Why You Need a Manual Coffee Grinder

If you love to drink coffee, then you probably know that fresh ground coffee is usually the preferred grind for brewing. But, did you know that the type of grinder will actually make a difference in the way your coffee tastes? Even if you are freshly grinding the beans every day, using an electric grinder over a manual one can affect the final taste.

It turns out that putting fresh beans into a manual grinder produces that most robust flavor in every cup.

Here are the top reasons you should get a manual coffee grinder:

1. Consistent Grind

The key to great flavor is to have beans that are ground to the perfect consistency. While an automatic version can turn the beans into grinds, they are unable to provide a consistent texture. No matter how long you run the machine, you can still end up with large chunks of beans.

2. Travels Well

One of the best things about a manual product is that you can take it anywhere with you. Whether you have access to power or not, you can still grind up your beans and have a fresh cup of coffee. It’s perfect for hiking and camping trips.

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