Silva Instant Pot Accessory for 6 Qt- Stackable Pressure Cooker – Instant Pot Accessories + 2 Lids and Heat Safe Handles + Recipe Ebook- Pot in Pot Inserts

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  • GET MORE USE OUT OF YOUR INSTANT POT PRESSURE COOKER : Excellent two tier steamer inserts that will allow you to safely cook, reheat, store, bake your vegetables, rice, meat, and fish without losing flavor or nutrients making the microwave avoidable. Comes with BONUS Pair of Heat Resistant Silicone mitts.
  • VERSATILE WITH STACKABLE DESIGN : Cook more than one thing at a time inside of your instant pot by stacking two inserts on top of one another. Perfect as a dessert pan to make cheesecakes or use as a lasagna pan. These inserts are very useful for Pot in Pot cooking as well as storing food. Best quality cheesecake pan for instant pot.



  • FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STEEL DURABLE DESIGN Adhering to our uncompromising standards, these instant pot accessories are made from high grade heavy duty stainless steel from top to lid to ensure your safety and its long lasting nature. Also dishwasher friendly and very easy to clean.
  • FITS MOST SIZES OF INSTANT POT: These stackable instant pot inserts can accommodate 5/6/8 quarts instant pots . Perfect fot instant pot models including IP-DUO50, IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, IP-DUO80. Also fits other multi quart (6 quart and above) electric pressure cookers such as Kuhn Rikon, Power XL, Cuisinart, Fagor, Costaway, Faberware, T-fal, Elite, GoWise, Secura, Gourmia.
  • 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK – SATISFACTION GUARANTEED : We respond to all customer inquiries in less than 2 hours with very few exceptions. Kindly reach out to us with any issues even its just to say Hi. Confidently Click “Add to Cart” Now and know that we got you covered.

329 reviews for Silva Instant Pot Accessory for 6 Qt- Stackable Pressure Cooker – Instant Pot Accessories + 2 Lids and Heat Safe Handles + Recipe Ebook- Pot in Pot Inserts

  1. Jim

    I love them. The free gloves comes in handy. i bought them separately for about 9.99 a year ago. well made inserts. a must have.

  2. Derrick Awal

    A truly must have for all instantpot users. i make a lansagna with them and like that you can store them in same pan, reheat etc.

  3. Darlene

    Roast duck with thai chilli. Here to give praises . Awesome silva product as usual

  4. Faye

    How do you get the recipe book-package arrived today with pots-2 red pot holders-said recipe book would be e-mailed—did I delete it somewhere

  5. Audrey

    I was impressed with the quality of this item when it arrived. Not the thin metal I expected! I have used it to cook rice in my 6 qt Instant Pot, and it works great. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I didn’t receive the promised recipe book. I would definitely recommend this item.

  6. Naga S

    i think the silicone handle makes is easier to use . quite unique in quality as well and durability.

  7. philps

    Exactly what I was looking for

  8. anderson

    Very good quality. Good capacity. Pleased with this product.

  9. Juan Elie

    Superrb Product

  10. Silwa

    Good Quality

  11. Drobna Joanna

    Excellent tool for instant pot.
    You can make cake in it.

  12. LilMissShopsAlot

    This is a good quality item that will fit your 6 qt instant pot. You can get the cookbook at the manufacturers website.
    I comes with two lids one for steaming and one for regular cooking and the trivet is very sturdy and locks.

  13. CS Hutch

    Perfect for my 8L Instant Pot. The stackers fit together perfectly and work very well.

  14. Wayne

    I just received a new Instant Pot for, dare I say Christmas and had to have stackable pots to complete my kitchen. The pots work great and I hope to add to my Instant Pot accessories.

  15. Super practical!

    Super easy to cook and easy to clean.I highly recommend this product.

  16. Natarajan LVS

    Very useful for cooking more than one item at a time and fits perfect.

  17. j c deering

    I love these pot I just made 2 Christmas pudding using these. It took 50 minutes instead of 5 hours.
    I know I will use there a lot. Great product, well made and quality stainless. I particularly like the silicone handle. Great safety festure

  18. johnsaon

    Love pans as they are perfect for rice and smaller meals. A recipe book would help Very useful for cooking more than one item at a time and fits perfect

  19. lara

    Though have not used yet.. I can comment on quality. Two lids.. top having handle which I notice most others don’t. Thats a feature that helped me choose, as I wanted an easy lift-off lid for when that pot is hot. Second lid (For lower pot) has vent holes. They fit well together for double stacked prep or you can use just one individual with either lid. Nice set.

  20. angela

    Easy to clean very nice ceramic coating. Fits perfectly and is an excellent price for a second pot. I like to have it with a lid so I can prep something the night before, put the lid on and pop it in the Instant Pot the next morning for dinner when I get home at night.

    Either way it’s nice to have a second pot and this one had the best price I could find. I will update if the coating comes off but it seems pretty darn solid. As with any coating you want to use wood or plastic utensils and not metal but that’s pretty standard.

  21. John D

    After reading reviews on this product I was a little hesitant to purchase. I shouldn’t have worried so much! This does not feel cheap or thin to me. It really is a nice pot and the price point is right for me. It works well, doesn’t have even a fraction of the sticking that the stainless does (which has its place and I use regularly).

  22. michel

    I make a lot of sauces and it’s very nice to not worry about the bottom of the pan getting too hot and burning. While I still watch it carefully I’ve not had any issues yet.

  23. lona

    One Month Update Jan 1, 2018: This has become the only inner pot I use. It’s just so much easier to clean after cooking when compared to the stainless version. I’ve not had any heat issues at all. I was concerned early on that there would be “hot spots” from the element due to the fact that the bottom of this pan isn’t double or triple layer like the stainless. This hasn’t been the case at all.

  24. morina

    I’ve used my stainless inner pot to store things so that I can use the non-stick exclusively. I’ve used it about 20 times in the last month with NO signs of wear. I only use bamboo / wood / plastic utensils so I’m can’t speak to its hardiness with metal utensils.

  25. Almrmitchell

    Was so excited to get this. Opened it to find it dinged on the corner. No biggie, but when I put in inside the Instant Pot, found that it was too big! I could barely fit it inside and the lid won’t close with it on! My husband measured it and found it to be slightly larger than the liner that comes with it. Returned it the same evening!

  26. C. G. King

    I had to wait for this pot due to back order, but it was so worth it. Some of the pasta creations I make in my Instant Pot tend to burn to the bottom of the stainless steel pot that comes with the IP. If I reduce the time too much, the pasta may not be done to my liking. Although other things do fine in the stainless steel pot, this one type of dish was proving a problem for pot cleanup until I got this non-stick pot to use for that. It works great and I no longer have cleanup issues. Very pleased with this purchase.

  27. Sarah McRoberts

    We use our Instant Pot nearly every day so we were constantly having to hold up dinner while the other liner was being cleaned. Wait — no more. If you use your Instant Pot frequently – I can’t recommend getting a second liner more. This one is different than the one that came with the pot and it makes life a thousand times easier. Less scrubbing and far more easier to clean than the original. I have been debating getting another one of these non-stick liners to replace the original one. I just feel this one gets cleaner with less effort.

  28. beth

    This is a puzzle. It’s got a smooth (in fact, smoother than any other “ceramic” non-stick product I have), grey coated interior,

  29. Irina Smolyanskaya

    It is a good quality ovenproof ceramic non stick. I’ll have other uses for it, but will keep shopping for the extra cooking insert for my Instant Pot. I really enjoy cooking in it.

  30. liana

    I got it “used” new for half price, good non stick but still stuck. Recommend to don’t scrub, just put the burnt on with soap and water, run low pressure for, 15 mins wipe down as soon as cool to touch

  31. Tubin

    Seems to be a perfectly functional pot which fits just fine in the machine, and the price is certainly competitive. if you’re looking for a cost-effective option for an extra pot for your pressure cooker, that’s just as good as the stainless on

  32. AR_Super_Girl

    I’ve also made Zuppa Toscana style soup and it was so easy to wash afterwards! I hope they mark them down again and I’d buy some for gifts!

  33. Brandon

    We’ve had this for about three months now and it much easier to clean than the stainless steel bowl that came with our instant pot. Only downside is it is not dishwasher safe so it requires a little more work to clean.

  34. wendee

    This insert works perfectly. I mainly use it for rice or other sticky items such as BBQ and it’s perfect for that. I use my Instant Pot at least twice a week, sometimes almost daily and this makes things easier. If I need to make multiple things, I can just remove one insert and use the other without having to remove or clean anything before proceeding. Makes things simple.

  35. Kindle Customer

    At first I couldn’t get the lid to close with this liner, but after trying multiple times, it works! I have been using this coated liner when I make any sort of sticky recipe with great success. It cleans up quickly and I have not had a single “burn” error while using it.

  36. My Favorite Things

    I was very happy that the Genuine Instant Pot Ceramic Non-Stick inner pot I received was in virtually perfect condition and came in the original “Instant Pot” packaging

  37. wingler

    It is a ceramic non-stick on aluminum pot, which, though I would have preferred it would have been on stainless steel, I purchased it because this model was the only available six quart non-stick inner pot that is/was available from Instant Pot. So far I have used it to saute and to test the pressure feature of the Instant Pot. It fit perfectly inside my Instant Pot machine, the Instant Pot pressure-cooking lid closed perfectly over it, and the supplementary Instant Pot glass lid I bought fit perfectly into the non-stick pot. After cooking it cleaned-up very well.

  38. Carol K

    Love, love, love the non-stick coating. If you have an IP you should have one of these. It fits perfectly into my 6 quart IP and it is definitely non-stick.
    Using the regular stainless steel insert I would get an error code when I would use the saute feature to brown meat even after deglazing the pot thoroughly… or so I thought. When you are trying to prepare a meal getting a shut down becomes extremely frustrating. I have to admit I have only been using it since last December so I am still a relative newbie.

  39. carmel

    Now those days are gone. Since using this insert I have not had one shut down after using the saute feature to brown the meat. Yes, you still have to deglaze but now it is easy peasy! I would highly recommend this product to IP newbies and pros alike!

  40. SheltieMom2

    The ceramic non-stick inner cooking pot has been a nice addition to my IP cooking items.

    It came packaged nicely, with foam around it keep it from getting bumped around. It was in it’s own box, and then within an Amazon box, as well. So it was well protected.

  41. lasale

    After unpacking, there are no real instructions other than how to wash it – so they are assuming only someone with an IP would purchase it, and know how to use it.

    It does fit perfectly in the 3 qt Instant Pot, and was true to its description – non-stick. It worked just as well as the normal liner as far as cooking the food. It was definitely faster to wash.

    I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys cooking with an Instant Pot.

  42. Zen

    This pot makes my Instant Pot doubly useful. I can cook 2 dishes one after another without having to empty and clean the pot.
    For instance, I made a potato and pea sauté and pressure cook veg with 2 lbs of potato and lots of peas and spinach in no time at all in this pot (3 minute sauté, 4 min pressure cook, then 2 min sauté to burn off any liquid) using just a tiny bit of water as spinach releases water. Then I just switched out the pot and cooked lentils (daal) in main pot and rice at the same time using a pan placed on a trivet – pressure cook 10 min for a meal for 4. Really easy, and a healthy vegetarian meal.

  43. tiny

    I especially use this pot when I am making something that tends to stick – like sliced curried eggplant – as this pot releases stuff easily and is so easy to clean afterwards, just a rinse of hot water, no scrubbing needed. I think it will last years if you don’t overheat and hand wash. Since it just requires a rinse to clean I don’t use too much soap and a soft sponge. I’m loving it.

  44. Michele Yamazaki

    This is a must have. I kept hearing people say how well their Instant Pot makes rice and had terrible experiences with the stainless steel pot insert that comes with it. This non-stick is a game changer.

  45. 2cairnterriers

    i’ve used it twice so far and have been very happy with things not sticking! (good, right? since it’s called *nonstick*!) i got it mostly because of the BURN notice issue w/my ip… when i make chili or stew or tikka masala, and i sautee in the ip then proceed with pressure cooking, i’d have an issue with “stuck on” items triggering the BURN notice, despite deglazing, etc. so far, this has solved that problem. i do, however, like to let the inner pot cool off *after* i sautee & *before* i complete the recipe

  46. MeDC

    I know some customers found this pot didn’t fit, but mine works perfectly in my 3 quart Instant Pot Ultra. So far, it’s a perfect complement to the original stainless steel inner pot. Cooking times seem comparable and there are really no functional differences. If given a choice between buying a second stainless steel or this, I’m happy I made this choice. While the original gets a bit of a crusty-looking patina at the bottom, even the stickiest foods have a hard time clinging to this ceramic surface. Cleanup is a breeze, and as is the case with any non-stick surface, you have to be careful with how you handle it. I’m very happy with this purchase.

  47. David G. Deutsch

    This insert is easy to use, a breeze to clean. Especially great for the sautés ruction – foods don’t stick to the bottom – and for cooking foods making direct contact with the pot (i.e. not using a trivet). Fried bits scrape off easily. I made a fantastic pot roast in this and nothing stuck to the pot. Some reviews claim this does not fit well into the Instant Pot. Mine fits perfectly. The lid closes just fine. This is particularly good for cooking foods that need to be prepared without a trivet or a steamer basket. It’s such a good choice that I rarely use my original stainless steel pot anymore.

  48. Tim Gardner

    Wife loves it with her instant pot. Can use it along with the stainless to make two different meals two nights in a row. Non stick coating seems to be fairly durable. May wear off eventually but by them will have more than paid for itself. Then just buy a new one…they are inexpensive enough.
    Wife is happy and turns out great food with it so I am happy.

  49. Bill “GhostHawk” Jamison

    I loved the first one of these so much I bought a second.
    Seems we are using the Instant Pot 5 nights out of 7 at our house.
    Seemed to be simplier to have a couple so one could be in the sink and we could still make supper without washing dishes.

    Since I got these I seldom use the steel liner that came with the IP.

    I’ve had ours for a couple of months now, no issues, no complaints, no problems.

    Great accessory.

  50. Chad

    The instant pot is brain dead and somehow manages to screw up rice in twenty-flipping-nineteen. Not to mention everything sticks like glue to the standard pot. If you’re a glutton for punishment and determined to make your non-smart pressure cooker with a fancy timer actually cook some edible food, do yourself a favor and get this should-have-been-standard accessory. It’s easy to clean and you won’t lose 2 cups of your 4 cup rice batch to sticking. Nice coating, not cheap flakey Teflon.

  51. TF

    Just received, love it. It fitted my Instant Pot Duo Plus 80. First, Some incorrect did review confused me. With free return policy, I gave it a try. I am glad I did it. The unfit problem from some reviewers are not for Instant Pot. The product description has alerted the product is only for Instant Pot. Hope the reviewers should clearly listed, should not made this confusing comments.

  52. Austen Fan

    I liked that this pot is easier to clean than the stainless steel pot that was provided with my Instant Pot, but it definitely is not as easy to clean as my other nonstick pans. Perhaps that is because it has a ceramic coating rather than a Teflon or anodized composition. This applies only to foods that are seared/browned prior to cooking, but I have had to resort to searing them in another pan on the stovetop, then placing them into this pot for finishing in the Instant Pot. Because this pot is specifically made to fit the Instant Pot, I will continue to use it, but it could be improved.

  53. Susan

    Great addition to the Instant Pot family of tools. I can make a big batch of mac n cheese in this one, remove it from the Instant Pot and replace it with the original stainless steel pot and fix the rest of the meal in that. Having two, one being non-stick is a great way to maximize use of the Instant pot.

  54. Sixtoze

    Good quality product, perfect fit, and easy clean up. I also have the stainless steel inner pot which came with the unit and I still use it but this one is easier to clean up if you are cooking something that sticks to the pot . Instant Pot is the only way to go.

  55. Maeka

    This is great! Why didn’t I buy one earlier 🤦 better late than never I suppose. It is so nice to have an extra pot! Quick switch from an entree to side or from dinner to dessert. I make yogurt too so now I can just out the pot in the fridge to set without needing to worry about having it clean for dinner!

  56. RenataE

    What a lifesaver! I love my Instant Pot, but cleanup was horrible. Most times I’d have to soak it, scrub it, and soak it at least one more time. It started leaving behind more residue all the time, even though I never got a burn notice because I was always careful to deglaze well. No more with this liner! One easy clean up needed and the nonstick material has not bubbled nor degraded in any way.

  57. Jennifer Angello

    It fit mine just fine. No difficulty closing, nothing of the sort. Just thought I would mention that… I almost didn’t buy it because so many people said it didn’t fit. UPDATE. Used it for the first time last night with RICE. Anyone who has ever used rice before with the chrome pot knows the pain. WOW… Came out SO MUCH EASIER!!!

  58. Cassy

    Absolutely love all three of my instant pots, but the stainless ones are not stainless. They stain over time and one has warped. I bought these to make clean up a easier and now it’s a breeze. We will keep our “stainless” for our beans and chili dishes and use these for everything else.

  59. SwayKilljoy

    This is a very sleek and gorgeous addition to the IP. I just wanted to write this review for you wanting to buy this for the 8qt. It fits very well. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lips are smaller than the stainless steel pot that comes with the IP. For this reason, the silicon covers sold by IP does not fit with a tight seal. If you don’t care to use a silicon cover then it’s a great purchase. I also wish that it came with the measurements engraved inside like the IP duo.

  60. Donna

    Wonderful addition to my Instant Pot! Multigrain rice mixes, mac & cheese, meatballs, etc and NO sticking, NO scrubbing. Cleanup is a breeze! Love it!

  61. Charley

    Best Instant Pot accessory ever! I hate that the stainless steel bowl always gets dried and stuck on garlic, onion, and meat when I sauté them before pressure cooking, but this pot solves that problem completely! Not a single thing sticks to it, and even when I’ve left it sitting overnight without washing it out, it still cleans up perfectly. I’ll probably get a second one and get rid of the stainless steel pot altogether.

  62. bird lady


  63. Doug McNutt

    Also purchased a cook book for the Pot. Went on-line to watch videos on how to safely use the pot. Do this! Tried a few recipes out of the book and tried a few free-style recipes. It is fun to learn how the pot works. We have had some really good meals so far. Love how moist the chicken breast come out. Over-cooked some veggies first time trying. Found out the best way is to cook them for zero minutes – remember, it is cooking while the pot is coming up to pressure. So, veggies don’t need more than zero minutes. Sounds counter productive, but it works. Love it so far!

  64. Jessica C.

    I am completely involve with my instant pot! The only downside is that the stainless steel insert it comes with. Just about everything will some what stick, especially rice. I decided to give this a shot and LOVE it! No sticking whats ever. I know some mentioned that this pot did not fit their appliance, but I did not have that issue, no damage either. Totally worth the cost.

  65. Optimus Crymez

    I purchased this because I was interested in using my IP’s yogurt function and did research online. I’m winning. I love this non stick one for anything with cheese or for making yogurt. I’m very well please with this purchase.

  66. S. C. Sutton

    Great replacement for the Stainless steel insert. I labored over the dark places/spots/streaks that accumulated on my stainless steel insert that came with my Instant Pot. Lemon and baking soda eventually clean it, but why should I have to got to all that effort?? Voila! Non-stick insert is the answer to that problem. It cooks the same, and it cleans up quickly. Love it.

  67. jeffbranc

    It’s much easier to use than the stainless steel pot that came with the Instant Pot.
    Although the surface is not quite perfectly “non-stick”, cooked food comes off very easily.
    We will probably never use the stainless steel pot ever again, at least with the Instant Pot.
    It’ll probably make a really nice, very large salad mixing bowl

  68. Linda Bean Merker

    I’m so glad I got this! It’s great always having a clean pot waiting to switch out. This is my go to pot for making yogurt. I did find a recipe for making brownies right in the pot, and I tried it but I kept getting a burn notice. It was great for melting the chocolate bars and butter. I will likely use it to do this part again next time. I have not washed it in my dishwasher yet and because it’s so easy to clean I will probably keep washing it by hand. I’m delighted!

  69. sabvd

    If you are still wondering if you need an extra inner pot: you do! I use this pot much more frequently than I expected, and it makes it so easy to cook rice and something to go with it back to back. If you are doubting between this non-stick coating or the original one: I really like this coating because it is so easy to clean. Things like rice and curries are easier to clean up now. I prefer the original insert for searing meat and onions, and this one for pretty much everything else.

  70. Ashley

    When i got my pressure cooker i hot a cheap one and the first time i used it i messed up the non stick … this one is 100% better than non stick its ceramic and non stick it cleaned up so quick (my other one i had to scrub) should have replaced it sooner I will 100% buy again (i got my mom one too)😂😍💜

  71. Desmadona

    Doesn’t SAY Instant Pot on the outside like the original one, but came in a branded box and fits just fine. Non-stick is great, but still doesn’t combat the BURN notice as I’d unscientifically hoped. It’s SO nice having an extra insert!!!

  72. Chris Bryson

    We wanted a non-stick, safe pot to make cleanup easier, especially for rice. While the standard Instant Pot liner is great and surprisingly easy to clean, it is nice to have a nonstick option. This works beautifully. We’ve also found that it is really nice to be able to have two liners, which allows us to make two different pressure cooker recipes for one meal

  73. Angelita Hensley

    Works well, easier to clean than the pot my Duo came with. While it’s great to have an extra inner pot, this one tends to lose its shape fairly easily which interferes with the lid sealing

  74. ezreader

    I ordered this pot because the inner pot that came with my InstantPot is often hard to clean especially the inside bottom rim. I mean from foods like bean starch and cooked-on yogurt. The ceramic pot seems easier to wash

  75. Fairlawn16

    We ordered this to give us a second cooking pot for the Instant Pot and this has become our go-to choice for most of the cooking we do more than the original stainless steel pot. It fits perfectly inside the six quart cooker and the non-stick coating makes clean up easier. It doesn’t replace the stainless steel pot entirely, but we have found it a useful for most of what we use the instant pot for.

  76. Sheryl L.

    I love this pan. I use it whenever I cook anything requiring using the sauté setting. Nothing sticks to it. Deglazing is a breeze, and I have never gotten a burn message. It also swishes clean with soap and water. I have regular cookware with the ceramic non-stick, so this was an easy decision for me. I recommend it for anything that might be sticky or hard to clean also. Great addition to my instant pot!

  77. Mo H.

    I bought this extra pot so that I could cook rice in it and store it to the side while the main dish was cooking, and I’ll tell you, I’m SOOO glad I did. The original stainless steel pan, that comes inside the instant pot, isn’t exactly nice to sushi rice once it’s been sitting in it for awhile. This pan allows me to cook my sushi rice, let it rest on the counter with a lid on it, and simply wash out without needing to do some serious scrubbing. This pot is worth every penny I paid for it.

  78. Abby Thigpen

    I felt deflated when I had run a clean cycle multiple times with my stainless steel pot and got nowhere. Then I read online that ceramic ones are better for your sticker foods and decided to get one when I upgraded to a new Instant Pot.
    THIS THING IS A GAME CHANGER! It is SO easy to clean and works wonders. The price is a little steep because it’s Instant Pot brand and they can charge what they want, but I’d still choose to buy it again and again.

  79. An Avid Reader

    Great IP insert! I have one for my 6 Qt Ultra IP and 1 for my 8 Qt Ultra IP! As much as I’ve liked the stainless inserts that came with my latest IPs, I might actually like this one even better! I’ve never experienced the dreaded BURN alerts on my IP’s, but if you have and tend to have trouble clearing the bottom of your stainless pot after browning meats before pressure cooking, this might be just the pot for you. This is a wonderful pot to cook in and a dream to clean. I’m very satisfied with this pot!

  80. Ron

    As it says, this is so easy to use – really nonstick. I used it to cook paella and it was perfectly toasted under but did not stick to the pan. I think I’ll order one more for other recipes, especially during gatherings! So easy to clean -no more hassles!

  81. henry

    This replaces the stainless steel pot inside the Instant Pot. It is not a non-stick liner to fit inside that one. Just wanted everyone to know. Cooking rice in the regular stainless steel pot is a sticky mess to clean. This non-stick one really makes life a lot easier. My first thought was, “Why isn’t this the one included with the unit?” Then I realized it was a way to sell you a $20 accessory. No worries. It is well worth the cost to swap it out. Fits perfectly and works well.

  82. Teeeeeej

    Just received this pot today and used it for the first time today to make rice and I must say this pot is AMAZING!! Cooks just as well as the regular pot but normally washing after making rice is the worst because of all the residue left but not with this pot!!!! So my first impression is that this pot is GREATTTTT and hopefully future uses also prove it to be just as great as this time.

  83. laurajo06

    I love my instant pot, but I hate how hard the standard stainless steel insert is to clean. I’ve been making freezer meals for dinner every night this winter, and I needed something that didn’t have to soak overnight. The nonstick insert was the solution! Easy to clean, doesn’t have to soak, and it still cooks evenly in the instant pot. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone who uses their pressure cooker regularly.

  84. JambiJ

    After experiencing a “burn” on the bottom of the stainless steel inner pot and soaking it for 3 days to clean it, I decided to try this one. I don’t know what I did without the non-stick model. It makes cleaning up soooooo much easier. I’m impressed with the Instant Pot and how affordable the accessories are. I love how you can pull off a a dinner for 4 surprise guests in less than 30 minutes and minimal cleanup.

  85. Becki Bayless

    This inner pot fits perfectly as a replacement for my 6qt instant pot. I bought the 2nd inner pot for meal that require two different cooking sessions (for example- I cook honey bourbon chicken first, then immediately cook some rice). This pot works great as a replacement for the original pot, and cleans easily. Perfect choice!

  86. Diane G

    Great decision to get an extra inner pot. This was cheaper than another stainless and easier to clean. Especially good when making yogurt to have another pot while yogurt is cooling if you want to cook something else. Easy to clean. Price has gone up since I bought it

  87. Diane G

    I found too much sticking with the stainless steel pot that came with my Instant Pot. This works much better and is a breeze to clean. I use the original pot for steaming eggs or pan-in-pot cooking wherein the food is either elevated by a rack (like hard-boiled eggs) or in a covered container and does not touch the stainless. For everything else, it’s this non-stick interior pan.

  88. mary

    The pot fits perfectly into my 6-quart Duo. I made cheese brodo (cheese stock made from Parmesan rinds), which is about the gooeyest cooking project on the planet, yet the pan washed up beautifully with a soft sponge. I do wish that it nested inside my stainless-steel pot for storage, but perhaps manufacturers will take heed and eventually make one just a little bit smaller that will do so. As a result, the top of my refrigerator, where all of my IP paraphernalia is stored, is looking a bit messier than usual, but for me it’s a worthwhile tradeoff.

  89. Jacob leach

    I use this fits perfectly in my 8-quart instant pot Duo I use this one in particular to cook Meats because of its non-stick properties I cook everything with a can of Rotel tomato you can increase or decrease any spiciness by getting the different flavored Rotel I use this one to sautee my chuck roast love the non-stick and it’s great to have an extra pad on hand I also got the instant pot tempered glass cover as well great addition to my instant pot lineup

  90. Cheyenne

    I bought this to use in my Insta pot because of how everything was sticking to the original pot that came with my Insta pot. While this one does help, if I continue to cook the meal in this pot once I add fluids, & use the high pressure, most of the stuck on food loosens up on it’s own & it washes out nicely.

  91. Brigitte Coffman

    I have the mini 3 quart instant pot. Love this pot. Not used the stainless steel one, because this one is so easy to clean between cooking meals. People say my mini looks huge. I’ve not seen the larger one in person. So I Do Not know. Love this easy clean pot. I use for every thing. Going to buy a second one.

  92. rayan

    Wanted an extra instant pot liner but not pay alot for the original liner. This is the same size, isn’t flimsy, has good weight, and cleans perfectly. I have put in dishwasher with no issues but I tend to rinse & wipe when possible. The IP silicone cover lid for food storage fits perfectly. Am buying another.

  93. Stoffelofferson

    We barely even use the old pot anymore. So much easier to clean. The instant pot as it was made it so much easier to make quick meals for our family, and the nonstick pot for it has only compounded that by making cleanup much simpler too. We waited until it was on sale to get it because we weren’t sure how well it would work out, but we probably would’ve gotten it much sooner if we knew how easy it would be to use.

  94. S. Lewis

    Guaranteed to fit your 6qt Instant Pot as it’s made by them. We still occasionally use the stainless insert, especially when searing meat ahead of cooking, but this non-stick pot has changed our cleanup routine from soak overnight and clean to rinse it out and clean it immediately. No problems as of yet with scratching or flaking, obviously we do not use metal utensils in it of course.

  95. robert

    I’m really glad I ordered this additional inner pot. I use it to prep a second meal while the stainless steel pot is cooking.

    I don’t recommend it for browning/sautéing. Although cleanup wasn’t much of a problem, the stainless pot seems to release the browned bits more easily when deglasing.

    I plan to use this mainly for steaming and pressure cooking.

  96. Sylvia

    Some days I have all my Instant Pots at work at the same time! It’s great to have extra inner pots so you can cook other stuff. This container has non-stick coating so great for anything that has gooey cheese! It’s easy to clean.

  97. Daniel Horn

    Should have come with the instant pot originally. So much easier to clean up and keep clean, makes me a little braver about what I cook in my instant pot. Highly recommend this pot, especially if you like to do cheese and pasta stuff.

  98. Patricia

    Love this pot, too. It has its purpose. Mostly I use the stainless steel pot. But I use this one for making Rice Pudding. A fantastic addition to my pressure cooker accessories.

  99. pengwenn

    If you have ever gotten the “burn” message on your IP and had to stop, take out everything, scrape the pot, and then start all over again hoping it wouldn’t happen again, this pot’s for you. Perfect fit and when the dinner was done there was not a speck stuck to the pot. This liner fits perfectly and cleans up like a dream. I’m taking the steel one down to the basement!

  100. Janice

    I wanted another pot and picked the non stick When sautéing it does stick around the edges but does come up when adding liquid. Cleans easily with soap and water. I sometimes run hot water and soap to soak a little but with a mild scratch pad no problem. Use it all the time.

  101. SE

    Having more than one Instant Pot liner allows for much more versatility. I bought a silicone cover for it, and this way I can cook one meal, cover it and store it in the fridge, but still have the original liner to cook something else. It’s also convenient for cooking two things for a meal, such as steaming veggies in less than a minute after cooking a main entree.

  102. Isabel

    the non-stick is very useful, but also very delicate and easy to scratch. I am very careful when I use it, not to scratch the inside or the outside. I wish they made a steel outside with non-stick interior!

  103. DF

    This non-stick pot for the Instant Pot does the job and is relatively easy to use. I have found that at times I have to scrub the bottom in spots after cooking beef stew using a sponge scrubber. I’m pretty sure what I am seeing is not food residue, but I can see discoloring that does remove with the coarse side of the sponge. Other wise, it’s a good product.

  104. Mkehau

    I use the 3 quart pot to cook in my 6 quart IP. Yes, you heard that right. I use it for the “Pot-In-Pot” method and it works fantastically!!! We cook all types of food… rice, salmon, veggies, and much more. We use Pot-In-Pot method when things can fall into the water if using the trivet. The pot itself is nonstick and easy to wash!!

  105. Heather

    Got this for my husband. He is in LOVE with his Instant Pot. Now that we have this non-stick pot, he uses it almost exclusively. He only uses the original pot if this one is dirty. So far, nothing has stuck to it and it’s way easier to clean than the original pot. That’s what I call a Win-Win!!

  106. Kayla McCullough

    We’d purchased our INSTAPOT and immediately realized that we needed a non-stick insert. We’d fought the cleaning problem of all non-stick pots, which is NOT A FUN experience at all. This was the perfect solution for our needs. If you’re looking for a similar solution…THIS IS THE ONE!!!

  107. Adalyssa

    I had read some negative reviews. I was very hesitant to purchase this or try it. It fits my Instant pot duo 8qt perfectly. It does NOT get stuck in the lid. It cleans super easy and is nice for recipes that need a saute function used in the beginning. It is non stick. I also was concerned because the bottom of the pot isnt as thick as the stainless steel one that comes with the instant pot. It still works as the original does. I will be purchasing a 6qt one as well for my 6qt instant pot.

  108. Nathan R Meyers

    Got this on a great deal with Amazon warehouse. I was looking for a non-stick so I can do quinoa and rice easier. Fit my six quart instapot perfectly! Cleans up very quickly as well. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who needs a second insert for doing other meals.

  109. Mjones3

    Love having 2 pots for my IP. It fits perfectly like the metal pot that came with the IP. I use it for all dishes that would periodically burn or anytime
    I need to brown chicken (especially with skin). It’s also great when making multiple dishes without having to wash and reuse the same pot.

  110. Occupying Force

    Got this because I was getting “burn” error message and burned food when cooking thick stews in my Instant Pot. Stainless steel is a relatively poor heat conductor while Al is MUCH better. All heat comes in at bottom, so you need an excellent heat conductor (no convection in the pot). Anyway, it worked. No “burn” messages with the Al pot.

  111. Todd

    I LOVE my Instant Pot, but the stainless steel inner pot was very hard to clean. I got this nonstick one and used it for the first time today. Pork chops and gravy. It was so easy to clean. Worth every penny!

  112. Templeladee

    Love it so much I bought it in 6 and 8 quart size. Really doesn’t stick. I still use my stainless steel to get perfect sears. It keeps things from burning before you get the message you realize it’s not coming up to pressure.

  113. AZRider

    I fought with the regular pot sefveral times and decide that I would’t do that anymore and bought a ceramis insert. What a great idea! Cooks just like the regular one but cleans with a swipe. Only use the original when I’m too lazy to cleqn the ceramic! Hahahaha.

  114. matt

    Clean up is never fun, but man the stainless liner was making using my instant pot miserable. cheese or bbq sauce or chilli stuck to the stainless one so easily. The non stick is much easier to clean. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade if you think cleaning the stainless is a chore.

  115. Thompson

    Had a minor problem with stainless steel pot – even using faucet filter, water left mineral spots in pot (vinegar was able to clean up).
    This pot had no such issues – cleanup was a breeze.

  116. Kelsey

    I was having a lot of problems with food sticking to the outside ring of my original pot because the bottom is not flat. I had to put so much oil in it to cover the bump in the middle. My instapot also kept telling me my food was burning because it was sticking to the bottom no matter how I would prepare the food. This pot solves both of those problems like a charm! It should really be the one that it originally comes with.

  117. Adalyssa

    Haven’t used it yet but fits perfectly and lightweight. Warning if, being bought as a gift – select at checkout to use Amazon packaging or else it ships in its own obvious packaging, which pretty quickly ruins the Christmas gift if you didn’t notice the option!

  118. Author Sable Sylvan (Heather Davies)

    Best rice I’ve ever made in the InstantPot was with this pot. Obviously, do not use metal anything on it! It’s dishwasher safe, but there’s always residue left after I put it through the dishwasher, so I am removing a star. That doesn’t happen with most of my other nonstick wares.

  119. Jane P

    I purchased this so I could put the plastic lid on one of my pot inserts in the fridge with left overs. I like this one better than the original, it’s easier to clean. Glad I purchased it instead of the St Steel one like my original.

  120. Mark Wang

    After we bought this ceramic coated pot, we never used the original stainless steel pot again. The ceramic pot is much easier to clean. Unfortunately it is not totally non-stick. Thick soups will leave a baked on ring, which requires a bit of finger rubbing to get off. Although we use very gentle detergent and no scouring pad, the coating is already losing the glossy shine in a few spots. Not sure how many more wash cycles it will endure before peeling. Hope this ceramic is tougher than teflon.

  121. Rewa

    I just bought the 3qt IP & the 1st time I used it, the SS pot already had some food stuck on it & metal tarnished! I was like ” what kine of SS quality is this?!? So, I had to buy this & it worked WAAAaay better for cooking my chicken, not marks & nothing got stuck.

  122. Susan

    Ooo, I love this non- stick pot for my Ultra Instant Pot! It works great and is SO easy to clean.
    Plus I wanted another pot 😀
    I read that the non stick pot lessened the liklihood of getting a “burn warning”, so that http://www.s the reason I chose this non-stick pot.

  123. Teresa J. Hulvey

    If you have a 6qt InstaPot, you need one of these. It’s awesome to have a non-stick pot and it’s awesome to have a second pot. SOOOOO much easier to clean this than the pot my InstaPot came with.

  124. anonymous23

    Only insert I have used since I bought it. have 2 ss ones but this is the easiest to clean. buy it…you won’t be disappointed

  125. Hawkeye

    This pot is much easier to clean than the stainless pot that comes with the Instant Pot. I pretty much use this one all the time, unless I am doing a two course meal and need to use both. I recommend this pot as a nice accessory.

  126. Tom

    Mine fit and worked perfectly. It was easier to clean than the pot that came with the unit. Nice to have a back-up, of course.

  127. Amanda E. Casteel

    This is perfect for all those recipes that usually stick. I’ve made Mac and cheese in it multiple times and it comes clean easily. It fits my instant pot 3 quart perfectly and does not affect the lid closing at all

  128. Susan C. Miller

    This is my second trial. My husband dropped the first and dinted the rim so it will not lock. I thought I could use the first one on crockpot mode but condensation collects on the counter since the lid won’t lock.

  129. Raphael

    I’m newer to the Instant Pot craze, but like most people I truly love the device. This ceramic inner pot is an absolute dream because it’s non-stick AND only costs $14.95 for the 3QT model. Cleaning it is a breeze. I have nothing but positive feelings about it’s value and performance. I’ve used it over a two dozen times already.

  130. Cheryl B.

    My mother in law bought me an Instant Pot but it came with a stainless steel and not a non stick inner cooking pot. I bought this and it fit perfectly in my Instant Pot and works wonderfully! I would highly recommend this item!

  131. dbm23j

    I love having two pots because I can cook one dish in the original pot and then start another dish in the second pot. I cook most of my meals so it is very convenient to have two pots for the Instant Pot cooker.

  132. Jeffrey L.

    I really like this because it fits perfectly in my Mueller 10-in-one pressure cooker, an appliance similar to the original Instant Pot. I wanted to have two pots, one for savory dishes and one for sweet. I use this one for making yogurt. I have also purchased other Instant Pot accessories and will continue to do so until the Mueller Company decides that it should create its own line of accessories.

  133. BeachyKeen

    Very pleased with this. It’s nice to have the second pot especially when making both rice and an IP meal. Nonstick surface seems to help prevent burn notice and some of my recipes where standard pot always has an issue. Even cheesy meals clean up easily in this one.

  134. Ken Reid

    When I cook a pot of rice in this pot, I can pop it out of the pressure cooker, put a cover on it, and start my vegs and meat in my other pot. A second inner pot is a cooks friend. This one cleans easily even with sticky foods. Great accessary for my kitchen.

  135. An Avid Reader

    this pot is easy to clean, goes in the dishwasher well. love it

  136. John Hanek

    Love this pot. Never use the stainless one that came with my IP any more. I have never felt I needed an abrasive pad to clean it. Soak pot in water first and a sponge or wet rag is all you should ever need.

  137. FanTastic fiction lover

    I love this! It makes clean up so much easier. I totally recommend this if you plan on using your instant pot frequently. My friend bought herself one right after I bragged about it. shipping was on time.

  138. Pam K.

    If you use your Instant Pot for EVERYTHING you will appreciate this pot. Clean up is a breeze. I use this for slow cooking exclusively and when I prepare any dishes directly in the pot rather than using the rack in preparation. Once you get this you will wonder why you did not get one sooner.

  139. Sandra K.

    Purchased as a backup and have found using it is much better than the original stainless steel pot that was supplied with my Instant Pot. Easier to clean and works great as a second pot if I’m making multiple items for my dinner.

  140. Jason Frantz

    My wife absolutely love this non stick instapot insert. For the money you can’t beat it. Anyone that doesnt have an Instapot has no idea what they are missing. For those that have an Instapot, this is a must. Wish the price was maybe $5 lower as that’s where i think it should be priced. But, nevertheless the peace mind i get knowing my wife lives it makes it worth every penny

  141. Kyle

    This is the only instapot liner that I will ever order. It is better than the stainless steel one that comes with your instapot. Easy to clean and so far doesn’t seem to have any scratching issues

  142. Douglas Scott Merrell

    The nonstick surface is great and is much easier to clean than the standard pot that came with my unit. I’m a fan.

  143. Pat

    The pot that came with my pressure cooker was not easy to clean. This solves all my issues with cleaning.
    If you use your cooker for sauteing then you need this! Noting sticks, no burning and easy to clean.

  144. John S. Mclaughlin

    This insert is the way to go when you need an extra! And I do because I frequently have to swap things out. It’s worth the money and where importantly it’s a real help when you’re making many meals!

  145. sandy

    This pot is much easier to clean than the stainless steel that came with my instant pot. Light weight too. Since the instant pot is pretty heavy (in my opinion) I’m glad this inner pot is light.

  146. Roberta L Brake

    Sometimes you really need a ceramic insert for what you are cooking, and this provides that there by keeping your insta-pot multi functional.

  147. MirKat

    I would highly recommend getting a second insert for your Instant Pot, and this one is fabulous. I put dinner on to slow cook in the mornings before I leave for work. I can just fill this up, put on the Silicone Pot Lid (Silicone Instant Pot Lid for Pressure Cooker Inner Pots 6 Quart – Spill Proof, Keep Food Fresh, Portable, BPA Free, Fits DUO60, LUX60, Breville Fast Slow Pro (6 Quart, Clear)) and stick it in the fridge until morning. Having two inserts makes it easy to have one prepped while the other is being clean. The non-stick makes cleaning my oops dinners (timing off) clean up quickly.

  148. Jean K

    Seems to resist chipping and scratches, unlike the original pot that came with the cooker, but I still wouldnt use metal utensils to be on the safe side. It has a very good nonsticking quality.

  149. KT

    Nonstick innerpot arrived the next day. Decent price. I use my IP much more often now because of how easy it is to clean the nonstick pot (as opposed to the stainless steel). I recommend this listing to other IP users online.

  150. Cory

    Best for food that like to stick. My rice cooks perfectly and no mess to boot.

  151. Janelle

    I bought this for my Power Pressure Cooker XL, after seeing reviews it would fit. It does kind of stick to the lid, but when I put some water into the pot it didn’t with the weight. Perhaps time will tell if it loosens a bit. Happy with it because the price was right.

  152. ElleMphs

    This is great to prevent foods, like oatmeal, from sticking. But you just can’t brown or braise in this nonstick insert; the Insta Pot doesn’t get hot enough. With that in mind, know that it has multiple uses, but shouldn’t be used for all cooking with the Insta Pot.

  153. Snomo

    Non stick, easy to remove and I LOVE IT! I gave into the instant pot craze but was not crazy about the steel pot. I found this on Amazon and bought one not only for myself but for my girlfriend who uses her IP religiously with 3 little girls. I would highly recommend this!

  154. JMart

    Highly recommended. It’s so much easier to clean than the insert that comes with the pot.

  155. Eliezer Wagner

    Forget the fact that it’s non-stick. That part is GREAT, but putting that aside, it’s just great to have a second instant pot, pot. Plain and simple.
    One person found this helpful

  156. floro

    This is a life saver for doing rice and anything that tends to stick too much. I also used it for pasta dishes that call for adding shredded cheese and it was great! Washes easily.

  157. Carly

    I got this after seeing it recomended in the facebook group. I love my instantpot. I have a 6 quart, and this insert for the smaller one actually fits perfectly in the 6 quart for pot-in-pot meals! I love it!

  158. Maxine Lurie

    This inner pot for insta pot is absolutely fantastic nothing sticks, rice, rice pudding, curries etc, I’m so glad I purchased this super impressed!!!

  159. Kaylee

    I genuinely use this pot more than the stainless steel one that came with my Instapot. It is SO handy, fits perfectly, and makes clean up a breeze. If you have an Instapot, you NEED this!! 100 PERCENT RECOMMEND!

  160. Savannah C

    I don’t know why everyone is crazy about the stainless steel IP liner; ceramic is totally the way to go! Nothing scorches on the bottom of the pot anymore, and it’s way easier to clean and doesn’t have that gross tarnished look the stainless steel one gets.

  161. tom

    Recieved yesterday delivered like I was told. Put the inner pot in pressure cooker was a little afraid it might not deal since there was more play on lid when I closed cooker. Went ahead and started cooker to my amazement seal and got pressure up better than when I had the old pot. So don’t get alarmed if you get the inner pot and the lid has more play and this will fit a Wolfgang 8at pressure cool if you want to know if it will plus a better pot then Wolfgang inner pot this is ceramic non stick.

  162. Yvo Eduardo Avilez Cerna

    Due to its non stick capability, this product is a great utensil for the pressure cooker. It is also dishwasher safe so even better. We have used it and highly recommend. We are very happy with this product.

  163. Lumiere

    Hated using the steel insert that comes with the instant pot since I was so hard to clean, so I order the ceramic insert and it has made it so much easier to make rice and soups. Everything slides right off and I’ve used it for months. One issue is there was a small dot of messed up coating on the inside but doesnt effect its use.

  164. Marlina

    Ignore other reviews that say this pot doesn’t fit, or sticks, it does not. I have used this several times now and have not had a single issue with being unable to get it out. Very happy and the non-stick coating works perfectly.

  165. Liz Wagner

    I was skeptical and hopeful all at once.
    Very happy with the hopeful result.
    I have an 8 qt Fagor Lux something, and this fits it perfectly!
    Also nice to have an extra interior pot on hand when trying to cook multiple items in one day – ex: yogurt, and then dinner.

  166. M.C.

    The insert pot that comes with the Instant Pot is great but for those extra sticky things, this is so much better. Now I have both the stainless and the non-stick pots for cooking. I am one happy lady.

  167. Katie

    This is a great backup instant pot replacement. I tend to use the stainless steel one more but when I’ve used this one it seems more durable then regular non stick items. It was really easy to clean too which is a must!

  168. jeffery nordgulen

    Very nice. Rice does not stick. To bad it does not come with this.

    Update. Still use this almost daily love my instant pot, actually have 2. A 6 qt and 3 qt. Use the 3 qt for rice and reheating single portions. Ceramin pot make for easier clean up compared to stainless steel.

  169. geek girl

    Genuine product, perfect fit, works great. 3 Qt It fits perfectly, and will be easier to clean due to ceramic lining.

  170. Amazon Customer

    This was a life saver….all of my recipes have seasonings that would get burned onto the original stainless insert, but they come right off of this one!

  171. J. Cox

    If you intend to make steel cut oats or any rice dish in your Instant Pot, you will definitely want this . Cleans up so-o easily and is dishwasher safe.

  172. lovemyRav4

    I like this pot better than the stainless steel one that came with my IP. It is much easier to clean. It works the same as the stainless steel one, plus it’s a bonus have two pots!

  173. Steve

    I bought this for one reason only. The Instant Pot cooks great rice but I wanted a non-stick pot to make clean up easier and that is exactly what it does.

  174. Richard Ivie

    This is much better than the pot that cam with the instant pot. It heats much more evenly than the stainless steel and quickly transfers heat to the whole surface. I have burned things black on it and it still allows us to scrape them with the plastic scraper and continue cooking with it. This is the pot I recommend to my friends with insta-pots I really like the 8 quart size as it seems to heat up faster.

  175. Melinda W

    Love this liner better than my stainless one. So easy to clean, and great for anything that is somewhat sticky. Mac and cheese, puddings, yogurt, etc…

  176. Denver Shopper

    Love having a second liner for my Instant Pot and this one has been working great. Cleans up easily and makes batch cooking easier as I can get one recipe prepped in the clean liner while the other one is cooking. A definite must for all IP owners!

  177. Amazon Customer

    I wanted another pot for my IP but didn’t want to spend $30 on one. Found this and LOVE it! Was shocked that it was genuine IP brand for the price. Why spend 50% more for the stainless one? I made sausage and peppers in this and it cleaned up great with no staining or discoloration.

  178. Govardhan Muthigi

    Nice addition to have. You can use this second pan for cooking without having to wait for the first pan to be freed and cleaned. I would definitely recommend having one or two extra pans depending on how much cooking you do.

  179. Melanie M.

    Easy to clean. Great value. Nice addition to my IP life

  180. V. Krautheim

    I use this pot exclusively and never had a problem with it. Food doesn’t stick at all. Its easy to use and easy to clean. Even use it for pressure cooking with no problems. Highly recommend.

  181. Grister

    I’m so happy I ordered this nonstick second pot for my instant pot.
    I like it for pasta and whole chicken.

  182. Amazon Customer

    This nonstick insert was a perfect fit and worked exactly as described. Prompt shipping from an excellent seller. Thank You.

  183. Lynn

    I highly recommend a nonstick pot as your first Instant Pot accessory! I pretty much only use this one now vs the original pot since I kept getting Burn messages. I also don’t saute much in the pot anymore – i saute/brown on the stovetop then transfer it to the Instant Pot to cook

  184. The Simpsons

    I like having an extra insert for my Instant Pot, I bought this one because it was a non-stick version but I have noticed that things do stick but it works better than the stainless steel insert that comes with the Instant Pot.

  185. Lisa Hales

    Great to have a non-stick Instant Pot! The more I used my Instant Pot original stainless pot, I knew I wanted this. I wish one had come with the machine.

  186. Shopping KQueen

    Have a few scratches (not deep) not sure why since I do not use metal utensils and I only hand wash, and dry. And, only store inside my instantpot. Had to add to my instantpot stainless steel option. Cleanup is quick and easy!

  187. Trickster

    Not bad. I bought it with intent to use it for slow cooking in the Instant Pot. However it did not even the heat throughout the pot like a slow cooker ceramic pot (I was hoping it would do the same).

  188. Ruthie

    Another great addition to my Instant Pot collection. I tend to use this pot more often than the stainless steel. The ceramic coating is a great non-stick surface and makes cleaning up a breeze.

  189. Preemie’s parents

    No need to scrub or anything after cooking rice. We like the non stick coating, we are extra careful when it comes to washing it though.

  190. Janisdhb

    I took my Instant Pot on our 45 day trip to the Northeast and us it while traveling. In the trailer it was easy to store and easy to set on the limited counter space. When it came to washing the new liner, a non stick liner, it didn’t always come clean easily. Otherwise it was great.

  191. Kammasuri

    Bought this so I can cook second item without having to empty original pot that I might be storing with food in the refrigerator, or a second food I am cooking for the meal, saves having to wash more dishes.

  192. David

    Fits the cooker perfectly and cleans up easier than the stainless steel insert the instant pot came with.

  193. Tom

    Works great in my Instant Pot but don’t use it often. If I want to store a soup or rice, etc in the fridge, we use it for that occasionally. While I don’t use it often, it works great when we use it AND keeps me from buying an additional IP.

  194. Tom

    You definitely want to get this pot. as not just an additional pot (which is super handy!) but for rice- that’s the true winner!

  195. C. Wilson

    Bought to cook pot in pot in 6qt Instapot. Worked great fits perfectly.

  196. Jennifer Mann

    Came at the perfect time. Was much easier to cook my Garlic Parmesan Chicken rice in this than stainless steele bowl. Cleanup was a breeze too. I need another one.

  197. kuebel4

    Made steel cut oats in it this morning and it didn’t stick and easy clean up. Fits perfect in my 3 qt instant pot. I like it way better than original pot that came with my instant pot and now I have a backup pot. Win Win!

  198. Bryan.

    I’ll keep it short and simple. Product is great, easy to clean, imo good investment. People having size issues, remember to figure out what model instant pot you have and look what size pot it needs.

  199. Kray__Kray

    It’s so easy to clean and way better than the original pot the instant pot comes with. It’s great to have an extra pot if I want to cook back to back

  200. Brandy

    A little too expensive but it fit the 6 qt pot perfectly. It’s a lot easier to clean than the original pot instapot come with.

  201. jcaba

    Must have as a spare for you instant pot! You have to be more careful to clean it than the original pot that comes with your IP, and the food sticks a bit more, but it’s lighter and a great buy.

  202. Jimmy Harris

    When using this to cook things that can stick like crazy in the stainless steel and seems like forever to get it clean enough from the residue on the bottom.. this one doesn’t seem to have that problem at all

  203. Amazon Customer

    Love this more than the one that came with the IP.

  204. S. Locke

    These are great. I have an 8 quart Ultra. Not only do I have the 8 quart non-stick pot, I bought a 3 quart mini non stick for pot in a pot cooking!

  205. Amazon Customer

    I love having a second pot for my instant pot. I got tired of having to scrub stuck-on food out of the regular stainless steel pot it comes with, so I got this one. I trade out as needed depending on what I’m cooking. It also lets me use one as a leftover storage with a lid in the fridge. Great buy.

  206. Mrs. Rariden

    Fits my Instant Pot. I mostly use it for rice. I have caught my kids using metal utensils and it hasn’t scratched yet. It’s great to have an extra insert.

  207. Dan

    This really helps to make good rice. Non of the online recipes worked with the Instant pot stainless pot. But, this does!

  208. Kathy D

    I use this more than I do the pot that came with our original Instapot purchase. It is lightweight, yet cleans up so easily. I would highly recommend this.

  209. Amazon Customer

    Bought as a gift for my mom and she used it that same night! Easy cleanup she was so pleased!!!

  210. beby

    I really like to have a second pot , is a must have , this non sticky one should come with the Instant Pot in first place

  211. Kindle Customer

    I use it for my wife’s yogurt, works very good.

  212. letitgo11

    awesome add to the instapot, food tastes totally different than the stainless pot
    One person found this helpful

  213. sophiegirl

    Works very well when I am making two things back to back – this can be covered with a glass lid and wait in the oven until 2nd meal is done. Way more useful than I expected!

  214. Rhianna

    This pot is awesome. It’s easier to clean than the one the instant pot comes with, and I’ve used it several times now with no signs of wear so far 🙂

  215. K. Blakeman

    Must have accessory! I wanted an extra pot for when I’m making yogurt but wasn’t ready to invest in another stainless steel pot. I found this to be the perfect fit for my needs and you can meet your SS pot inside for easier storage 🙂

  216. Paul Johnson

    If you’ve ever had issues with the dreaded “burn notice,” get this ASAP. It is even easier to clean than the traditional stainless steel, and it is so nice having two pots. Cannot recommend enough! Remember to not use any metal tools on any non-stick products!

  217. Kelsey

    Very nice!!! Easy to clean, fits my Instant Pot Ultra perfect!!! Food doesn’t stick hardly at all!!!

  218. KitKat

    I absolutely love this ceramic pot! Things like mac and cheese, and oatmeal slide out of it so easily. No more scrubbing the stainless steel insert that came with the Instant Pot.

  219. Annie

    I like this pot of the ceramic non-stick coating more than the original pot. It’s sturdy. The non-stick coating makes this pot easier to clean.

  220. Doke Scott

    This is just a non-stick version of the normal pot. You use it exactly the same way. Food sticks less, and it’s easier to clean.

  221. BirdieRN

    Have any spare insert for the instant pot priceless! Non-stick is holding up with no problems. Cleans easily.

  222. Steven

    This is a must have for the instapot. The standard one that comes with the instapot is miserable to clean. This one fits perfect and takes 10 seconds to clean.

  223. vlk

    While this is a very nice pot what I really wanted was a smaller container to do pot in pot cooking. I’m sure the dimensions were printed but I overlooked it. I guess I will keep it

  224. Compupix

    The lighter weight and the ceramic coating make the non-stick liner much easier to clean than the stainless steel liner.
    I can’t speak to the durability yet. I’ve only used it a few times.

  225. Julian Angus

    The stainless original pot works very well but if you cook item that tend to stick, this pot is the only solution. Highly recommended!

  226. sara

    Just got it, tried it out, and I love it! You can’t beat ceramic for easy cean up.

  227. Christian B. Maples

    Just used for the first time and worked amazingly. Nothing stuck, super easy to rinse clean. Very awesome!

  228. Andy White

    Works fine and I can finally cook rice in my Instant Pot without rice sticking to the standard inner pot.

  229. AZ

    If you’re going to have a instant pot, you HAVE to have the non-stick bowl! I wish this came standard in the instant pot, it’s the only way to go. Easy to clean, well worth the money.

  230. myinak

    Non-stick for your instant pot- What’s not to love! Easy clean up, easy use- fits the pot. Love it.

  231. OtisPaul

    My IP didn’t come with a non stick insert so cleaning was a hassle. This is perfect and clean up is a breeze. IP should make all their inserts like this.

  232. amazonisthebomb

    I just received this nonstick instant pot insert this afternoon. I love it!!! It made sauteing my shrimp, a complete joy. I had to use very little effort in cleanup. I use my Instant Pot for sauteing and stir frying. This will make for a much more pleasurable cooking experience.

  233. Emily Song

    Perfect fit, and SO much easier to clean rice out of compared to the original stainless steel pot!

  234. Amanda S

    I LOVE this I actually use it all the time vs the one that came with my Instant pot. I make a lot of dinners with rice and pasta so this is a life saver from sticking to the sides and bottom of the bowl. I think they should actually sell this pot with the instant pot instead of the steel one

  235. Lori Simonis

    What can I say…it’s a true Instant Pot genius piece of equipment. I use it to make rice in and it’s great for that job! I love it!

  236. Neil

    It’s nice to have a second insert for the instant pot. I can have one for the main and one for making up the ingredients, like beans or rice.
    Or one can be in the dishwasher while cooking in the other.

  237. kevin

    This should be in the thing when it comes new! Much easier to clean than the stainless steel one, but you should be careful not to scratch it. Like anything non-stick, it long term probably won’t take the abuse of the stainless steel liner, but it’s a lot easier to clean.

  238. Stacy

    I love it and so does my son. He does dishes and it’s so much easier to clean. He doesn’t like when I use the other pot that came with it. Lol

  239. Bibbs

    Not sure if they’ve updated the dimensions, but I’ve used this a number of times now and have not had any issues with it sticking in the lid. Excellent for rice!

  240. Johnny K.

    Wanted a second insert for my Instant Pot and decided to go non-stick. this works perfectly as described.

  241. Herbert Tan

    Easy cleaning for rice cooking, most easy to clean. Saving water, no need to soak the pot and scrub.

  242. David Howland

    easy to clean after making rice,better than pot that came with the machine. I’ll order a second one for my summer home.

  243. chiquitita230

    Perfect for daily use and to reduce “BURN” issue. Must easier to clean than the stainless pot that comes with unit.

  244. cytherea

    Bought this so I would not have to constantly use the stainless steel. Makes life easier to clean when making puddings and rice or any foods that become sticky fast.

  245. SilvaTools Inc

    Awesome Product. I really like it.

  246. Abdullah

    Awesome Product. I really like it.

  247. Abdullah

    Awesome product

  248. Abdullah


  249. john Deo

    I need one product

  250. Monalisa

    I love it

  251. Angel

    easy to clean after making rice,better than pot that came with the machine. I’ll order a second one for my summer home.

  252. Bibbs

    This is a must have pot for the IP!! Much easier to clean!! Goes in the dishwasher with no problems.

  253. Johnny K.

    Wanted a second insert for my Instant Pot and decided to go non-stick. this works perfectly as described.

  254. Amazon Customer

    Great pot, was not exactly like my original pot.

  255. Herbert Tan

    Easy cleaning for rice cooking, most easy to clean. Saving water, no need to soak the pot and scrub.

  256. David Howland

    better than pot that came with the machine. I’ll order a second one for my summer home.

  257. chiquitita230

    Perfect for daily use and to reduce “BURN” issue. Must easier to clean than the stainless pot that comes with unit.

  258. chiquitita230

    Bought this so I would not have to constantly use the stainless steel. Makes life easier to clean when making puddings and rice or any foods that become sticky fast.

  259. Sammy Davis Jr

    I bought this inter cooking pot to cook rice in. It does remind me of the inner lining out my old rice cooker and the noon stick qualities are almost as good. The only gripe I have is that the inner markings for measurements aren’t the same as the stainless steel inner pot that the instant pot came with.

  260. M. Waters

    This is a must have pot for the IP!! Much easier to clean!! Goes in the dishwasher with no problems.

  261. deba

    I got mine today. Fit perfect . Nonstick so great. I will order more as lightweight since aluminum and with the ease of clean and price totally awesome.

  262. Rhonda Boatwright

    This insert is better for when you want to use the slow cook feature which is exactly what I wanted.

  263. jupie

    Glad I bought this. So much easier to clean than the stainless steel insert that comes with the IP

  264. Lynn E. Walder

    I love this pot for everything I make in my instant pot. It’s my new go to pot. I love having two pots.

  265. Natures Retreat

    For being non-stick, I have a lot of food that gets stuck more than the inner pot that came with the Instant Pot. It is good as a backup liner.

  266. lke

    I bought this for my off brand “power cooker” instant pot look a like and it works perfectly !

  267. smeltn

    Best purchase for my instant pot much better than the stainless steel pot. Less burn notices for rice.

  268. Beverly Valko

    You can always use at least one extra pot to go with your Instant Pot. So glad I made this purchase.

  269. Christine Matheson

    Without a doubt the most used appliance in our kitchen. I love that I can use it as a slow cooker or cook a fantastic meal in no time at all straight from the freezer – AND, it’s perfectly cooked and moist. This appliance has changed how we cook. We no longer have a reason to run out for expensive take-out.

  270. Angela Blevins

    Glad to have a great value to be able to replace my pot insert anytime need be.

  271. Melinda W

    I really like this pot. It is strong and feels like good quality but the best thing is that it really is non stick. So glad they make it.

  272. Bethyviz

    It’s a little off size wise but I have a crockpot pressure cooker and it still works great. Would buy again

  273. Kristina Park

    Exactly what I was looking for, fits perfectly in my 6 qt power quick pot. Great nonstick inner pot!

  274. Willow

    I absolutely love this nonstick pot! Works great in my 8 qt instant pot.

  275. sws

    A great add on for your instant pot. I got this in the 6 quart size and it fits perfectly. I’ve used it a few times already and it’s truly non stick. Pleased with my purchase!

  276. Wallace Lockhart

    Plan to buy another of these pots soon. Works as well as the stainless steel pot. recommend for every instant pot user. an extra pot is a must, maybe 2 extras even better.

  277. Wallace Lockhart

    This was exactly what I was looking for, and it was way cheaper than buying it at the store, for the same exact product!

  278. David S McKillop

    Nice to have a back-up, or a second “go-to” pot for quick turn around from main course to desserts

  279. njwau

    I wanted an extra when I’m making a meal that includes using pot for different dishes. This works perfectly.

  280. Kindle Customer

    LOVE this…use it more than I use the one that came with the unit…of course for browning meats non-stick is not the best choice but for everything else it makes clean up a breeze


    Perfect second pan, especially for the Instant Pot mini and making rice.

  282. Gatita15

    I got this for my friend’s party and she told me it was perfect for her instant pot.

  283. S. Stone

    It’s a good match for the instant pot, quite well made and durable

  284. Urekasgold

    So glad I purchased this extra pot. It’s ready to clean and fits perfectly.

  285. LYDIA Coronado

    I read the reviews some like some don’t I love it perfect fit for me making insta pot lasagna in it no stick!! Would buy again!!

  286. Donna-Jeanne Morganelli

    Made Rootitoot Broccoli Cheese Soup.
    Easy clean up and delicious.

  287. TarheelTwice

    Hated how the original instapot stainless was so hard to saute in…now problem solved! Great quality.


    Much better than the insert that comes with the instant pot. Non stick and easy to clean.

  289. Techgranny

    Love it! Can use inside 6qt IP to make rice or other sticky foods. Breeze to clean!

  290. Linlanart

    Nice for pasta and dishes to which you will add cheese. Having an extra insert is useful so a nonstick one seemed a good choice.

  291. Jacqueline

    I bought this for my Instant Pot because it said it was non-stick. And it truly is!!! I don’t even use the stainless one that came with my Instant Pot. Don’t hesitate to buy!

  292. Adam

    Bought this to replace the pot that came with my instapot, and I’ll probably end up buying another one and so I don’t have to clean the one that sticks all the food to the bottom.

  293. ETC31520

    Having multiple instapot liners expands my cooking experience

  294. Jewels

    Wanted an another inner pot for my Instant Pot and so got this. Nice to have an extra pot ready to go. Works great, fits perfectly into my IP Viva 6 Q. Easy to clean

  295. J. Nelson

    These are MUCH easier to clean than the stainless steel pots provided when you buy a new Instant Pot. I have a ceramic liner for all three of my IPs now.

  296. Lisa

    Just what i was looking for for my 8qrt IP…cleans up nice cooks nice.
    I recommend

  297. K. Green

    Easy clean up. Perfect fit for the 6 quart instant pot.

  298. Mariela Ilieva

    You need to have one of this non stick pot for your instant pot, very convenient to use.

  299. XFO

    Use this for rice and this pot makes the best rice! The stainless steel comes with the pot is good for stews.

  300. Mom2pcs

    Love this for rice specifically. And love having a second liner in general so my IP is always ready to go.

  301. lisaperfect

    This is a must have!!! Best money I ever spent!! It’s all I use now with my instapot! So easy to clean and is dishwasher safe!

  302. Kathleen Myers

    Use it inside my 8qt for pot in pot cooking. Awesome for making dulce de leche. Clean up is a breeze.

  303. jean steffins

    Fits my instant pot perfectly. Non stick works great and an extra insert is a must.

  304. C. Kelly

    Love this pot. Easy to clean. Nothing sticks to bottom of pan.

  305. Wyoming Eagle

    Less expensive replacement for original pot. Very satisfied.

  306. Chelo

    Love having another pot and I love this one more than the stainless steel pot. If you’re thinking about getting an extra pot of your instant pot get it!

  307. A.J. Arentz Author

    I like this one even more than the stainless steel pot. Nice to have two so I can keep cooking other things and I don’t have to stop and clean to keep going!

  308. Moonyeen Burke

    My Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker liner was getting pretty bad looking from being used so, so often so I ordered this liner and it works great.

  309. Michelle Dumler

    So glad I purchased a second interior pot. Love the non-stick feature of this. Am not using any utensils that may scratch it, as it was noted in previous reviews that it *will* scratch.

  310. Michele

    Worked fantastic! Didnt have a sticking to the bottom issue as i had with original insert pot!

  311. DQ in TN

    This is a life saver when cooking rice. Clean up is really quick and easy.

  312. Jen

    I adore this non-stick Instant Pot liner. It cleans up better than my stainless steel one, and is durable and heavy duty.

  313. Is What It Is

    This is my go-to liner when I make anything with pasta. No sticking means no scrubbing. A must-have if you use your Instant Pot for mac & cheese or spaghetti.

  314. Brian Hunt

    Great pot. Works really much easier cleanup then standard Instant pot.

  315. FloriFree

    This pan works well with comfort food. I use to make stuffed cabbage rolls, paella without using the trivet and it works perfectly well.
    Works also very well with the silicon lid that I bought while the inner pot in stainless steel won’t work with that lid.

  316. Kindle Customer

    Must have for macaroni and cheese or anything sticky! It’s awesome to have a second inner pot to switch out when making multiple items.

  317. Sharon F.

    Wanted an extra inner cooking pot for my 6 qt Instant Pot. Thought I’d try the ceramic pot. I just love it. It’s easy to clean and it’s great to have an extra inner cooking pot.

  318. M.Rose

    This is fabulous for when you make something with cheese/rice. I hated the non-stick pan I had with my old electric pressure cooker. This one is wonderful. Easy to clean. No burns. Just buy it!

  319. Bobbi-Lynn Lambert

    I used the stainless steel version until I found out I have a nickel allergy. I’m almost glad I had to! It works better and cleans better!

  320. Penelope E. Bidwell

    Love this non-stick liner for my InstaPot. It makes it easier for clean-up and allows me to prepare more than one dish when I am preparing a large meal.

  321. Carol B.

    This is so much nicer to cook in such easy clean up. Better than the stainless one that came with my Instant Pot.

  322. just shopping

    this works great for the recipes I need the bowl for. The only problem is that you will need to spray it if you are cooking eggs or hash browns in it

  323. by Kathleen (Your signature)

    I liked the fact that when cleaning rice outborbother sticky foods it comes off easier than the stainless pot.

  324. Amazon Customer

    Love it! You can use it for anything, but it’s especially nice for things that might stick and make it harder to clean. Cooking results are the same as with the regular inner pot.

  325. Samantha Fox

    Fit my pioneer woman instant pot perfectly. The packaging looked too small, but it was the correct product. Cleans easily!

  326. Angie

    Definitely better than the original one it comes with. Sticks much less than the other one.

  327. Toenailsmcgee

    I have purchased a myriad of instant pot accessories, but this one is by far my favorite. It makes it really easy to clean when you fry stuff before pressure cooking it.

  328. Kay50

    Bought it to go with my Instant Pot, good for making cereal, grains, beans.

  329. Robert Guithues

    Works like I need it to and better quality then I was excepting

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