seen!

  34. Cindy Mae

    We are about to move to a bigger house where it has all hardwood floors so I was looking for a universal cleaning system that was going to be easier to use. The head on a swiffer is small but this product has great size and makes cleaning a breeze.

  35. Alex

    This mop is good for wood and tile wet or dry just like a Swiffer! but the bigger head offers more clean for less effort.

  36. Bonnie

    I used the grey [daily use] on my walls! It made cleaning the walls SO MUCH EASIER! When I was done I just threw the pads in the washing machine and let them air dry! Great product! I will most definitely recommend.

  37. Colin George

    The slidable function was great for getting under the cabinets and fridge since the mop handle itself wasn’t in the middle to get in the way!

  38. Danielle

    The microfiber clothes really stuck to the velcro on the bottom. During the cleaning process, they didn’t come off once or bunch up! Awesome mop!

  39. Earl

    Silva offers a 30 day warranty but I haven’t had any issues. The quality of the mop was really good. I think/hope it lasts me awhile. Good customer service

  40. Julia Williams

    I love the design! Fast delivery! Quality product!

  41. Lee Jinbao

    Pretty awesome quality. Looks good too. Getting another as a Christmas gift. Mom would love it.

  42. Mike Pro

    Deserves 5 stars. Delivers everything it said it would. Great Product! My floors are too clean .(that is a good thing)

  43. Matthew Crawford

    I can finally see the shine in my hardwood floors! Thank you Silva Inc . This product does the job to the fullest. I am pleased

  44. Paula Myers

    I have linoleum flooring and hard wood flooring. I thought this product would only work for my hardwood but it also works great on the linoleum. Great mop! Worth every penny.

  45. Bel

    Let me start my review by stating that i am a first time house wife. My mom always had this ancient mop which was pretty cool. But I never imagined in a million years that i would loose sleep, trying to find the right mop for me. I recently moved in to an apartment that has hardwood floors. At first i got the swiffer wet jet & thought it was amazing. Then i started noticing how costly it was. & hello, totes not saving the earth with all those pads. Then i got the libman microfiber. It was okay. But it wasn’t cutting it. I wanted more. I went through a few more mops. And did more research. Finally i read a review on another mop which recommended the pads for this mop which finally brought me here. I purchased it and was so excited. The day I received , felt like Christmas morning. I put it together and it was very easy to assemble. It comes with 2 scrubbing pads and 2 microfiber pads. I started with the scrubbing one first but I wasn’t too crazy about it. Now the microfiber pads😍 those are everything. They are easy to rinse. Easy to put on the mop(& they stay on!) They pick up everything. They’re just perfect. I am in love. The mop is sturdy and beautiful. I really love that i can use any cleaning liquid that i want. One day fabuloso, one day pinesol, one day mr.clean.etc. I also love that i can easily wash the pads and reuse them. It’s just perfect. I will be recommending this mop to all my friends who are also joining the señora club. Oh & btw the company included a hand written thank you letter which I thought was super cute, sweet, and lovely. If you’re looking for a mop that will help save the earth, cleans up real good, is easy to use, and is sturdy and perfect, look no more. This is it. & it’s worth it. 😍

  46. Lisa Lodeski

    I love this mop. I have a small cleaning business and find microfiber mops most effective. I use a bucket of warm water with a little solution and swish the mop heads around. I’m able to use a clean mop head at each house. This particular mop is my favorite by far. It’s sturdy, but also not too heavy like some. The mop heads work great and do not fall apart right away like other brands. I love that they are thick so I can use more water on a dirty floor or simply ring it out tightly for hardwood or clean floors. While mopping it will catch any pet hair, dirt or leaves that I missed when vacuuming. I’m thrilled it came with the scrubbing pads for extra dirty tile floors. I’m really impressed. The price is also great!

  47. kody’s mom

    I rarely write reviews, because I am time limited but I HAD to review this item. I have bought so many brooms & mops my son says I am an addict. Truth is I have 3 shedding Chihuahua’s & Nothing has ever tackled the hair they leave behind, until NOW. I sweep & mop my floors every day & have been using this broom/mop for 2 months and it still appears to look & function as if it is brand new. I have found because it does pick up the hair & dirt so well I keep a rubber glove on while using it so I can clean the pad should it get too gunky. I would Highly recommend, I actually ordered 2 extra soft pads because of my daily use.

  48. Jbdawinnapws

    After using a swiffer for a few years, I got tired of constantly having to buy new pads for it. Additionally, It always seemed to dry out to quickly and I didn’t like all of the waste I was creating.

    While looking through amazon, I came upon this mop. It looked like it had a great design, awesome support and great reviews! I can truthfully say that this mop is one of my best purchases! It cleans way better than the swiffer, both picking up more as well as staying wet longer. Additionally, I love that I can reuse the cleaning pads and feel a lot more eco-friendly.

    I would highly recommend this microfiber mop, It is very sturdy and has already performed way better than the swiffer I recently threw in the trash.

  49. Kolina

    I’ve been a longtime user of Swiffers but recently moved into a home with more square footage of hardwood and tile, so I needed a bit more cleaning power. I was also interested in microfiber since it can be machine washed and not thrown away like the swifter sheets I’d been using.

    I actually find cleaning to be kind of fun now! The mop is light in weight, since it’s made of aluminum, but is solid and maneuvers effortlessly, allowing me to move through my house quickly.

    My general procedure for cleaning has been: sweep up large dirt or other items that may be on my floors (like cat hair) then go through the house with the mop and a microfiber pad to lift dirt and hair. I use a spray bottle with water/vinegar and spray a bit onto the floors, then use a second microfiber pad to mop up and scrub. Then I throw the pads in the washing machine. They come out fresh, but I do recommend disposing of any hair stuck into the microfiber before washing.

  50. Jenna

    I previously made a review about this mop because it wasn’t 360. I retract my previous review. I gave it another chance and got used to it. It is the best mop I’ve ever used, especially with pet hair. I recently broke the head after using it for a few months and the sellers are sending me another one. I am extremely pleased with this product and the sellers!!!!! Would definitely recommend the products and will be buying from them in the future!

  51. Jenny

    This is so bizarre. I accidentally slipped the tube in the wrong spot and it NEVER came out.

    Update: the seller was kind enough to replace the handle and I can truly say I am happy with this product. I have laminate flooring and tiles in the kitchen and it cleans them very well. I was able to use the abrasive side for scrubbing and then switch to the softer mop for a gentler clean

  52. Amazon Customer

    How many mops have I discarded because of a rusty wire band, screw or handle?
    This is the answer. The cleaner “recipe” is great…….the floor pads are easy to put on or off….
    the rectangle design gets into corners beautifully. Everything about this mop is great and I have
    already recommended it to some friends.

  53. Richard W. Silberman

    I have used this so much that I bought extra pads so I always have clean ones. I use one to apply oil to my unsealed wood floors and another strictly for the bathroom. It’s so nice to have a product that does what it says it will and to be able to order extra accessories so easily. Still love it!

    I couldn’t imagine that a dust mop in this shape was really going to work. I was still thinking I needed the old fashioned oval fuzzy dust mop from 30 plus years ago. Oh my word!! Excellent doesn’t say enough. It not only dusts but holds the dust and more importantly the mountains of dog hair my shed monster leaves behind. The mop covers are washable and it came with two for dusting. I am a happy customer.

  54. Kadey bayard

    This mop is exactly what I have been needing! First- the basics. This mop is adjustable… like, super adjustable! My 10 year old son loves to use it to do the sweeping portion and it adjusts perfectly to his height. Then with just a twist I can readjust it to my height to get the mopping done.
    The end result were wood floors that look flawless. As you can tell from the reflection there aren’t even any streaks. I use an all natural floor cleaner from The Grove and this is the best mop I’ve found to use with that product. Definitely will be recommending to friends with wood floors!

  55. mh

    Mop works great, handle unscrews to easy.

  56. Tina R.

    Do not over tighten the handle. The telescopic handle is quite sturdy as I mop with a lot of elbow grease. This is best used as a dry sweeper (especially for pet hair as it sticks to microfiber; then you can toss in washing machine). The pads are SMALL and they shrink in the wash. Do not place the pads in the dryer as Microfiber drys within moments anyway.

    The pads were never 18 inches of useable mop cloth. And now it has shrunk to 16 inches. This might be ok for a small apartment but if you have a house I would recommend 24-36 inch microfiber mop pads for a quicker job of it.

    Microfiber cloth is not great fabric for wet mopping. Better to use absorbent terry cloth for wet mopping. I use one pad to sweep, then a wet one to mop a section, then I go over same section immediately with a terrycloth towel to get my laminate floors dry and streak free. Laminate floors should not remain wet; wipe with dry cloth immediately.

    Bona is expensive instead just use 3 parts vinegar to one part water and a single drop of Dawn or Fabuloso. This solution is good for cleaning any surface.

  57. West Seality

    This is a very sturdy, well-made mop that puts the big-name cheapie to shame. Great pivoting, extendable handle, solid feel. Wondering if I can find disposable sheets to use with this, but haven’t yet looked as the 2 washable pads are sufficient for the time being.

  58. AMM

    The plastic “nut” cracked after just one turn – the thickness of the part is inadequate. The company provided truly excellent support and sent a replacement mop right away. In retrospect, it is not even obvious why the plastic “nut” is even needed – the mop should work fine even without it.

  59. c.cahill

    This mop is a breeze, and I overall give it a clean sweep rating. First of all, it is easy to assemble. You take the handle and screw it tight into the base. The bottom of the base has strong Velcro like strips that hold the reusable pads in place. This mop comes with two scrubbing pads (dark green) that are like dish scrubbers and two regular mopping pads (light green) that are for easy wiping and mopping. You can either wet down the pads with your choice of cleaning solution prior to mopping, or you can spray and mop as you go. I prefer to wet the pads before cleaning so that I can continuously mop the entire floor. I have linoleum floors, and this product works great on them. I love that the pads are washable and that the mop is so lightweight. It was also really nice that the product came with an actual thank you letter from the owner.

  60. Brenda Lukas

    I just had laminate flooring put in the house and was on a search to find the right product for quick and easy cleaning. I ordered this product and the day they finished my floors it arrived. I have since used it daily and its awesome. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean the pads. I also use it to dust walls and ceiling. I loved when I opened the product a handwritten note was enclosed. This is a family owned business and a great product!!!!! The pads when they get dusty can be thrown in washing machine and they look new afterwards. They are very durable and well made. The handle is adjustable and sturdy. Most items in the past I found the handle when adjustable usually slips – this does not. I have since recommended it to all my family and friends. I will be making a short video for youtube so people can see it in action. Love love love this product.

  61. Herb Sohl

    We have been searching for a mop to clean our just recently scrubbed grout floors. My husband took a chance on this mop set. He used it the first time and sped through the house in less than a half hour with wonderful results. Today I wanted to try it myself as I am usually the one who does our floor. I did it in 15 minutes! A record! I usually use my steamer and it does a fairly good job but nothing as good as this mop. I even rinsed it out two times to make sure I didn’t push around any sand into the grooves. My floor looks new! Thank you for your wonderful mop. I will recommend it to my neighbors. We also like to support a small business.

  62. Bill H.

    I am 72 years old and just cannot get down on my hands and knees to scrub floors. I’ve had a Swifter mop for several years but it didn’t really get my floors clean and the disposable pads are expensive and dry out fast. When I got this mop I tried it right away on my linoleum kitchen and bathroom floor and I was delighted with how clean it got my floors and how easy it is apply and remove the cleaning pads. I also like that they are washable. I especially like how it can be turned to get baseboards, corners and under things like dishwashers & refrigerator, as well as narrow spaces and corners. It is worth the price!

  63. Lacey

    I’ve been in a new house for about 2 months and have a ton of hardwood. The old microfiber floor thingy I had wasn’t doing the job, and it kinda just felt like junk. I was hesitant to spend $$ on a new microfiber mop but I’m so glad I did!! I got it today and my floors are looking beautiful!! This thing isn’t some junky plastic thing you find at the grocery store, it feel like it’s well made and I love the 360 pivoting of it. It was easy to use and I’m so impressed! I vacuumed before using and sprayed bona and then wiped/polished with the microfiber cloth (I haven’t used the scrubby one) and my floors a beautiful! This is a must have and I’ll recommend it to anyone!

  64. Adalyssa

    I’m giving this review about the entire floor cleaning system I got, including WEIMAM cleaning and polishing fluids.
    This mop is INCREDIBLE!!!!!
    It’s lightweight aluminum, weighs practically nothing, but it’s strong …, and swivels 360, and extends 36-60”.
    The bottom is Velcro and the 18” reusable pads really stick to it…
    The pads are GREAT !!
    They’re THICK, absorbent and boy, they pick up everything that’s in their way !!!!!
    Dust, dirt, dog &cat hair, nothing is left behind ….
    When you’re finished, take it off, throw it in your washing machine…. the manufacturer says they’re good for 100 washings.
    Also included are 2 green abrasive scrubbing pads. These are for the toughest jobs. They will scour your concrete or tile getting it sparkling clean.
    Quit throwing money away using the disposable sheets, when these work better and are much more cost effective
    They’ve cut my cleaning time by 1/2 , and done a better job too.
    And the WEIMAM family of cleaners does a great job of cleaning my hardwood, and the polish brought back the luster.
    Now, I feel really good when anyone comes to my home, knowing my floors look great, and are as clean and polished as they can be..

  65. Maggie K

    Best microfiber mop I ever tested…light weight and long handle. It cleaned and shined my new hardwood floor with ease. The reason I gave it a 3 stars only is because the pads are so thin and fragile. I had only used them for 2 weeks, and was washed twice by hand but the seams are coming apart. I have been trimming the fiber coming loose from the pads after every used! I had my O-Cedar microfiber mop bought from Home Depot for more than a year and the pad is still in great shape. I got this new mop is because of the handle, which is extendable and longer. Hope the manufacturer will improve the quality of their pads.

  66. rhm250

    We recently replaced our living room carpet with woodgrain vinyl panel flooring. So, the next thing on our list was to find something new to clean all this open floor area. We considered one of the new vacs like the ones Dysan sells with the motor on the top, near your wrist (expensive) and a robot vac (decent ones start at $300) but I was discouraged by the high prices and the fact that they run on lithium batteries. My experience with these batteries is that they work great in the beginning but after a few years they tend to take longer to charge and don’t hold as much charge as in the beginning (think of your phone, laptop, battery garden tools, etc.).

  67. Margot

    Ordered this mop because the Velcro strip that holds the cleaning pad on my old MOP came off again! Thus mop is wider, pads stick well, head swivels. I had the handle detach once but it goes right back on. Have laundered and it laundered well. We have laminate, tile and the new waterproof linoleum and it works well on all of them. Since you cannot get the laminate wet, I spray the mop head with water and that works great with minimal streaking. I can actually put the pad in water and get it wetter to do the other floors. For general cleaning, I am pleased and hope the strips on this mop stay on.

  68. David S

    I received this item yesterday and have used it once. The instructions for assembly are clear and easy to follow, so putting the mop together is very easy. I have a dog and we go to the beach every day, so my kitchen floor tends to have a dog hair and sand issue. In the past I felt like the only way I could get the floor clean was by scrubbing the floor by hand. I knew there had to be a better way, so that’s why I bought this mop. I’ve used it once, and was real happy with the results. The mop seems to be well constructed so you can put a fair amount of pressure into your stroke. It picks up or collects the hair and sand so that my floor really looks clean. My floor looks very clean and the time and effort put in are much less than what I had to put in before.

  69. Eunice A. Kohatsu

    I love the concept of this product, but I must agree with a previous reviewer that the Velcro should have a stronger bonding agent to mop plate. After removing scrubber pad and/or microfiber cloth three times, the Velcro detached from mop plate. I have laminate flooring and unsure whether it’s sealed or not so I just dampen scrub pad and/or cloth and this performs/cleans better than a Swiffer. I did not want to be bothered with a messy conventional mop head and bucket so the idea of this mop is nice…correct the Velcro issue and this product would be better received.

  70. Klipspringer

    Let’s get the basics out of the way first–this mop and the microfiber pads are a great value for the price. The mop itself is well made, the pads are large and thick. I anticipate long life from them, and I’m quite pleased with the purchase. When I opened the package, however, the adjustable handle was missing. The plastic sleeve to hold it was in the box, but the handle was not. Jessica, the owner of the mop company, had already emailed me through Amazon asking how I liked it. I had to tell her that it was great except for no handle! The next morning I had a most pleasant email response from her to tell me that a new handle was already on its way to me. No arguments, no questions. To err is human, as the saying goes. We all err at times. The true measure of both a company and an individual, however, is how they handle mistakes. In this case, Jessica handled it beautifully, and it is most appreciated. Everyone preaches customer service these days, but few practice what they preach. Let’s face it, a floor mop in itself is not something to get terribly excited about or worthy of a lengthy review. But, there are a lot of similar products out there, and a lot of places to buy them. I doubt there are many, however, backed by such outstanding and caring customer service from a real, live human being. If you’re in the market for a mop, I’d suggest buying it from a small company that cares–like this one.

  71. M

    We use these three ways:
    1. Dry to get the last bit of dust off concrete floors before staining or sealing them. They have replaced 3M Doodledusters for us and they are more effective on concrete floors as they do not pill or leave any bits of fabric behind.
    2. Soaked in alcohol to lift any dirt that won’t wipe up dry (alcohol evaporates faster)
    3. To evenly spread commercial floor wax after it is sprayed from a backpack sprayer.

  72. Helenm

    I have had so many of these type mops. They either break or the pad does not stay on. This is very sturdy made and the mop heads stick well and are plush. The scrub pads I threw away. They are like the heavy duty scotch brand sponge scrubber. Not using that on any of my floors.

  73. Holly

    I am so impressed with this mop!! I have new laminate floors and new kitchen tile and purchased this mop to replace my old mop since it was so worn out. This thing is awesome. Not only is it made well, but it is so easy to use. NOTE: I was so anxious to use the mop that I did not read all the instructions and threw one of mop heads in the washer and then in the dryer… the dryer is a no-no. It did not shrink much, but I now use that mop head as a dust cloth. I folded it in half and use it to dust my bookshelves and tops of furniture where the mop can’t go. It works great for removing dust from the TV and computer screens and even works well on window blinds. I will definitely hang on to this mop for a long time. I will even be buying this mop as a gift to my elderly parents – it is so light and easy for seniors to use.

  74. Stephanie

    ve only used it as a quick sweep so far but it seemed to work pretty sell and picked up a ton of dirt.
    The hand written thank you card that came in the package was a nice touch.
    The pole does seem a bit thin so I do worry about applying hard pressure.
    It also came with a rebate for 2 free pads in the box I was extremely excited because I was hoping if I liked it to eventually get more pads for ease of use switching out. However, their rebate is drawn out, including an email, then instructions, then a rebate form after you buy the additional items… and you have to have a paypal account – which I do not want to do. (Idk why they don’t just send an amazon code or GC.) O well I will use what I have but I am a bit disappointed now as I was excited for 2 additional pads.
    I will aim to update this review in a few months to see how the pads hold up.

  75. KM

    My kitchen floor has been filthy for a long time. I moved into an apartment which already had three other people living in it. Four people living in a small apartment meant food and debris falling on and getting stuck to the floor. I eventually gave up on trying to keep it clean. Well, recently, two of the people moved out and I was determined to thoroughly clean my kitchen floor.

    I had previously been gifted a Shark steamer mop which sounds like it would be great. Like others have noted, they’re gimmicky and not very practical. (Who wants to have to keep pouring water in and spilling it all over?) Maybe they work ok if your floor is already pretty clean but you can’t SCRUB. So…I did what we always do. Scoured Amazon looking for the perfect mop. Reading reviews, comparing specs and prices, desperately hoping to pick the right one. I settled on this one over the other similar ones because it had 5 stars, it was a good price, and it was made in the US.

    I got home at 10pm last night and couldn’t wait to try it out. Y’all…the picture does NOT do it justice. I sprayed scrubbing bubbles on the floor, used the scrubbing pad, and then the microfiber pad. I have literally never seen my kitchen floor this clean. BUY. THIS. MOP. Also, it came with a hand-written thank you note from the family-owned small business. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

  76. Beep Sheep

    This mop far exceeded my expectations. I have three fluffy kitties and a lot of Engineered hardwood flooring, so needed something to make keeping up with the hair easier! I primary use this as a dry “sweeper” but I definitely see myself using it wet as well (maybe even for tile shower walls). The main selling points for me are weight, length, and the microfiber pads.

    Regarding weight, the aluminum construction feels durable and sturdy while easy to handle. The head of the mop is well balanced and doesn’t tip off the ground when turning quickly. In fact it never lost contact with the ground or required pressure when sweeping. Somehow, the design and balance also allow it to feel very light and easy to maneuver.

    The height is so important to me because I am 5’11” and often I find myself hunching over to use other similar products. Not with this mop! The handle on this product telescopes all the way up to my chin so it’s actually too long at maximum length. Adjusting the height is so easy that I can actually do it one-handed while sweeping.

    Finally, the Microfiber and scratchy pads are amazing. It is such a deal to get two of each in such an affordable mop kit! I love how they are a little wider than the head in all directions, so I never worry about scratching my baseboards or furniture. The width of the head in general saves so much time cleaning large areas, and being not very deep means it can squeeze in sideways to small areas. The pads pick up pet hair with ease, and even larger crumbs get stuck with one pass.

    My mop came with a hand written (yes, pen on paper hand written) thank you note from Jess, thanking customers for supporting a family business. That made my heart happy, and something you don’t see on Amazon. Thank you, too, Jess!

  77. Noelle Kukenas

    I have tried every style of mop imaginable and this is the best one ever. I use it to dry/dust mop as well as damp/wet mop. I haven’t used the scouring pads yet as the microfiber pads do a great job with stubborn spots. My floors are not the best quality (live in a rental), a wood-look tile, and this mop is gentle but does the job. The kitchen and bath have large ceramic tile and the mop does a great job on this surface as well. The expandable handle is great! My eight year old granddaughter enjoys helping me mop, so she uses the handle in the shorter position while I use it in the expanded position. The agility of the mop head allows it to easily fit under furniture and get all those hidden dust bunnies and pet hair. Cleaning the pads, whether dry or wet mopping, is easy and convenient. Wringing out the pads does not require Herculean strength. Easy to use even for someone with limited mobility. I’m a senior citizen, and while somewhat active, I don’t have the upper body strength that makes cleaning easy, so I really appreciate the ease of using this product! I no longer dread daily mopping. In fact, I actually look forward to it.

  78. MB.5

    I purchased this product to temporarily replace my steam mop that died. I was pleasantly surprised, the quality of this product is exceptional. A sturdy mop with strong velcro attachment for mop pads. These are some of the best quality mop pads I have seen are the market. The main mop pad is thick and cushy and the extra scrub pad is slightly abrasive, but not so scratchy that it scratches your floor. It took the sticky spots right off of my wood floor with hardly any effort. This mop actually worked better than my steam mop that died. The steam mop never took the sticky spots off, I would have to manually wipe these areas. Lastly, the company included a thank you card for purchasing. It is nice to know that a company truly appreciates your business. I would definitely recommend this company.

  79. Marcie Miller

    I received this and was happy about how lightweight it is AND that the pads cover a very large area. It came with two microfiber pads and two scrubbers which were easy to attach and stayed on very well. The “mop head” is very thin and can reach under areas in my kitchen I normally can’t, such as the stove and dishwasher. I never used a microcloth to “sweep”, but it worked very well for this purpose on both my tile and hardwood floors. I then switched the pad out so I could mop. I added solution directly to the pad and proceeded to mop as usual. When needed I added additional solution directly to the floor. I had one particularly tough area where I needed the scrubber and it did the job without me having to bend over. After finished I filled my sink with some cleaning solution and a bit of dish detergent. I used the sprayer to rinse (hot water) and then I squeezed the excess liquid out. I am really enjoying this mop and am glad to have it!

  80. RaeB

    I usually clean my wood floor on my hands and knees. I read the directions and decided to use the wet method. It worked so well! I had to re-wet the mop three times- I probably could have done it four times. I had a bit of a problem getting the two attachments to fit together. I really like that the scrubber is included. I have laminate that I will be trying that on. Very nice product! I really loved the personal note sent with it as well!

  81. Carole

    I love this mop! Why? Well I purchased it for two reasons: its width and lightweight. It is great in expanses of wood floors- sorry haven’t yet used it on tile-especially in areas where sunlight shows up every bit of smudge. And, I can use any cleaning agent I like and spray it as needed! That keeps the mop lightweight! Simple idea but when you are dealing with post-op orthopedic issues, every pound you don’t have to push makes a difference! Plus, you can see where you are applying the solution and it isn’t spraying all over. I’ve used both and for my wood floors I like this control.

  82. Sonia

    I am quite picky, when it comes to cleaning my floors. I have tried many mops including the swiffer, spin mop, traditional, self wringing etc. We have tile and hard wood floors. First of all, the mop arrived with a personal hand written thank you card in it. WOW! Secondly, it assembled easily and quickly. The most important part is that it did a fantastic job! I used a spray bottle with water and my favorite cleaner and it couldn’t have been easier. There’s no wringing, no storing wet mop heads, no streaks because the pad is too wet because I control how much I spray. Now for the BEST PART.. you simply pull off the mop pad and wash it! It comes with 2 regular mop pads and 2 scrubbing pads. I bought extra ones so I can have a clean one every day (i work with kids and the floors need to be mopped daily) and plan to buy a few more! Buy it!! Thanks for a great product!

  83. Angelina

    I love this mop! I ditched my swiffer and was left with only my steam mop. The steam mop has been annoying because it has to be refilled and plugged in four different places during my quick version of moping and each time I had to wait for the steam to build back up it was not even doing that great of a job. I tried this mop out with only water on a very dirty floor and I am amazed! I ordered two more mop pads as I received a free offer with purchase just adding to the value. I have a mop similar to this one at my cabin and this one is superior in every way, I am especially impressed by the pads. I read a lot of reviews before making this purchase and I am so glad I chose correctly.

  84. Mark Gresko

    This is a great mop in practically every way. So light glides across floor when used for dusting. It swivels to get those hard to reach places. The mop is low profile and can wet mop or dust under furniture and cupboards, and wide which makes for more efficiency. It is constructed very sturdy and handle telescopes which increases one’s reach when mopping under something or dusting up high. Customer service is great and I did call them to ask about a deal that was made by a third party but was honored by them. Thought that was awesome! The only thing I can think of to improve this product is to put a plug or cap on the end so it will stand up while rinsing the mop pad and maybe wrap the handle right where the mop would rest against the counter top. Sometimes it’s the little things right? I have all laminate or vinyl floors with 2 big doggies so lotsa moppin and I am not fond of cleaning so…. Try this if you have the same floors you will love it compared to the garbage they sell at the box stores and will last much longer.

  85. Cindi Bast

    I’ve been a huge Amazon consumer for years. This is my very first review I’ve left. I decided my poor hardwood floors deserved some TLC. We definitely couldn’t afford to get our floors redone so I did some research and find a good cleaner and polish/restorer. I found the Weiman duo. I used my old trusty microfiber pad mop and wasn’t happy with the results I was having. I didn’t understand how their product got such wonderful reviews but decided since I have a bunch of product left I should try a new microfiber mop and after reading the reviews decided it was time to try something else out. Soooooo glad I did! This heavy duty cleaner is exactly what I needed to make my hardwood floors happy. I love the oversized pad which swiveled around effortlessly and efficiently. The extra bonus and probably the second reason for writing this review is the hand written note card included. I realize that amazon has become the shopping Borg, but excited to be part of a smaller families business. Thank you! PS- the extra scrubber pads included and the washable microfiber pads are huge bonus.

  86. Amazon Customer

    So I bought this because I was tired of never knowing where the family floor mop was when it came time for me to clean. I wasn’t expecting more than the regular floor mops you can pick up from the store.

    This one is different for two reasons…

    1. It’s aluminum. Light weight but sturdy.

    2. The way the head is attached it won’t unscrew from the pole. That’s awesome!

    I’ve really not had any issues with it. It’s easy to use and clean. If I overextend my reach with the mop I’ve had it unscrew slightly in the middle where the handle is adjustable. But, for the most part, this isn’t an issue and doesn’t happen. Which surprised me because that’s my biggest complaint about mops like this. They either unscrew where the head is attached or where the pole is adjustable. The head won’t unscrew on this mop or come off while you’re trying to use it. They’ve provided a plastic peice that goes through both the head and the pole to secure them together. Then it screws down preventing all the strain from being on the plastic peice. It’s a great mop and I’d highly recommend it!

  87. Lisa Dennison

    We just had our floors refinished and was looking for a new hardwood floor mop. I was considering a swiffer but felt uneasy about the associated waste. After looking at the reviews of various hardwood floor broom/mops, I decided to give this a shot. I haven’t had it for long and have not tried using it ‘wet’ or tried washing the removable pad yet but so far I love it. So much that my new hardwood floors may never see my big vacuum again! It is very light and easy to handle. The telescoping handle is great and when folded makes for easy storage. The head size is a great size and covers a good area in one go, while still fitting into awkward spaces and corners. My hardwood floors are dark, so show up every crumb or piece of debris. This was very effective at picking up the debris/crumbs. I used it like a broom and swept everything into a little pile then sucked up the pile using my dust buster. When I looked at the mop head, I was surprised at how much the head itself had picked up. With a bit more practice I might not even need the Dustbuster. It did not take me long at all. No awkward vacuum cables or worrying about dinging corners or furniture. No lugging my heavy vacuum back to its resting place. The results were really outstanding. I would highly recommend so far.

  88. Haim

    Bought the item to wipe the area around a dog water bowl.

    pro: the mop is well built from high quality materials. The customer service is super good (As soon as i mentioned that the mop did not absorb as much water as expected, the seller got in touch and offered viable solutions).

    con: the mop doesn’t absorb water as well as a towel or a sponge.

  89. C.L.D.

    I purchased this mop to use on wood and tile floors. It was easy to assemble and the pads are very easy to attach and detach for washing. I think this is a really well designed product and I’m so glad I bought it! It makes mopping a simple task.
    I have had really good luck with wetting the pad and squeezing it out (so it’s damp, not dripping) before attaching it to the bottom. I then spray a small mist of cleaner over the area I want to mop and swipe over it until I’m satisfied. It’s very convenient. I haven’t measured the length of the handle but it feels taller than what I normally get with a store bought mop and this is really great for me as I am taller than average.
    The seller seems genuinely appreciative of customers and my two transactions were both great.
    If you are looking for a mop that is simple to use, less messy than a squeeze mop but better than a store bought with disposable pads, than this is the mop to try!

  90. JJM66

    I can use all the help I can get when it comes to cleaning my floors. I have tile and linoleum. So far I have used it on the tile in our entry way. We had just remodeled our bath room and the construction guys damaged some of the grout in our entry way. They fixed the grout but it left some dirt and you could see Mark’s on the tile where they had worked. This mop cleaned it and it looks as good as ever. Next stop is the tile in the bathroom. My biggest problem is trying to find some place to store the pads and the mop handle

  91. Mary Z

    Love this mop! I live in a rural area and have multiple rescue dog and cats inside and livestock outside. I noticed my walls were covered in a layer of dirt and used this mop to scrub all the walls which are now nice and bright white again. No up and down ladders all day, I was able to wash and scrub rooms in the matter of a few hours instead of days. Next area to tackle will be all my tile and hard wood floors. Super light weight and heavy duty at the same time.
    Thank you for helping me get my houses back into shape!

  92. Holly Morgan

    I am so glad I bought this mop! I have tried everything on my floors. Spinning bucket mop, steam mop, robotic mop, swifter, and everything just leaves awful streaks no matter how many times I mop. We have several dogs and our backyard floods every time it rains so my dogs are forever tracking mud into the house and it’s such a pain to keep on top of. Not only did this mop clean my floors on the first pass but it left none of the dreaded streaks. It’s also a long mop so it covers a large area so it takes no time at all to mop a room. It dries quicker than a standard mop too which I appreciate with dogs and kids running around.

  93. L.Lovelace

    Pretty good product. I have both real wood and laminate wood in my house. I also have dogs who track in a lot of dirt. This mop is good for cleaning up floors and getting the dirt up. It’s not good for heavy duty jobs so keep that in mind. The scrubby thing that comes with it isn’t really that great. I used it once and wasn’t impressed. I can get a better clean with a scrub daddy and some elbow grease. All in all, good quality product. Does what it was intended to.

  94. J. Obrien

    I love this mop. It has made floor cleaning so incredibly easy for me and my dark laminated wood floors . I was using the Swiffer products and was unhappy with the wet floors, inability to get really clean floors, loss of shine and the environmental impact of the disposable mop heads . I was also told by friends that the floor cleaner is harmful to pets, but was never able to verify this. I love the size of the mophead, the swivel and adjustable pole. The best part is washing the microfiber mophead. I purchased additional microfiber heads so that I can change from room to room. My floors are back to the shine I remember and I don’t dislike caring for my floors now that I am able to make them look beautiful with a product I really enjoy using.

  95. jeantunstall

    After years of thinking that Swiffer was the best thing ever…I realized I was tired of the disposable covers. Mine kept pulling loose and then I would have to start all over again with a new disposable cover. I took a chance on ordering the Micro Mop Floor Cleaning System and I am very happy that I did! Wonderful product! I use mine for vinyl floors…I spray plain water from a 32 Fl.Oz. capacity professional sprayer (purchased at Lowes) and then I wipe the floor with the mop. For my hardwood floors, I have a second bottle. I spray a mixture of plain water and Murphy Oil Soap (according to directions on Murphy Oil Soap) and wipe up with the second cover on the mop. This is the best thing I have ever used for all my floors! I have not had an occasion to use the stronger scrubber but I am sure it will work well also.

  96. Just ask me

    To be excited. About a mop, weird? NO! This mop set is awesome! Great mop pads cleaned a clean floor and the handle is adjustable to me, not some other unknown gal. Well made and mop area is wide allowing quick completion.
    This needs to be in every persons aresenal of cleaning. The company included a handwritten thank you note to me for supporting their small company. Jess thanked Me! When have you ever been thanked for a purchase with a handwritten, not one reproduced. ?
    Oh yeah, this came with 2 general cleaning pads that trap everything and the a heavy duty cleaning pad that frankly, will clean the floor of a barn! Didn’t need it yet, but it’s a monster of a pad. Just saying.

  97. Rachael Mattice

    This mop is pretty great. I especially like the scrubbing mop pad, which is amazing for cleaning up anything thats sticky and stuck on. I had some paint drops on my bathroom floor and the scrub pad removed them with ease. I use the microfiber pad for just regular cleaning and maintenance. I’d say this is equal quality to the Norwex mop which runs over $100..

  98. Keith Coleman

    I have ceramic tile throughout house and wanted an easy way to clean floors. I have used swifter and it seems it does not do a great job and you spend money or replacement pads. Bought this mop and could not be happier. First it works great dry. I have 2 chihuahuas and a pit bull and hair is not noticeable until you mop. Is is amazing how much this mop picks up. Simply take off pad and wash in machine and your ready again. Great mop and great value. Easy to assembly and very sturdy. Overall very happy and no more buying pads. At least not for a while. I have not used the harder deep scrubbing pads but they feel very solid.

  99. Brett

    This got delivered about 10 minutes ago. I’ve already gotten it assembled and I’ve mopped my kitchen.

    I opened up the package and found a hand written “Thank You” letter (even licked my finger and swiped the ink to make sure it was the real deal). It was well packaged, easy to put together, easy to understand how to use, is sturdy and has nice washable/reusable pads that come with it.

    If you like the Swiffer mop, than you’ll love this mop! It’s the same thing just bigger to cover more area faster, sturdier to be more awesome, has better pads that are reusable and not hard on the environment, adjustable for all heights and sizes, and is overall a good step up from the Swiffer.

    Tired of cleaning with plastic toys like the Swiffer? Try this and you’ll realize what the real deal is like. Highly recommend.

  100. Ginny Alfman

    Overpriced. Works well for surface cleaning, but not for deep cleaning. The scratchy pads don’t seem to work at all – they just glide over the floor without doing anything unless you put your foot on top to add some weight. They tout that the mops are not made in China, but they are made in Taiwan. Is that really better?

  101. Nancy Phillips

    I can’t love this mop enough! I wanted to get rid of my sponge mop, and my neighbor was talking about her spray mop with disposable pads. I read the reveiws that mentioned leakage and breakage, and also did not want to use disposable pads that add to the landfill and ocean problems. I can spray the floor myself, so I started to look at stick mops with various pads. Same issue of plastic parts breaking on the stick part. Then I read some users bought ‘the other company’s pads’ bc they are so much better, and I decided to check out ‘the other company’ for all the mop. I’m so glad I did.

    The handle is well made, will not to bend or break, with very sturdy plastic connectors. Swivel head is perfect, pads are worth it, large and thick, velcro sticks well. The pads can go in the washer, but I also often hand wash them after quick spills or light mopping. I lay them over edge of counter and they are ready to use again in the morning. It’s so nice to use a pristine mop and pad each time, instead of a grungy and mildewy sponge mop.

  102. Ginger Lee

    I don’t know why there are so many good reviews, as I thought the mop was very awkward–and the pads would have to be changed a lot when using it as a damp mop in order to not leave the dirty streaks I saw on the floor. It does a so-so job when dry but doesn’t pick up everything. Sometimes it’s best to just stick with what worked in the past. I’m leaving three stars only because it is better than nothing.

  103. Michelle Dean

    I originally wanted to use the mop for my hardwood floors because my other mop left the floors looking cloudy. I am so impressed with this mop. First, it’s aluminum…not plastic! It’s very sturdy and handles like a commercial mop. The handle is telescoping so I never have to lean over and the cleaning area is 18″ long. If you’re looking for something fast and simple to use, this is the mop for you. I’ve bought every kind of mop on the market looking for something fast & easy to use. This mop comes with 2 scrubber pads and 2 cleaning pads. I use 1 set for tile floors and 1 set for hardwood floors. check out my pics. I used Weiman floor cleaner in these pics. That stuff is great too. I’ve been using rejuvenate cleaner, but this stuff is much better. I would highly recommend this mop. It has made my life a little simpler. Oh, and try it on your tile walls. The swivel makes it super fast & easy to clean them too.

  104. BOB

    I hate mopping floors. I hate buckets of water and flimsy swiffers. THIS PRODUCT may change my mind. This is a very well-designed mop. It comes with 2 scrubbing pads and two microfiber pads. The scrubbing pads take care of crusted on, tough stuff on the floors and the microfiber pads take care of the rest. The design is reminiscent of a swiffer, but it is strong and sturdy. It allows me to put some weight behind my work and feel like I can scrub the floor where it is needed. Finally, being able to wash the pads means I won’t have to be dealing with boxes of soggy swiffer wipes. Well done! I am already a fan.

  105. Christine

    Absolutely love the ease of using this mop for a necessary, but not fun, my laminate and tile floors!! Extra large scrubbing and mopping heads are just too easy to apply to the mop (thanks to Velcro strips.) I’ve used the Swiffer wet mop for a long time, and still can’t stand the fact that I had to use two dripping sheets on the extra large mop head of theirs. The Microfiber pole/handle is pretty sturdy, too. I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint, and simply love the washable scrubber and microfiber heads. Love this’s the only one I’ll ever use from now on!!

  106. KumaDog

    We have an Akita and a husky… Yes, hair everywhere… The microfiber pads work like a magnet for dog hair…awesome!! Love that you can put the pads in the washer. The 18″ size is perfect… Big enough that you won’t need to make alot of passes but small enough to get under table between chairs. We got 2 free pads and a cleaning spray as a thank you gift. We had to purchase but we’re reimbursed through paypal within 4 hours of submitting.

  107. iamconfounded

    Used this to clean my brand new hardwood floors. Microfiber pad wasn’t as durable as the competition. Neither was the extendable rod. However, the pad is a bit easier to mount with velcro than with clips, and the rod handle was a better length and weight.

  108. Susan V.

    I had been scrubbing my hardwood floors on my hands and knees. This is a savior for me. It is well made easy to use. I was glad I purchased extra pads because I was doing 3 rooms. Washed on gentle cycle and air dry.
    The locking nut when attaching the handle to base was a little confusing until I realized the nut was on the base. Not a big deal at all. I’ve recommended it to my friend already.

  109. Muhammad Gulraiz Gulraiz khan

    Superb, slim design. Durable and easy to use. Sturdy but not bulky or clumsy. Mop heads are superior quality and easy to hand clean. Great results on all surfaces. Couldn’t ask for more from a mop. Even looks nice. Easy assembly, mop heads attach onto velcro strips, so no tugging or slipping or curling up. Perfection on a stick! Very happy with this purchase . Nice thank you note from the family business. Hope you guys never stop making these. This is the only mop i’ll use from now on. Going to buy a back up, so i know i’ll always have this at the ready. Great product. Great customer service. A+++++++++++++++!!!

  110. Diane

    I had just received the mop cleaning system that I bought to use in between my usual cotton mop and bucket of water. I have 2 “girls” German Shepherds coming 4 year olds. They do track in their share of “stuff”. I decided instead of the bucket of water and cotton mop to try my new mop. I used a spray bottle with water and some white vinegar and proceeded to mop my tile floors. Oh my gosh! It was so much easier and the floor did not get so wet. I believe the cleaning was better. I definitely recommend this system over any other, and I have used them all, since I have been cleaning homes, parents then my own, for almost 70 years. This system really works very well. I will be ordering the 4 pads, since I need to use this mop for more often than once a week. Thank you for a great product!

  111. EM

    I wish I had known about this years ago, before wasting my money on all of the swifter refills! I just found this after my swifter mop broke after a couple of years of light use. This mop is built to last. The washable mop heads not only do a great job deep cleaning tile, but save you a ton of money as well as reduce waste. I’m mobility impaired and the swiveling head makes it easy to mop my kitchen, bathroom, and tub from my wheelchair. The handle easily adjusts to your preferred height. I highly recommend this product. I will never go back to a swifter or a hard to use mop.

  112. PC Webster

    It arrive well packed, and safe. Was very easy to assemble. It is a bit small for getting under things, and large open areas. It works well just many more passes then I like to do, want to do floors fast. It cleans the floor both tile, and fake wood quite well. Pads hold on very well moving around my apartment’s floors. Cleaning pads is not that easy. I like the mop!!! Wish it were about 4″ longer. The cleaning fluid has not arrived yet.

  113. Aunt M

    This turbo mop is such a huge step above what I have been using! It’s so well-made and the telescoping handle is tight and stays in position, which is probably my favorite feature! It’s a nice wide pad measuring 17 1/2 inches. The microfiber pad attaches easily via the Velcro and stay securely in place. It cleans excellently! Thankfully, the 2 scrub pads are included! They are excellent in cleaning up stuck on junk my dogs track in! I sprayed Bona cleaner as I mopped, but you can also saturate the cloth and ring it out. I guess it’s a matter of choice. I highly recommend this mop!

  114. Chasity

    I LOVE THIS MOP! I hate a sticky floor so I mop constantly. This is the best mop I have ever owned. It is so quick and easy to use. It’s construction and design makes it easy to get into tight spaces. I can pull it out and have my floors spic and span in a matter of minutes. I love that I can just throw the mop heads in the washing machine to get them good and clean. The scrubbing pads are wonderful for quickly prepping the floor and getting up all of the sticky and ground in things (I have two little boys- there’s a lot of sticky). Then the microfiber heads wipe everything right up– it gets everything and doesn’t leave anything behind. I have no complaints about this product. It is great.

  115. Stanley

    Our one-year old Australian Shepherd has been shedding her winter coat at an astounding rate. Tumbleweeds of dog hair are everywhere, and I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a dust mop that would effectively tackle the constant mess. Now I have a Turbo Mop, and it’s amazing!! It picks up every particle of hair, dust and debris and holds on to it instead of just pushing it around to another part of the floor. The thin mop head and long extension handle make it easy to get far under even the lowest profile furniture. The microfiber pads are quick and easy to attach and stay put once they are in place. And they launder beautifully. In a few minutes, I’ll be trying the scrubber pads on the muddy paw prints that just appeared on my brick kitchen floor!

  116. James M.

    I have hardwood, vinyl and ceramic floors that I need to mop frequently due to dust and allergies.
    The handle is large diameter aluminum that can extend and lock like a camera tripod ‘s leg. The aluminum is light, very stiff and did not flex when I applied pressure.
    The cleaning head is aluminum, stiff and light. The Velcro fastening hook strips are on the face plate and grip firmly to the mop heads. The more pressure you apply, the firmer they will stick. The face plate is on a pivot so you use this at any Angle.
    The mop was easy to use and allowed me to apply pressure to clean all surfaces.
    I have a closet of mops that I don’t use because they broke, have cheap handles or mop heads that are difficult to replace or break. Due to the quality of materials and the ease of use, I will be using this for a long time.

  117. Sean

    We are a cleaning company and recently have been using the new redesigned Bona Mop – actually the older designer was probably better in my opinion. Their new design seem to have flaws at the mop head connector (breaking) and the flexible connecting pole, not locking after time.

    I purchased Microfiber Mop to try out… The staff loves this mop! I was so happy to hear this as I have been ordering different mops – some are strong, but to heavy and others just not as good or will not hold up!

    So far this one is a winner with the staff which equates to cleaner homes and less challenges of breakage!

    I would certainly recommend!

  118. Lisa G

    This does what you’d want a mop to do. I kind of wish it had a lever to fold the pad in half to squish out some of the water though. I usually use boiling water and a mixture of cleaning agents but because I couldn’t ring the microfibre pad out (without using my hands and burning them in the water) my floors are usually very wet and slippery. I am still learning to use it until it’s pretty much dry on the floor as to not add to the issue more but I feel like there is an easy design fix that would be beneficial to it as stated above.

  119. Julee H.

    We recently got luxury vinyl plank flooring installed throughout our house. The floor is dark and we have 2 bigger dogs so the floors get dirty VERY easily. Although the floors are waterproof, I wanted a mop that wouldn’t retain much water. That being said, I bought this mop and it is perfect! Very strong and sturdy. We do the “spray and mop” technique with thieves cleaner and our floors look wonderful. Very happy with this purchase. The microfiber pads have been washed a few times and have held up great. Haven’t used the scrubber pads yet but figure they would work well on our tile if needed. Purchased this mop a couple months ago and so far have nothing negative to report.

  120. mcdee

    What a complete piece of garbage. Bought this mop and replacement heads only 7 months ago. The flimsy aluminum stick has already broken twice While mopping. I was able to jerry rig it with duct tape and now the flimsy strips of Velcro on the under side of the mop is failing to stick to the cleaning pads. This thing is the BIGGEST waste of money and a complete rip off. Safe your money and heart ache and buy something else. Anything but this piece of junk. If I had a way to contact the seller I would demand a refund. Junk!

  121. IDontWantToGoToTheStore

    I really wanted to switch from swiffer after my last one broke and I felt guilty about the disposable pads both for the environment and monetarily. While this kit more than met my expectations as far as quality, I don’t have much use for the rougher pads with all hardwood and go through the 2 normal ones in one cleaning session.

    The replacement pads aren’t cheap but I didn’t mind as they are reusable but even after buying another pack I seem to always run quicker than my laundry schedule allows. I like the product but don’t really want to buy a third set of pads for it, idk what the solution is.

  122. mstwist

    This is the best cleaning product I have purchased in years. I gave up on string and sponge mops a long time ago. I didn’t want to go the Swiffer mop route due to the one-use and buy replacements deal. When I saw the microfiber mop I decided to give it a try. (Mopping on hands and knees has gotten old!) I love this mop! No need to carry around a heavy, messy bucket of water–just rinse out the mop in the sink for wet mopping. Great for dust and pet hair on hardwood floors! I am now a loyal customer.

  123. Alayna M

    We currently have vinyl plank flooring downstairs (EVP to be exact). The floors have been a daily struggle with dogs that shed heavily and kiddos running in and out most days. We’ve used swiffer which only made the floors and shoes sticky. Then we moved to the Bona mop and that did a little better than the swiffer, yet the floors never got completely clean. Cleaning the floors was a daily, lengthy task…BUT not anymore. Our flooring is slightly textured so the process was to first vacuum, then get on hands and knees to scrub, them mop with Bona or vinegar based cleaner. After all that time and effort the floor still wasn’t that clean. I’d take a paper towel immediately afterwards only to find the paper towel filled with gunk and dirt. NOW after using the scrubber pads and mopping, THE FLOOR IS CLEAN! I now use the paper towel test and there is very little gunk on them. Daily mopping is only spot mopping now and not a lengthy process. I’m sold on the product and the customer service. There is only I thing I would change. The handles on this mop is far superior to any other mop handle (and I have a collection of them). The handle doesn’t bend or come loose during use. The adjustable length is helpful too, with me being short and my husband tall. I do wish the set would come with 2 mop handles because I use the scrubber pad, then immediately use the mop pad. With the collection of handles I have I’m able to do both but still have to fight with the inferior handle. Bottom line – I highly recommend this product and will purchase more scrubber and mop pads. AND it was a nice surprise to find the flyer that came with the set saying that I can already get an additional 2 mop pads for FREE.

  124. Litlbel

    I clean homes for a living and use this exact same mop at a clients house. I liked it so much I wanted one for my neglected floors.
    It’s amazing, so easy to use and gets my floors nice and clean.
    The microfiber cloths included are excellent thick quality and wash up perfectly.
    I only use the soft one on my wood floor and the scout on my bathroom floor then soft.
    Nice long telescope handle. Thick and well made unit. Not flimsy at all this will last a really long time.

  125. sahmof3

    Recently, we have had a couple of hardwood floors put in. After trying several dry mops that left me feeling not impressed I decided to give this microfiber mop a try. Immediately I was impressed with the quality of the handle. The adjustable handle is made of aluminum alloy. This was nice since the other’s all had plastic handles. The swivel head is really nice which allows you to easily be able to slide it up under furniture or into tight places. The microfiber and scratch pads attach to the system with velcro which works great.
    I am very impressed with how well the microfiber pads work. They pick up so much surface dirt. I tested this by sweeping with a traditional broom and then with the microfiber pad and as you can tell it still picked up a lot. My floors look so much more shiner and clean. Plus, these pads double as a wet mop too. I can spray my cleaner on the floor and mop with the same microfiber pads. Then when I am done I wash them in the dryer and let them air dry. After several weeks and several washes, these pads have held up and continue to leave me happy with clean floors.
    Oh, I wouldn’t use the heavy-duty scratch pads on surfaces that aren’t intended to be scratched. They are very heavy duty.

  126. Kathleen Krause

    So after trying MANY MANY different mops, either the sprayer broke, or really lame design to hold on a microfiber cloth. I wanted to just use my own basic homemade cleaner (cost). I held back because I’d spent more than enough over the years, but didn’t really want to fork out almost $40 for another dud.

    In my opinion, this is THE BEST!!! Nice and long (don’t need depth as much), extremely good quality mop and microfiber cloths, and you get two of them (plus the two scrubbers).

    If these are the qualities you’re looking for….DO IT!! 🙂

  127. Christina B

    The mop was easy to put together and very easy to use. I was very happy with the width of the mop and it made mopping a much quicker process. I have used the string mops in the past alongside my steamer mop. It’s recommended to mop regularly at least once a month when using the steamer mop and I always dreaded it but this mop makes it a much better experience. I like how the clip is embedded into the mop that way it’s easier to keep up with because with two toddlers I am always loosing stuff! Overall I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

  128. brit9540

    I loved this system when I first bought it but within a month and a half, the plastic piece in the middle of the handle is already broken after only about 5 uses. Not to mention, the velcro straps that hold the microfiber pieces onto the mop have started lifting. When I go to pull them off, the straps start to lift as well

  129. Kindle Customer

    This mop is super sturdy and made very well! It’s made out of a high quality aluminium and isn’t heavy like some others. The set up is easy and simple and it was packaged really well! It would make a great addition for anyone, but it would also be a perfect housewarming gift as well!

  130. David O.

    I have been using Swiffer floor mops with disposable pads for cleaning. I wanted something reusable/less waste.

    I purchased the “Bona” microfiber mop & pads. This is an improvement over the Swiffer, however it still has issues.
    Bona Pros:
    [1] Spend less time mopping as pads are larger.
    [2] Pads can be machine washed.
    [3] Mop handle is sturdier then Swiffer.
    [4] Base has velcro on the bottom which attaches to the pads and keeps them in place.

    Bona Cons:
    [1] Design flaw: The mop base is not large enough to cover the entire pad.
    As the pad gets damp, the ends/edges flip under.
    You have to constantly re-flip the edges back to normal.
    Poor design — this is a small flaw but highly annoying!
    [2] The expandable handle does not withstand a lot of pressure as you are mopping and the joint failed/cracked.

    Researched other mops and found “TurboMops”. I have been very happy with my purchase and switch to this mop.
    This mop has all the “pros” of the other mops:
    [1] Large pads for better coverage.
    [2] Pads can be machine washed.
    [3] Base has velcro on the bottom which attaches to the pads and keeps them in place.
    [4] Very study mop handle and base.
    [5] The base is flat and solid and attaches much better to the pads than the above mentioned mops. The base probably could be 1/2″ larger in both width and depth. If that change was made I’d give it a 6 of 5 rating!

    Overall this is a very good mop/good pads and most important — saves on disposable waste!

    Handle is long and sturdy construction.
    Base is “solid” and attaches fuller than the previous mops.

  131. iriscrazy

    This was exactly what I was looking for. You can use this as a wet mop or dry dust mop like a swiffer. It works equally well for both. The handle is light but sturdy. I bought an extra 4 pack of the clothes. The clothes are sturdy and wash well. Really cleans well. You’ll be shocked by how dirty your floors are. I thought mine were clean. Nope…but they are now. I use fabulouso floor cleaner from the dollar store. With this mop the floors are clean and no streaks. I’m very pleased.

  132. PBW

    I have struggled with keeping my porcelain flooring clean. It just seemed like everything previous to this was really a chore and never got everything. This mop is incredible and picks up everything the first time. I intentionally go over my floors a second time but it is more a habit from the poor performance of the multiple mops I have previously used.

  133. Amazon Customer

    This is exactly what I need for my hardwood floors. The dust mop glides nicely on the floor leaving a nice shine and works great for picking up the dust. The extendable handle is clutch. I have a small table that I am guessing is 2 inches off the floor and the mop went under without a problem.
    The head of the mop is thin which is great for passing through tight spaces as well as storing in small spaces. This product is much better than the two mops I previously had. This is quality for sure.

  134. DDF

    Simple, strong and easy to use for dry or wet cleaning. If you are cleaning up a spill, the pads soak up a good amount of liquid.
    I wonder if the aluminum will discolor the pads with age?
    The only thing that would make this better, a system to rinse and squeeze out excess water. As it is I use a old hand crank wringer, when I need to rinse and reuse a pad. I also bought extra pads so I could just use multiple pads and wash between uses.

  135. Julie in NYC

    I had my floors refinished to a beautiful shade called Aged Barrel. It is a dark tone with some of the grain taking on a blue/black tone. A water-popping technique was used to get this shade. It’s perfect. Except, my sweet Golden sheds her light-colored hair like crazy. Every single strand on my floor is obvious along with any lint floating around. My dog does not drool, she is too lady-like for that, but some saliva does drip onto the floor here and there. Collectively, just too much for me to be wiping up with a sponge. I gathered some info, researched mops, wasn’t about to use a product with potentially toxic ingredients like the Swiffer, and fortunately, found this product. It is exactly what we need. Quick and effective to use, toxin-free, and more simple than I ever imagined to rinse, maintain and store. I love this product! I wander through my kitchen daily, the microfiber picks up all the hair and lint, the vinegar/water-spray-then-mop takes care of those saliva marks and my dark floor remains beautiful. Not to mention, clean! Thank you for this product! Very appreciative customer

  136. ClassicCool

    I put this mop together in 5 minutes. Great directions. Popped on a hardwood floor pad. My house has two levels of hardwood floors. The kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom and utility rooms are tile. Took the mop for a spin with some bona cleaner in the master bedroom. What a difference maker! I have been fighting a Bona pad that constantly falls of the mop. Not now. The pads are light as a feather and the velcro is a tight hold. Game changer!

  137. A. Rutherford

    I cannot say enough about this mop! It was very easy to put together and I love the extension! It is good for my hardwood, tile and laminate floors! Just even using the mop to dry dust makes my floors shine! The cleaners are awesome! They do not leave a fil like most hardwood cleaners do! My floors look and smell clean! I love to mop now!! I just want to say a kind thank you to the owner for the personal touch of sending a thank you note! Would definitely recommend! This is a very good buy and your floors will thank you!

  138. Rendren

    This is a great mop and I love the mop pads that I can wash and attach easily. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs. My entire first floor is laminate wood flooring and I am constantly wiping after muddy paws or dirty feet coming in from the patio. I love the width on this mop pad, covers much more ground than the swiffer. The microfiber pads do not streak and attach quickly and easily. I’ve purchased other mop pads that attach to the swiffer with Velcro but they do not last and are not made well. The the handle is nice and sturdy on this mop as well. I highly recommend this mop!

  139. KLQ

    I’m giving up on swiffer. I don’t want to spend anymore for disposable floor cleaner. This is a saver. Perfect for quick cleaning, can pick up dust to hair. it actually polished our hardwood floors. It’s washable so it’ll save us money in the long run. I’m impressed and definitely worth it.

  140. Cristi

    I had been using the O’Cedar Flip mop for wet/damp mopping. However, it was a pain to remove the cover from the head to rinse it and I couldn’t apply much pressure to the head for stuck-on spots. I went on the search for mops with a metal head, microfiber pads, an adjustable handle and came across this one. I love it! I can easily peel the pads off the head to rinse out as I mop, the handle adjusts perfectly to my height and I’m able to apply enough pressure to remove stuck-on goop. It also left no streaks on my floor. I especially appreciate that with multiple pads I can use one for the kitchen linoleum, another for the bathroom tile and yet another for my hardwoods. I haven’t had this long enough to comment about durability, but it seems very sturdy so far.

  141. Bob

    Customer service is top notch. I received an email the day BEFORE the mop arrived telling me where to find the locking key because some people can’t find it. (Instructions were included with the mop showing where it is attached – in red letters.) The mop handle is adjustable. I’m 5′ tall, so that’s a plus. I was able to get under and behind things my steam mop won’t reach. I would not use it for deep cleaning because I get tired of spraying when doing the whole house; but it’s perfect for most jobs. I did hardwood floors and tile floors with complete satisfaction.

  142. Deborah Theisen

    Out of the box, immediately put together and used on our hardwoods and tile. It was so much better than our Swiffer or previous similar mops! I love how the pads stay right where they should as you move across the floor, and they reach all the way to the corners and bottoms of baseboards (previous pads on other mops had seemed to leave a gap at room edges). It couldn’t be any easier to attach and detach the pads. With the size of the pads and the lightweight mop pole, it is very easy and quick to get a large area done. With a family and pets, I am always stressed about our floors, but this will make keeping the floors clean quick and easy!

  143. Xiolla Blue

    I was on the lookout for a new microfiber mop since my last discount store purchase mop gave up the ghost, but I was hesitant to spend around $30 because my finances are limited. I am so glad I took the chance on this mop. It is sturdy, well-made, and the thick pads pick up dirt and pet hair surprisingly well. I was expecting to have to make a few passes across the area near the litter boxes, but it swept up all the dust in one swoop and kept cleaning the room without faintly smearing wet litter dust like my old mop.
    The pads are easily switched out and won’t slide around. When I’m finished mopping my laminate floors, I just toss the pads in the wash with my cleaning towels and they come out looking like new. I haven’t used the scrubbing pads yet, but I think they’d be great for cleaning the deck or garage floors.
    If you’re at all on the fence about this mop, I say go for it. Also, the customer service is super friendly and first-rate! I even received a hand-written thank you note with my purchase. I love my new mop so much, I feel like Stanley Spadowski from UHF! Now, to find a good spatula…

  144. Amazon Customer

    Needed a new mop for hard wood floors in our new home. Knew I couldn’t use my steam mop on them and I’ve had wet Swiffers before and ended up not loving it long term. So far I love this microfiber mop! You still have to vacuum up crumbs and any loose debris on the floor but after that it’s great for just dusting up dust or spraying cleaner (I used pledge for wood floor spray) and then mopping it up. It makes them really shine. Even after I vacuumed one day, a couple days later I could see dust on floor with the sunlight shining in so I used this dry mop and it took care of the dust. Using the wet spray allowed me to wipe up some dried dirt or spilled stuff from the kids that I missed. The company included a hand written note which really impressed me and proves why I love supporting small businesses!

  145. Amazon Customer

    Needed a new mop for hard wood floors in our new home. Knew I couldn’t use my steam mop on them and I’ve had wet Swiffers before and ended up not loving it long term. So far I love this microfiber mop! You still have to vacuum up crumbs and any loose debris on the floor but after that it’s great for just dusting up dust or spraying cleaner (I used pledge for wood floor spray) and then mopping it up. It makes them really shine. Even after I vacuumed one day, a couple days later I could see dust on floor with the sunlight shining in so I used this dry mop and it took care of the dust. Using the wet spray allowed me to wipe up some dried dirt or spilled stuff from the kids that I missed. The company included a hand written note which really impressed me and proves why I love supporting small businesses!good

  146. FloridaGranny

    Unlike the last mop I purchased (from another company) which was made of flimsy plastic parts that wouldn’t assemble and had to be trashed, this mop was strongly built and a breeze to assemble. You can easily adjust the height also. There are four pads – two dust and mopping heads and two scrubbers. I used both and they do a great job on my laminate floors. I would expect this to last, but I will update if necessary. But at this point I am very happy with this purchase.

  147. Amazon Customer

    Friends laughed when I told them I was very excited for my Amazon package and they asked what I was getting, then I told them a mop. Seriously this mop is the greatest. Places on the floor that I could only get up if I got down and hand scrubbed came right up with the scrubber pad then used the cleaning pad to mop the whole floor. I haven’t used it on the hardwood floor yet but I expect the same results – EXCELLENT! The handle has a nice weight to it and you can push down to scrub those hard to clean spots the mop head is metal also which means it will hold up for years. The only thing I found was the telescoping lock kept coming loose, but I could have been twisting the handle while mopping.

  148. DJ D.

    This mop is really well made and easy to use right out of the box. Minimal assembly and since I have toddlers to teens for age range on my kids it it easy to adjust the height for cleaning/playing like mommy!
    The pads are secure with strong Velcro’s and the tab to pull them off keeps you from touching the pad itself. Throwing them in the washing machine is awesome!!
    It was great on hardwood and even on tile where the grout lines are it cleaned up pretty well

  149. Gen

    I ordered this product knowing that I needed to deep clean my house and dreading it because my old mop was fairly pointless. This mop is quick and easy to use. I was able to dust/sweep and then wet mop it with the deep scrubbing head. We have ceramic tile throughout the house and I’m so pleased that this mop was able to get the grout clean as well as the tiles. It’s not heavy at all and very easy to utilize. I feel like this mop will be out a lot at my place. No longer going to have to deep clean when I can keep my house spot cleaned with ease

  150. glburk

    I really love this simple mop. It is sturdy so I can really scrub hard at something if I want to. It is easy to use – I just peel off the pad I’m using, rinse it off under the tap and then back into my clean scrub water for the next area. I’ve never had problems with a pad coming off. When pad is heavily soiled it can be washed or replaced. There’s really nothing else to this – no jet sprays, no cords, no heat. Just what I was looking for.

  151. Richard J. Keller

    My floors are mostly tile (here in Florida) and this product works beautifully on tile. The cleaning pads attach easily to the mop handle with a touch of the Velcro pads. Dry, the pads pick up dust and hair . . . wet, the floor is clean in a jiffy. The extra wide pads clean large areas quickly. I am very satisfied with this product.

  152. gizzie5

    After trying two similar products, I found this was the most simple to use and did the best job. I have physical limitations would definitely, and found other like products difficult to use. I find that I actually like spraying my cleaner myself instead of attaching the cleaner to the mop. Also, the product quality far exceeds the quality of others I tried. I definitely recommend this product to others.

  153. Charles J. Sarchet

    We were looking for something like the mop we have for the house but could be folded or disassembled easily for use in our RV. This guy fit the bill. It was the only one I could find that looked like it was built well, had removable, washable pads that would collapse small enough to fit into one of the small storage area in the RV. The only thing I wish was that we could get the head and the pads in a one foot size.

  154. Nightmary

    Seriously, just buy this if you need a good mood. No I wasn’t given any kind of incentive.
    It is lightweight and made well, the head turns easy to go under things. The mop pads are easily hand washed and dried between machine washings. I had knee surgery and can no longer wash my floors the old fashioned way 🙁
    Why use disposable pads? Forget Swiffer and Swiffer wannabees. This is impressive.

  155. Betsy Anne

    I received my Turbomop about ten minutes ago and have put it together and mopped my floor. I love it. It’s lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver. I love the way the mop head swivels. IT DOES NOT USE SWIFFER TYPE PLASTIC PADS!!!!!! You are not filling the earth and oceans with plastic pads!!!!! You can wring out the pad and reuse, or you can throw in the washing machine! It does come with a re-usable Scotch-Brite type scrubbing pad, but the cloth pad did the job for me today. It took me longer to write this than to mop the floor.

    For really, really deep cleaning the grout on the tile – I use a grout brush with a similar swivel attack and angle.

  156. Ashley Hale

    I received this yesterday and immediately unboxed it. Very easy to assemble. I put on the included pad and made a round through my house. It picked up SO much dirt and dog hair. This was even after I swept with my usual broom…once I went through and swept I sprayed my floors and mopped. It worked great on my laminate flooring and the scrubber pad got up “tough spots” really easily.

  157. JPatt

    I LOVE this mop! (First mop I’ve ever really loved.) very easy to put together and adjust height, light weight, durable, easy to use!!!! Pads stay on and wash just like new!

    I have hardwood and tile floors. I am able to mop all of them with warm water in no time. Dry time is fast! I have four kids so this is important!

  158. ddn07

    This is a high quality mop with a much larger head to clean floors, etc which makes it much more efficient than my swiffer. It’s not only more convenient, but also economical as the cleaning pads are washable. The scrubbing pad is a plus for the kitchen tile, while the softer cloth pads are great for the stone floors. I love the fact that I’m not adding to a landfill each time I wash floors now. I’ve passed on the link to this product to friends and family. Great product!

  159. Amazon Customer

    This mop was easy to set up and use. I had to tighten the pole a few times but that wasn’t really a bother. I appreciated that the velcro was very strong and both the microfiber and scrub pads stayed put through all the push, pulls, and turns. I hate mopping and the scrub pad made easy work of a very grubby kitchen floor. I don’t know how long the pads will last, but so far I’m pleased with my first time.

  160. Sumpthing

    I LOVE this mop! I have 3 sticks and enough pads (10!) to use just for specific areas… some to dust floors, some just for walls, some to mop with & one I use only to dust the spider webs, etc. off the siding on the proches… don’t laugh… it takes no time at all to wipe it down. Keeps the porches comfy places to sit & relax.
    It’s so simple to use ~ stick a pad on the metal mop bar & you’re ready to get to work. It weighs next to nothing so I can use it up over my head with no problems at all. The mop handle is adjustable so you always have a good control of how much pressure you’re using.
    I’ve had far too many mops in my lifetime that just “didn’t do their job”…. this one does it’s job & does it well. The pads clean up with no problem at all… toss ’em in the washer & hang ’em up to dry. Thank you TurboMop… you’ve done a super job with this one!

  161. V. Edwards

    The turbo mop was packaged well and as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get started: connect the handle to the mop base; inset the locking key to secure it, adjust the handle to the height that’s good for you. The pads simply stick firmly on the base of the mop head (easy on and off). It’s lightweight, the enclosed instructions (with visuals) are thorough, and the company sent customer emails to summarize everything and provide a contact if there would be any problems. (There weren’t any problems, but I appreciate the attention to customer service! Nice that the is a friendly website also. The package comes with 2 scrub pads and 2 microfiber pads. We just got new flooring installed, so I’ve not needed the scrubbing pads yet, but the Microfiber pad is great both dry and wet. (Works well to clean walls also.) I’m very happy with this product (SO much better than the messy swiffer mop!)

  162. Carla

    The long handle was key for me. I hate to bend and mop. The microfiber really grabs and cleans everything with minimal effort. I presprayed the floor with a mix of pinesol and water. It was difficult for me to hold the phone and record at the same time but I tried to show how great it works. The scrubber is great for the tile to get the harder to get stuff off but I used it only for a few seconds because microfiber did such a great job. Toss them in the wash and your good to go for another day.

  163. Moriah

    I like that this mop has reusable pads, so I don’t have to keep buying them. It comes with two regular ones, and two kind of scrubby ones. It’s head is wide enough that it covers a lot of ground with each pass. I feel that the velcro part the pads attach to aren’t the greatest, because I set it down, and it was immediately covered in dog hair. It works for my laminated and linoleum floors very well.

  164. Stephen M.

    Been looking for a grade to my previous floor cleaning device. I’m very happy with Microfiber Floor Mop. With the extendable handle easy to use & not hunched over like previous floor cleaner. I appreciated the ” Thank you ” note from the business that made the floor cleaner. Not many businesses say ” Thank you” when you purchase the products online. Product arrived on time & very easy to assemble. Thank you Amazon 🙂

  165. April Rivera

    This mop is amazing. Super lightweight, so it’s perfect for most abilities. I really like that it came with two soft pads and two scrubbing pads, which are reusable, because I can use one set while the other set is being cleaned. The cleaning pad is longer than the refill brand I previously used, which means I get more done a lot faster. This will certainly save my family money, because I no longer have to buy replace pads after each use or so. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  166. Sudhir

    This premium quality mop is the best I had used till date. My housekeeping person loves to use it. It’s a multi purpose which can be used to sweep dry, wet cleaning or also scrub the floor.

    Handle of the mop is of good quality and durable. Rotation of the base is 360 degrees. It is of light weight and perfect size. It is machine washable which a major plus of the product to me.

  167. Emily

    Ordered this mop for house cleaner who wanted a larger mop for my daughters large house.She cleans houses for a living and absolutely loved this mop. I tried it out and LOVE it also! Ordered one for myself and it’s so easy to use. I put microfiber pads in a soapy pail ,ring them out and keep the scrubber pad on the floor just in case I need a little more muscle. So easy to change pads as Velcro on mop. Pads wash easily in washing machine come out looking new. If you like a clean house but don’t have a lot of time this mop is for you!

  168. Steven D. Warren

    I liked that the company was proactive. Apparently some had issues locating the locking ring, to assemble the mop on arrival. They emailed me before the mop arrived to reiterate where the ring could be found, even though it is labeled and mentioned in the directions. This is an additional mop, because I want one on each floor. We have a cat that loves to shed, and this mop maneuvers easily and gets under the beds etc.

  169. Amazon Customer

    I really was surprised how easy the mop just flipped around to clean whatever angles I was trying!!! Corners, angles, straight up, at angle, etc.
    I like it came with two pads of each! I started to clean one floor in one room only but it worked so easy and well I did all the floors!

    However, as I was opening up the packaging I saw this card and I thought “awwwww that’s so nice and phenomenal customer appreciation!!! Only time I see that personal touch is usually on Etsy and you’ve developed a communication over a product.

    Most definitely staying a customer!!!!!

  170. Kathleen Murphy

    I have very natural stone kitchen tile and dirt and stains adhere to it daily. I LOVE the microfiber stripes! I don’t know how that makes removing my stains and dirt off the floor easily but it does. I’ve tried sponge mops, regular old fashion mops and plain wash cloths they take so much more effort! Now I look forward to mopping up my kitchen instead of cringing. Thanks for the technology!

  171. IlianaMHdz

    This is exactly what we needed in our home. We have hardwood floors and wanted a wide mop to wet the floor, but not over wet it. It was easy to assemble and even easier to Velcro the rag to to the mop. Bravo for making mopping that much easier. Will definitely be buying more for our small business.

  172. Linda Alaimo

    I received my mop in the mail today and put it to use immediately. I love the ease of changing the mop head and I like the idea of having a scrubber attachment. It cleans the floor very nicely and easily washes out in the sink. I just wrung It out by hand and hung it to dry. This is my first day of using this mop but I think it’s a real keeper! Also, I recieved a hand written thank you for ordering this product from Jess, which impressed me. You definitely need to give this a try. P.S. The price was good! Linda

  173. Joanna G. Williams

    I purchased one for the office and immediately bought another for home after my first use. It’s super easy to use, which means my floors will be clean more often. I’ve just been using water, but may fill a bottle with some light bleach water if I feel like I need a spray for bigger messes. Excellent replacement for the chemical filled swiffer and zero ongoing expense.

  174. Nicole P.

    Very easy to use, lightweight, love the microfiber washable attachments which I use to either dust under the couch or use with floor cleaner for all the hardwoods. It also comes with 2 scrubber options, but I haven’t used these yet and feel they’d be too rough/abrasive for what I need…may cut them up

  175. smart shopper

    This mop seems to be sturdy and the pads easily adhere to the Velcro strips. I have only used it a couple of times but it does a nice job, gets into the corners and maneuvers nicely. I have rinsed out the removable pad but have yet to try it in the washing machine. This is a new purchase so long term durability is not known. I like the product and would recommend.

  176. Amazon Customer

    I like the ease with which this mop (with its washable microfiber pads) cleans all my hardwood, laminate, and tiled floors. No bucket or wringing out, no struggling with pad attachments. Pop pads in the washer and dryer, and they’re ready for the next cleaning.
    The hospital staff member who cleaned my ICU floor, did so with such efficiency, I asked her about the mop. She said she likes it so much, she ordered one for her home. She also recommended using a disinfecting cleaner. I spray it directly on the floor, wait a minute and mop away!

  177. Amazon Customer

    For years of apartment living, a swiffer was ok, but we needed an upgrade when we moved into our home and we’re recommended a wide-coverage microfiber mop such as this one. The microfiber is great at dusting quickly and can also work easily as a wet mop for a deeper clean. Love that the heads are machine washable which is better for the environment than a disposable option.

  178. NannyInTexas

    I can honestly say I’ve never been excited over a mop before – UNTIL NOW!! This is a terrific mop – lightweight, easy to use and goes under all the furniture. We have tile and wood floors and this one mop is perfect!! I love how easy it is to attach the cleaning pads AND to change them out. No more fussing about with buttons or locks or stretching !! LOVE IT

  179. Sandy in Texas

    It has been almost 20 years since I have been able to mop floors without back pain. This mop is so light and easy to maneuver that I can use it while standing straight and tall. I love having two sets of washable cleaning heads. I use the green ones mostly as a dust mop and for getting dog hair off the floor. It accomplishes both of those at the same time. Highly recommend!

  180. Ron Tal

    OMG! I don’t know how I ever got by without this mop/sweeper. It does a great job and best of all it’s so easy and fast to use. I can do sweep my wood floors and be done almost faster than I can get out the vacuum cleaner and plug it in. And it’s a heck of a lot easier to push. And the best customer service experience to boot!! Thanks Jessica!! Y’all rock!! Get one and you won’t regret it. Awesome product!!!!!

  181. Amazon Customer

    We had our wood floors installed throughout our home a few months ago, and I’ve been searching for the solution for how best to quickly clean them without using extra moisture and spending lots of money. Using this cleaning system is the best of all worlds! Because of the large mop head, I can quickly clean any accumulated dust and debris on my floors. I then simply spray a few shots of Bona Floor Cleaner every 3-4 feet and wipe away the stuff on my floors, which I had previously been hand-wiping. I no longer have to waste money on those disposable mop sheets (which is also a good thing for our landfills), and I can clean my entire house as quickly as if I were vacuuming a carpet floor.

  182. Laurel Shaper

    I had used the Bona microfiber mop for years, but they came out with a different one that was lesser quality. After 2 Bona mops breaking on me, I decided to move on. This mop is better than the original Bona mop – high quality, adjustable, lightweight and easy to use. An added bonus is that the handle can go all the way to the floor which allows you to get way under the couch, bed, etc. I can’t speak to durability, as we have only had it for a few weeks but it is metal, not plastic, so I am optimistic.

    And the cherry on top? A hand-written thank you note accompanied the mop, expressing appreciation for supporting their small business. I admit I am a sucker for thank you notes and small businesses, but it is also a darn good mop and it is just a little bit sad how excited I am about it!

  183. opplaw

    The mop is so easy to assemble and use and I loved the fact that it is extendable making it comfortable for your body and hands. I never thought I would like mopping my floors as much now that I started using this nifty product. The other reviewers have pretty much covered all other great aspects of it including the little “thank you” note that the seller puts inside the package and which I appreciated the most – Indeed a mop to have if ever you needed one!

  184. Connie P

    This mop and accompanying items are what I expected. The mop itself is lightweight aluminum and constructed well. It is easy to use and I would say performs better than the other leading blue and white plastic / aluminum mop. The pads are well made and do a great job. Longevity of use is something I watch for and will update this review in the future. Make sure to wash the pads between uses. I tossed the Bona applicator. It creates far too much overspray on the baseboards and also leaves pool of liquid that you have to come back and address.

  185. DS

    I really like this item. We have a lot of wood floors that are sculpted, and some mops just don’t get them clean. I use this mostly as a dry mop as I have dogs that shed a lot. The great thing about this one is it does capture the dust on the surface, much like those dry swiffer products. But you’re not wasting money buying them over and over again! When I’m done with the dry dust mopping I just drop them in the washing machine and they come perfectly clean like brand new …I don’t even touch the dirt I just pull it off the Velcro, comes right off the Mop attachment. I also use it wet with a spray bottle. And maneuvers very easily around furniture and into small crevices. I definitely recommend !

  186. miareason

    What a well constructed mop! Not only does it take 2 secs to assemble, but it is extremely lightweight and you can change the mophead within 1 sec with their durable velcro assembly. I definitely see this product as extremely quick and easy to use, esp for fast cleanup. Love this design!

  187. RLS

    We Finally used this to clean floors that were really dirty with tracked-in kiddies dirt and caked mud! …so glad we had it on hand and were able to clean the pads!
    This saved the day after a rainy back yard beyond covered patio!
    SO glad we saw this and it was just what was needed for the large patio area..especially when big wet back yard and 4 active youngsters as well! Great product!

  188. Kathleen B. LaPlante

    Your mop, cleaner, and polish was recommended by our real estate agent when we were selling our mom’s house. There were visable urine stains on wood floor which we didn’t even expect to go away. Our agent said she recommends this to all her sellers and it is amazing what it does! We did clean the floors 2 times (house is 60 yrs. old) and then polished 2 or three times. I was so impressed I ordered the mop and cleaning products. I have cats that have thrown up on our wood floors and stained them. I havent started yet but can’t wait to see the result! Would recommend these products to anyone. The mop was so easy to use. Loved how it goes flat to get under furniture that was too heavy to move. Pads were so easy to change and wash.

  189. J. Milani

    Just so excited this floor mop! I know that sounds funny but let me just say, I bought the e mop and it was flimsy. This is far superior to that mop. This mop is sturdy solid and worth the money. I have mostly hard wood floors with 2 cats and a German Shepherd. I need both a swifter and a mop. So now you know why I am excited for this mop!!!

  190. Sarah Becker

    Haven’t tried moping with it yet, but just generally sweeping with the microfiber is so much easier! Easy to manouver around furniture and picks up cat hair everywhere!

  191. Amazon Customer

    So far, so good! My floors feel cleaner after one use! I will update this post after a month or two. The only thing I was disappointed in was that there was a paper that came with this product that offered two free mop heads at a website. My phone said that the site wasn’t secure and that it could cause viruses so I didn’t continue to the site.

  192. Amazon Customer

    4.8 rating justified. Light, inexpensive, machine washable, rotatable… I am in love with this. When I wanna wet mop my hardwood, I mix Meyers concentrate w water and slowly drip it over the pad while its affixed to the mop. I do this over the kitchen sink to avoid spillage. I am hesitant to use the scouring pad on my new hardwood.

  193. Marshall

    Very simple and easy to use, especially for small area cleaning. For all of my 2200 sf of tile floor I use a commercial mop system (big yellow bucket). But the commercial system is a hassle to get out of storage, move around, clean up etc. This mop is ideal for frequent maintenance of heavily used areas. Easy to use, easy to clean. Works better and easier than a sponge mop, which I am going to throw away.

  194. edsjrs5

    The handle on this mop is so strong compared to our swiffer mop that bows and bends while we use it. It comes with plenty of reusable mop pads. We usually use one for our whole home – first and second floor. The microfiber pieces hold a lot and work hard! When washed they look basically new

  195. Isabella Bier

    I love this cleaning system. We have two cats and this helped reducing my allergies a lot. It’s so easy to use. It’s lightweight but sturdy. The pads that come with it are very convenient to use and clean. I liked that it came with a thank you note in the package. I would recommend this product to all of my friends. I’m very happy with it. It’s a very good value for the money.

  196. F. P.

    I’m using this both as a “dusting mop” as well as a “cleaning wet mop” on our new luxury vinyl plank floors. I’ve only just received it, but already know that I’m very pleased with this mop. I dusted the floors and appreciate the easy swivel head that allows me to quickly move in and around table legs, furniture and more. What a wonderful mop at this price point. There are others very similar at much higher prices. Well done!

  197. Zozobra

    Works great on saltillo tile. If there is a lot of dirt and pet hair I first vacuum and then use this to get the fine dust and shine on the tile. I have tried many other microfiber mops and this one is much better. It picks up more dust, is easiest to use and clean. It reaches well under furniture and is well made.

  198. S. Farrell

    Easy to assemble. It’s really flexible and cleans tight and awkward spaces. I’m also happy with how well it cleans edging along walls. I’ve cleaned laminate, hardwood and panel floors using Bona spray cleaner. The pad stayed fixed and picked up dirt and cleaned spots way better than any disposable mop kit I have used.

  199. babz

    I love this mop. I have a large hardwood hallway in light pine, and you just can’t miss the hair my pugs leave behind! This mop just glides over the floor and the hair clings to it. Excess hair on the edges I vacuum up and wash the pad when I’m done. This company also had a free offer of 2 extra pads and a floor cleaner. Wow.

  200. Amazon Customer

    I can’t beliebe how much I love these mop pads!! I bought a 4 pack of e cloth mop microfiber pads!! For twice the price and I seriously love these more!! They pick up everything and clean so good. The green color really helps you see how dirty your floors are LOL! I can’t explain it but they are very puffy and soft! The best ever!! I’m going to buy some for my sister as a gift! Thank you for this amazing product and the price is so good!

  201. Lisa Rysso-DeMaggio

    I really hate cleaning, especially anything involving water and wet hands. Unfortunately, I also hate the muddy paw prints my dogs track around the house. I did some research online and found this mop because it’s so highly rated. Those ratings are well deserved. It’s easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean the pads. I love the fact that I don’t have to buy disposable pads. I purchased a spray bottle of floor cleaner, so now all I have to do is spray the paw prints and give a quick wipe with my mop. At last…clean floors without the hassle.

  202. A. LUNA

    Item does its job, love the scouring pads for big scrubbing jobs. Mopping pads are absorbent. Handle is tricky, even though i set it to certain height and twisted in place, with constant movement it loosens and have to stop and adjust again. Too bad i lost my offered for free mop heads. I would have loved to take advantage of my additional mop pads.

  203. Cynthia

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!! Loved everything about it! Lite, clean great, reaches everywhere and cut in less than half the time to mop because of it’s nice size!Highly recommend it if you like to clean well, fast, and easy! I bought another one for my daughter! The scrubber green mopping pad is also excellent to clean the bath tub and shower tiles! Clean the soap scum in no time, like magic ! Thank you for selling this amazing cleaning mop and cleaning tool!😍

  204. Jacquie Esterline

    I am a skeptic as well as a high expectation person when it comes to things that appear to good to be true. The mop and and pads were an extremely good price with a bonus for extra pads as well. I have hardwood floors and I like them to look polished. The floors require frequent mopping so I felt that even if the pads turned out to be one use and done it was still a good deal if it did a good job. Well, I have used the pads and washed them and used them again and washed them. My floors look wonderful and the pads are going to be around for a long long time. I love this cleaning system.. It was well worth the money and I am not using the disposable pads that would go to a landfill. I highly recommend this product.

  205. GoldenGirl

    Very impressed with the mop and mop heads. It really picks up the dirt when dry mopping and I like having three mop head surfaces when deep cleaning. The seller’s communication is top notch. The last wet dry mop I bought lasted years and now replacement heads are no longer sold. I ordered a pack of the replacement mop heads so I can use this one for years!

  206. Ms. Christine M. Glass

    OMG—perfect mop for my hard floors. Have used others made out of flimsy plastic polls, small mop pads, some with spray options that leaked after a few uses and had to be discarded…this mop is made well out of metal, the pad is larger than others and works great on my laminate and vinyl floors. Finally!

  207. LP

    I use this for dry and wet cleaning. on tile. It gets under furniture and the dining room table. It’s fast and easy to use. So far, this is the best cleaning tool I have found . It has a wide path, so it cleans quickly. It’s become the fist tool I grab for floor cleaning. I would recommend this tool.

  208. Kathleen B. LaPlante

    Love this mop and the pads. I was using a different product and the pads wouldn’t stay attached to the mop. The Turbo Mop is so much better for dry and wet mopping. The pads are stay attached and are far better than the other product I had. The seller communicated well about their product. I would highly recommend this product.

  209. K.M. Hampton

    Great product! It’s lightweight and picks up TONS of pet hair & dust. I follow up with a dust pan for large items (like bits of chewed up dog toys). It swivels easily to get underneath furniture & all the hair & gunk comes off easily with a damp hand or paper towel. It came with 2 dry cloths and a scrubby textured cloth. Washes up nicely to reuse over & over again.

  210. Kerrie Doheny

    I’m not a huge of fan of mops. I was raised that the only way to property clean floors is on your hands and knees. However, a friend bought this mop and I saw how amazing it cleaned her floors (and not push the dirt around like most mops).

    This mop cleans all floors. I love that it can get so close to the baseboards, under furniture and TRULY picks up everything!!! I love that the pads are washable for reusing over and over again.

    And the package came with a really nice thank you note!! THIS made my purchase even more appreciated!! <3

  211. Judy E. Siel

    Just received my new mop system and it is fabulous. Easy to attach the microfiber pad and it is skinny enough to maneuver into corners and under kitchen chairs and doors. Even though I had cleaned my floors yesterday, I redid the hardwood and was surprised how much easier this mop was to use and how much dust it picked up dry. Think it will be easier & faster to clean my floors daily. The handle securely locks onto the velcro end and the pads securely held onto the velcro. Glad to have pads that can be thrown into the washer and reused. Great family business.

  212. M.J.

    So far, I love this mop. I’ve only used it twice, but was pleasantly surprised and pleased with it. Cleans thoroughly and swiftly. Easy to use and I love that the pads are washable. If anything changes, I’ll update my review.

  213. Amazon Customer

    I’m very happy with this product. I had almost gone out and bought the brand mop sold at Target, I’m glad I didn’t. The construction is solid, not flimsy like some other brand mop handles. The attachment and locking system of the mop is easy and secure when adjusting length. After getting it, I used it right away on my new floors and it worked like a charm. I saw this mentioned in another review, I received a personal hand written note thanking me for the purchase and supporting their family business. Really nice touch to an overall great product. If you need a quality microfiber mop, this is the way to go. Great price, great product!

  214. Judith A Garbarino Willard

    I love this mop. I had a qvc mop previously made of plastic that was too big and cracked. This is just the right size and sturdy while being light and easy to use. So glad mine broke so I could purchase this one.

  215. Tiffany Meyer

    I love this wet/ dry mop. I found that it is good for hair and very small debris but if you have messy pets than I would sweep up the big stuff than push the dry mop. I like using it as a touch up dry mop. Def not for deep cleaning my house. I have 10 cats with to much litter spread around. Like I said I like it for quick touch ups.

  216. Barbara Carter

    I bought this mop to replace a very old and well used similar microfiber mop that I purchased after a demonstration at a home show. I loved my old mop and love this one more! The pads are foam backed giving it better contact with the floor surface so crevices in my tile floor are not missed. It glides beautifully on my wood floors too! As advertised, it does not miss dog hair or dust balls that hide in the corners. The handle design allows it to stay in place if I have to rest it against a wall or cabinet where my other would slide and fall. I have not used the scrub pads yet. All in all, I am extremely happy with this product!

  217. Erin Lazaro

    Used this mop for the first time tonight. I love the reusable mop pads. I just ripped it off & three in the wash. It mopes great, but I guess I’m used to the weight of our swifter as I kept banging stuff cause it’s so light. The mop extend out taller than our broom which is nice. It was easy to put together the first time and takes up less room than the swiffer. Bye swiffer.

  218. Mark S

    Received the mop and immediately put it to work on our new porcelain tile floors. I couldn’t believe how much dust, dirt, and dog hair the microfiber pad picked up! I had a problem with the mop handle not retracting after I extended and overtightened it. Contacted the seller and they gave me an easy fix. I highly recommend this product, and appreciate the prompt support from the seller (Jess)!!!

  219. LadyBudd

    I love the 360 degree swivel and wide cleaning head of this mop; it’s also easy to change out the included microfiber pads. I can quickly go over my vinyl plank floor and dirt and pet fur are picked up. All but the largest particles are caught in the microfiber. I appreciate that this mop is eco friendly because the pads are reusable.

  220. Carol G.

    I am so happy with this moo it reaches to the ceiling, I can clean everything without a ladder or step stool. So easy. I am also impressed with receiving a personal hand written thank you note!! That was the best part, a business that appreciates your business. I definitely recommend this company and great sturdy product.

  221. S Barnes

    The mop it excellent! Especially if you are a tall person. All other mops I purchased are shorter placing me a position where I had to bend over while mopping. With this mop, no bending! A blessing when you have a weaker lower back. I used the mop for spreading restorer on our hardwood floors. Worked out great. Easy to wash and dry and use again. Will be using the mop next for regular daily cleaning.

  222. TomG

    This mop is amazing. It not only functions well, but it is a time saver. I was using a common Swifter spray mop which is really too small when you are doing over 1500 sq ft of floors, It is easy to change pads and they appear to hold a good amount of dirt. A great product, very happy with purchase.

  223. thequeen8

    Very good quality! I purchased extra pads because I have a large house. Having several pads allows me to change the pad as I’m cleaning throughout the house, his way I don’t have to keep running back to the utility sink to rinse. I just pull off the dirty pad, put in a new one and continue cleaning.

  224. Suzanne

    This is a sturdy well made product and I really appreciated the instructions from the seller when putting it together, I probably would have struggled without them. The slim profile let’s me get under furniture and into other difficult spaces. It came with the handle/head/2 mop clothes/1 scrubby , far more than I expected. This should last a long time and was well worth the cost!

  225. Amazon Customer

    I am super happy with this purchase. This one replaced one that I had lost in a move. It is well-made and I love how easy the pads are to change out. My only complaint is that it’s a little tight with the swivel. Other than that I think it’s a fabulous product and would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of product.

  226. Daniel Novak

    This is a superior product! The mop and handle are sooo much better made than my plastic Bona one. It swivels easily and is able to get under all my furniture and appliances. The amount of dirt and dust that the microfiber pads picked up was amazing and kind of gross… and I had vacuumed only a week ago! Love this product and highly recommend it! Oh and the company not only sent me a coupon for two extra mop pads (for free), they wrote me a handwritten, very touching thank you note. Who does that anymore? AMAZING!!

  227. Yum

    This mop is probably the best one that I’ve ever used.
    So far, I only tried the microfiber attachment. Very easy/gentle sweep collects so many hairs from the wooden floor of my bathrooms. Compare to the bar, the head of the mop has more weights, so I don’t need to make any extra effort or pressure. Adjustable length of the mop is a good feature too. I am 5.6”, but it should be more than enough for people who are taller than me. Probably in the future, I will buy more microfiber attachments for replacement. YOU WILL USE THIS MOP FOR A LONG TIME.

  228. Michelle L

    I received my order in a very timely manner. And I love this mopping system. You can take it off between areas and wash and rinse it. Then you are not swishing dirty water around. And its great for quick spot cleaning as well. I have four small dogs and we’ve had lots of rain, so I have used my mops a lot! So ordered more washable pads to go with it.

  229. Amazon Customer

    Wow. This mop is the best! Adjustable height and the mop pads are great on hardwood. I like the manufacturers suggestion to spray and mop. This works for lightly dirty floors and I just mop like regular for extra dirty portions. I add a little extra water and cleaner to the area, mop it up and squeeze out the pad if needed. Really great for everyday use and it’s so tiny I can store anywhere. The pads are washable, I haven’t used the hard pads yet but I like the soft ones.

  230. cheryl

    Overall great product. The mop has a good weight and does not require much force to clean with the scrubber. Cleaning pads offer a large surface without being cumbersome. The design and capability to clean with ease is wonderful for individuals to manage with arthritis or back issues. The handle locking system is a great idea, wish it was the same material as the handle for durability. However, that may prove difficult for people with arthritis, nonetheless still a great feature.
    I am very pleased a small family business is behind the product.

  231. KK

    I was pleasantly surprised of the quality this mop was made of. The handle seems durable…no plastic. Super Light weight and very simple to use. Mop pads very easy to clean. This mop combo came with a lovely family note personally thanking me for the purchase. I recommend this to anyone thinking about purchasing a mop.

  232. Asma

    Love the long handle it comes with it makes mopping so much easier. It also comes with reusable microfiber and scrub pads that are machine washable. I use it to clean my tiled kitchen floor and it’s thick absorbent fibers dries it quickly, doesn’t leave the kitchen wet for a long time

  233. Lady J, Seattle

    The mop is exactly as advertised, easy to use, light weight, great at cleaning and easy to clean. Highly recommend! Also the customer service is fantastic – the mop handle got damaged at some point before I received it and the company replaced it, no questions asked, the moment I made my request! Five stars!

  234. Amazon Customer

    I used the mop to apply sealant to porcelain tile and grout. If the mop gets saturated with the sealant, it is easy to apply to grout as well. The mop pads are wide so I can seal a large surface area. I have not had opportunity to use the rough pads but the soft pads are definitely great!

  235. Russell Link

    I love this mop. It gets in nooks and crannies as well as my Rainbow vacuum cleaner, which I am now going to sell because I don’t have carpets! We’ll keep a small little vacuum for cleaning up dry messes. When ordering, I wished they had included a squirt bottle so people can add their own water and a case of nontoxic polish such as “Rejuvinate”. I wish this company all the very best. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  236. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this set after installing hardwood floors and I’m very pleased with the mop and the soft pads. I haven’t used the scrubbing pad. The pads clean up well in the washer and are ready to be used again. I’ve purchased a few extra pads, so I’ll always have a clean one available.

  237. Perpetua Charles

    Swiffer wet wipes have nothing on this mop system, let me tell you. I’ve got a vinyl floor from the 70s in my apartment that traps a layer of grime like nothing else and this wool/microfiber pad duo took care of it in 30 mins. The floor looks better than it has in a year! When finished I just threw them in the wash and let them air dry. I’ll use these pads till they’re in pieces and then order some more ☺️☺️

  238. Amazon Customer

    I hesitated to write a review, after all, how old does it make me feel to write a review about a mop. Seriously though, this mop is amazing! I had given up on mops, because they were either icky sponges, cumbersome mops, or swiffers that made me feel like I was killing the planet with reckless abandonment. I had resorted to mopping and polishing my hardwood floors by hand, Cinderella style. Then this mop came along… it is perfect, light weight, no messy mop buckets sloshing around, the mop slides under furniture effortlessly, my floors are clean in a fraction of the time, and the planet is saved from waste. This mop is life altering.

  239. Tee M

    I am super pleased with this mop. Family owned business! Great communication. The mop heads are nice as well. Just set the mop on the head and you are ready to go. No bending or pushing. Nice and wide to cover a large area pretty quickly. Mop heads wash up nice. Five stars all the way!

  240. Stewart

    This map is surprisingly well built and easy to assemble. I’m not a big mopper but I enjoy mopping with this product. Plus the staff at their office is very helpful. It’s a pleasure to do business with a small business that wants to keep the customer first. I recommend this map highly if you have a wooden floors

  241. Janice

    I just used this mop on my laminate floors and it did just the trick! The scrubbing pad lifted off all the stuck on food from under my one year’s high chair. The microfiber pad polished and cleaned my laminate floors (using Method cleaner). I don’t normally leave reviews, but I discovered the handwritten note while throwing away the trash. Not many companies take the time to handwrite a “thank you” for purchasing their product. Always happy to support SB.

  242. Ryan T. Carroll

    so excited about this, love the handwritten thank you note that came with it. The pads are nice and grabby, great for pet fur. Sturdy, not flimsy, super easy use. Aside from the plastic packaging it is a great re-usable cleaning tool. I have used a swiffer forever and always felt guilty constantly buying new plastic boxes of disposable pads with plastic scrub strips. So excited about this user friendly mop. Next job the garage floor.

  243. M. Bottenhorn

    If the reviews seem weirdly positive… It’s because this mop is shockingly good. It’s simple, it’s sturdy, it’s light. The design is very minimal but that just means there are no obnoxious, unnecessary design features.

    I had a Swiffer, which was always cheap and dinky. I was really disappointed with my Bona mop, which I thought would be a good replacement for the Swiffer. The handle kept collapsing and the head shape wasn’t helpful.

    For those of you obsessively comparing the reviews on different mops (like me) and wondering if this is worth the money – it is! This is the one!

  244. glneo

    We have vinyl plank flooring throughout most of our house and this works like a dream for dry mop and wet mop. I either get the pad wet and attach it and go or use a spray bottle with floor cleaner as I mop. Lightweight but still feels like it’s scrubbing the floor.

  245. Edward Portillo

    I knew this was going to be a good product when I received a hand written note from the company. Thank you for that. The attention to detail goes beyond receiving a card thanking me for a purchase. The mop is sturdy, the micro fiber pads cling to the mop head and the mop works spectacularly.

    I’m very happy with this purchase!

  246. Monica

    This system is amazing!! Don’t hesitate, just get it!!! Well priced, easy to use, and very effective. I was sooo close to purchasing a Norwex system and hesitated d/t price, so I decided to do a little research. After reading the reviews here, I decided to give this one a shot & so glad I did! I loathe streaks on my hardwood and this mop leaves my floors completely spotless! Mop heads are high quality and thick. They go in the washer once per week and continue to perform perfectly with each use. Thank you for turning out a great, reliable product and saving me a bundle!!

  247. Amazon Customer

    I have 4 dogs so I clean my floors a lot. The mop and pads are durable and make cleaning my tile and laminate flooring much easier. The mop is wide and the pads fit perfectly. I have washed the pads several times already and they are holding up well. It’s amazing how much better they clean my floors than the other traditional mop I was previously using. I highly recommend both the mop and the microfiber pads.

  248. Jessica Smith

    Easy to put together with very clear and specific instructions. Don’t skip them or you may find yourself unable to mop properly. Love the easy to remove and wash pads. The deep cleaning pads were good for the old stains and worked well. Height is also adjustable so my 10 year could try and help:

  249. Eddie & Jeanne Silva

    What I love about this mop is that it is so easy to use, it’s lightweight and I love the 360 swivel which helps maneuvering it around the floors and under tables. You can use it dry or wet with your favorite soap and it picks up everything. We have vinyl floors.

  250. Tiara

    First time use and as you can tell from the reflect on the floor…this mop is great! Throwing out my swiffer as I write this. Can’t wait to see the wear and tear but for the first mop it did wonders. No more worrying if the mop will stay wet for any decide.

  251. judith

    Nice quality pad, looks like it will really hold up over time, it’s reusable and I just toss it in the washer. The construction of the device works well with our floors, we have all hardwood floors. Easy to use and cleans well. highly recommend this.

  252. David Schall

    I have been looking for years for a mop that was easy to use and works! I seen this mop on Amazon and thought I would try it, Well its the best I ever used! easy to use under beds, living room floors, Bathroom floors, I have hard wood floors and tile floors all thru the house so lots Of mopping to do, the telescopic handle is aw-some, I have a bar with wood ceiling I used the mop on them as well, now they are clean and shine, I wish it had a longer 3 section telescopic for taller ceilings, but hey buy this and you will be happy, Oh and the letter they wrote thanking us was something you don’t see every day, great idea!

  253. J. E. Ross

    This mop cleaned my new Shaw’s flooring really well after the kitchen renovations were completed. The microfiber pads are large and that makes the floor cleaning go much more efficiently. Recommend highly.

  254. Tracy

    I was looking for something similar to a Swiffer but was reusable. This is it! It is light weight and easy to manuver. My 10-year son uses this on our floors almost daily because he says it’s fun to use. I’ve washed the pads multiple times and they continue to work just like new.

  255. Mister Locations

    Bought this mop to replace the swiffer we had. This, combined with some pine-sol, did heck of a job helping us clean our hardwood floors and bathrooms. Love the easily attachable/detachable velcro pads on the bottom. And, the aluminum body feels pretty strong. Can’t go wrong, I guess!

  256. Tavor

    Really nice mop that comes with 2 of each cleaning pads, the pole extends to just the right height that you need and it’s thin enough to store in my little closet! I love the scrubbie pads! I have three small kids and there seems to always be something stuck on the floor so these worked really good to get messes off!

  257. Marta Rubenstein Harmon

    What a great tool for cleaning not only my tile floors, but my wood floors as well. It is an easy transition with easy to add and easy to remove pads. I love that after cleaning the house I can just pop the pads in the laundry with my rags and they are ready to use again! The scrubbing pads are EXCELLENT for anything that isn’t easy to remove, or for the grout on the tile floors.

  258. awildcat4ever

    I was pretty impressed by the thank you note in the package but was even more impressed by the quality of cleaning that I’ve gotten from this! It works great wet and dry. We just installed hard floors throughout our house and the construction dust and debris was awful. Using a dampened pad, this worked fantastic to pick up all that stuff! I used it dry today to pick up stuff carried in by the dogs and kids shoes and again, it worked great! I’m already thinking that the scrubbing pads will work great on these floors for the hairspray residue.

  259. Esther C. Conley

    I am so glad that I ordered the mop! It is so easy to use and cleans as well as my steam mop. The pad is so easy to wash. I like not having to lug a heavy bucket as I did with other mops. Included in the box was a lovely handwritten thank you note.

  260. Jon

    From the moment I opened the package, I could tell this was a quality product. The mop is lightweight aluminum that swivels easily and maneuvers effortlessly under furniture. The microfiber pads are thick, soft and do an incredible job cleaning the floors. My kitchen and living room were noticeably cleaner. It picked up so much extra dirt after having just used a swiffer! It also came with a personally signed thank you note from the owners. To top it off, it came with a rebate offer for 2 free extra pads. The process was easy enough and the rebate was done within an hour of submission! Can’t recommend highly enough!

  261. yuki

    Nice product and Excellent customer service! I was so surprised and happy to see the Rep. Contacted me via email right after the purchase just in case I might have a question. It definitely exceeded my expectations! And she responded to my concerns right away! It’s a real person but a auto reply! It’s so different but in a good way! I will love to see this company thrive. I will definitely recommend it to everyone who needs a mop!

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